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  1. Orc Slayer for sure, even if it only took 3 hours or so, it felt horrible, constant frame rate drops to the point where the game was unplayable, never again something like that.
  2. Konosuba, this shit was hilarious, had me laughing everytime , if you haven't watched it then you must
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum since you're very close
  4. Extremely Solid Collect all trophies Snake MGS1 almost drove me insane
  5. My plan is getting around 60+plats while getting this ones: -The entire MGS series (which is planned to be done around february) -The Touhou Series -The Devil May Cry Series -Super Meat Boy -Resident Evil 4,5,6 and both revelations If I only managed to accomplish whats on the list rather than achieving 60+ plats I would be very proud and happy with myself
  6. In It to Win It Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions
  7. Did it without tweaks and yes it is possible without them since I only had the digital version sadly , anyways, for me the hardest part were all the vehicle related ones since you can't cover.
  8. 3DS: Pokemon Moon, Project X Zone 1&2 PSVita:Metal Gear Solid HD Collection