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  1. You mad bro?!!!! Theres 58 genders. Hmmmm but Im thinking of starting a 59th 🤔

  2. But that still doesnt justify the pathetic excuse they are giving to censor stuff since if they care much about "mUh RePuTatioN AnD CorE VaLuEs" they wouldnt be allowing stuff like Mortal Kombat, also funny how you labeled those games as "creepy" while turning a blind eye at the far more questionable shit they sell on the store. Money aside still a very inconsistent and dumb idea, also funny how the #MeToo aka #guiltyuntilproveninnocent has not only ruined many innocent men lives but also entertainment. Beatiful timeline we are living lol
  3. Trackmania Turbo
  4. Mortal Kombat (2011), I liked the game but when it comes to get the platinum, specially filling up the requirements for My Kung Fu is Stronger I got bored as hell and made me question why am I doing this A LOT 😂
  5. Street Fighter V
  6. I found them very easy actually, the only feat that might be annoying is one from Specter Knight were you play a climbing tower minigame. Also the guides were wrong regarding the banquet fight with Plague Knight, you do receive multiple healing items instead of 1 and in top of that you can use Plague's healing ability.
  7. Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours and Capcom Arcade Cabinet.
  8. Wait, is this for real
  9. Thank you guys so much
  10. Thank you so much
  11. Well I'm about to start this game but first I need to know something very important regarding your rank stats (kills,headshots,alerts and all the other stuff that gives you the rank) and it is if I can actually check them cause I'm quite shit to keep track of all those things on a paper , I read you can but they didn't explain too well and the other thing they mention is that some stats doesn't appear, its been like almost 8 years since I played it and to be honest I never went for any rank , would be very happy if someone with the plat or very close to get it clarify me how you check stats and which ones are the ones I have to keep track of.
  12. Vic Boss Obtained every trophy. #26: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 11/10 I really enjoyed a lot this game, didn't know how I let it pass back in 2010 , if anyone want some help with some of the missions or the online trophies just message me and I will be glad to help you , I guess it's time to get MGS4