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  1. That’s the true challenge. Bearing with the cutscenes. I just go away or watch videos while it plays.
  2. I have no idea how to post pictures. Sorry.
  3. Just received an email from Sony regarding my cod ww2 platinum. Congratulated me and also received a code for a dynamic theme so I’m assuming plenty others will get this as well.
  4. Seeing this kinda shit saddens me but also gets me paranoid. I’ve been playing for years and also buy every single one of my games digitally. I wouldn’t know what to do with my life if I lost all of that to be honest. Especially since I don’t have a job and I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on their systems. Wonder if my name is offensive lmao.
  5. I’ve done it countless times and it always works but yeah it definitely isn’t the safest. Plus I got unlucky on that one, the guards shot me up to shit. Plan on doing the German version myself. Good luck with it again. Yeah man that’s what I did. Took like 2-3 weeks off but I kinda regret it cause now I’m not as consistent with the good runs like I was before. I’d say continue or at least do a run or two everyday while playing something else in between.
  6. I believe I have one of the best strats for the final fight if anyone is interested.
  7. Beautiful strategy I’ll have to try this one out. While using the dog I usually get to the end with some life left so I’d imagine it’s the safer way
  8. The game was excellent in my opinion. I don’t think navigation markers and climbing is a big enough issue to call the game a disappointment. As for mechanics being “copy pasted”, what game doesn’t have similar mechanics to other games? If that’s the case then shadow of Mordor is a copy paste of Batman Arkham and assassins creed the list goes on. I’ve also never played a game that didn’t feel repetitive after a couple hours.
  9. True, haven’t beaten it myself yet but unless they make the dlc way harder then it should be very doable just like the main game.
  10. Seeing your video pissed me off because I’ve been doing the exact same thing for the courtroom but there’s always that one fucking grenade that blows me to fucking bits.
  11. I’m hoping it’s good but have very low expectations. For some reason i feel like it’s gonna be rushed because they’re working on so many games at the same time so the smaller titles probably won’t get as much love.
  12. Triple dash and smart bomb is the safest way to beat this boss.
  13. What boss is it again?
  14. Bethesda got no chill, there’s dlc trophies and one of them is to beat the dlc on mein leben difficulty lmao