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  1. Yeah it is obtainable, but you don't need 2000 hours. I needed 480 hours for the Japanese version (you probably need more time for the international version). 1. You can not finish these quest if you are already at GR 12. You need to find other quests to S-Rank instead. 2. You need to finish the quest in under 10 minutes. 3. My equipment (All GR 10 or lower): 4. I don't know if 1.00 is better. I played the game with version 2.03.
  2. My amor / weapons and accessories were GR 10 as well. I can give you a List of all of my S rank quests: (This list includes quests that only exist in the japanese game)
  3. Cerberus drops all items except coronastone. I hope he will drop the fire beast tails+ soon.
  4. Good luck then. I hope you love grinding 😁 I got the platinum last year in the japanese version (100 % offline). It was a hell of a grind (480 h) If you need help you can message me.
  5. Shadow of the Colossus
  6. I got the "Blue Ribbon Champ" Trophy in the Burial at Sea - Episode 2 DLC And now i wanted to ask: is this glitch already known? My point of departure: Platnium Trophy 100 % in Burail at Sea - Episode 1 "Blue Ribbon Champ" was the only Trophy left in Clash in the Clouds. Then I played the Burail at Sea - Episode 2 DLC in 1998 Mode and collected all trophys in 1 playthough. In the end of the DLC i got 3 trophys "Paid in Full", "Taffer`s Delight" and "Blue Ribbon Champ" Now I am a little confused why I got "Blue Ribbon Champ" P.S.; I`m sorry for my bad english and i hope you can understand me.