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  1. 42 minutes ago, soultaker655 said:

    All the talk about double standards and moral stuff in this thread is cool and all, but it's really just dancing around the simple answer to the question @weavsxx asked.
    The answer is that MK games make so much money that Warner Brothers and Netherrealm Studios can tell Sony to fuck off. In other words neither Sony nor Netherrealm can risk missing out on the money MK11 will make on ps4, but Netherrealm holds more power in the conversation/agreement so Sony can't force their censorship stuff on MK11. This is because if MK11 was on Xbox, Switch, and PC, but not on PS4 people would know it was Sony's fault and that would hurt their reputation as the "best place to play" with the mainstream "gamers" aka the "gamers" that actually make Sony money. Now if Netherrealm wants to be more conservative with how they dress their characters that's their choice, but Sony doesn't have the power to force them to do so.

    As for all the other games that are being "censored" it is the opposite situation. None of them make enough money to tell Sony to fuck off. All those games are for a small Niche audience, that makes up at most 10% of all of PS4 "gamers". If you read the full Wall Street Journal article, it pretty much spells it out that Sony is worried about their reputation with the mainstream. 

    Let's not beat around the bush here, most of the games that are being "censored" are the weird Japanese games that are seen as creepy to like 80%-90% of the world (including most of the people in Japan). Like regardless of what age you stamp on the character in the game, if the game shows what looks like to be a teenage girl naked or sexualized you are going to get judged as being creepy or worse. With that in mind, think about it from Sony's perspective. These games that come from Sony's homeland could hurt their reputation as a worldwide company. These games that don't sell well (relative to other safer games) which in turn don't make a ton of money. At that point it becomes a cost-benefit analysis. Does the benefits that letting the games be uncensored outweigh the potential cost to reputation? The current answer to this seems to be no, so Sony's solution is simple. If a game series makes X amount of money it can tell Sony to fuck off, if the game series doesn't make that amount of money it has to deal with their censorship stuff.

    Always remember Money=Power when it comes to stuff like this, and unfortunately niche audiences are super unreliable when it comes to making money. Because of this fact when companies like Sony try to appease to the niche markets/audiences it tends to blows up in their face and not make enough money to justify appeasing to them. If you don't believe me go look into the Gravity Rush 2 Fiasco. That game didn't even match the sales of Gravity Rush 1. A sequel to niche game, that was released on a console with a much higher install base, couldn't out sell the original game that was released on the handheld with a low install base. It doesn't matter what reason the niche audience had for not buying the game, All that matters to Sony is that the niche audience who kept telling them they wanted a sequel to the game, couldn't be bothered to buy the game. 

    So if editing one or two picture in a game, removing something that doesn't effect gameplay, or other small things that could hurt Sony's reputation are enough to make niche audiences that makes up a small percentage of the overall "PlayStation Nation" not buy a game. Then from a cost-benefit analysis side of things, it's not worth it for Sony to deal with that niche audience. Which in turn only hurts the developers who makes those niche titles. For example, if a game that was projected to sell only 50,000 copies only sells 10,000-20,000 because the niche audience got upset over something, it doesn't really hurt Sony. The only party that is hurt is the developer of that game. Which is why in the end, the niche markets/audiences greatest enemy will always be itself.

    So yeah, all of that is why MK11 is allowed to be sold untouched by Sony's new censorship stuff.

    But that still doesnt justify the pathetic excuse they are giving to censor stuff since if they care much about "mUh RePuTatioN AnD CorE VaLuEs" they wouldnt be allowing stuff like Mortal Kombat, also funny how you labeled those games as "creepy" while turning a blind eye at the far more questionable shit they sell on the store. Money aside still a very inconsistent and dumb idea, also funny how the #MeToo aka #guiltyuntilproveninnocent has not only ruined many innocent men lives but also entertainment. Beatiful timeline we are living lol


  2. I found them very easy actually, the only feat that might be annoying is one from Specter Knight were you play a climbing tower minigame. Also the guides were wrong regarding the banquet fight with Plague Knight, you do receive multiple healing items instead of 1 and in top of that you can use Plague's healing ability.


  3. Well I'm about to start this game but first I need to know something very important regarding your rank stats (kills,headshots,alerts and all the other stuff that gives you the rank) and it is if I can actually check them cause I'm quite shit to keep track of all those things  on a paper :P , I read you can but they didn't explain too well and the other thing they mention is that some stats doesn't appear, its been like almost 8 years since I played it and to be honest I never went for any rank -_-, would be very happy if someone with the plat or very close to get it clarify me how you check stats and which ones are the ones I have to keep track of.


  4. Measuring the kind of respect you're about to give to someone by their "hard" trophies is pretty fucking dumb :P, you can check on most of these "hardcore" gamers profiles and it's by law that they have a pretty shitty behavior, same happens in the speed running community and pretty much every other thing in life, respect is given by how you behave NOT by the "hard" shit you've done :P