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  1. Go for Resident Evil 6, with the latest patches you can smoke the whole campaign in a few hours on professional
  2. Resident Evil Dino Crisis Devil May Cry Onimusha Mega Man (specially the Legends saga)
  3. Vic VosReached a total of 20,000 or more Camaraderie. Pretty easy trophy if you do not follow the complicated railgun method, got it in like 4h by playing VS OPS, one thing I notice is that you must play with the same people cause if you play with more than 3 your camaraderie will drastically drop and it will be harder to earn, so just stick with the same people and you will be fine, if you need the online trophies just message me and we will figure out how we approach them
  4. Go for Batman Arkham City
  5. Coffee with no sugar and no milk/cream (This time with a way stronger coffee, tasted like heaven )
  6. PS3: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD PC: Overwatch (just getting back to it from a 4 month break and I'm getting my ass kicked LOL) 3DS:Pokemon Sun and Moon
  7. Another couple of games that are impossible for him to get as of now are Yoostar 2 and Def Jam Rapstar which I believe those servers went down a while ago.
  8. My name is mayo
  9. Well, I looked at his profile and you can see he managed to unlock the league trophy in Black Ops 2 which is also unobtainable so he is definitely a hacker. Also look at when he started "trophy hunting", unless he is a god it is near impossible to unlock 40 platinums in less than 2 weeks, also them timestamps LOL
  10. A cup of coffee with no cream/milk and no sugar.
  11. #25 - Touhou Genso Rondo Proof of RondoProves that you earned all the trophies. Let's enjoy danmaku plays for good.
  12. Remilia Flitting AboutBeaten 10 enemies in a row in Remilia Scarlet's boss mode.