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  1. I’ve had this game for awhile but never played, will everything be fine if I start on the latest patch?
  2. Here’s the ones I’ve completed myself that I think are worth doing. Darkest dungeon Divinity 1&2 Shadow warrior Hard reset redux Bloody zombies Jotun Flame in the flood Mother Russia bleeds Assault android cactus Astebreed Nex machina Steam world dig 2 Seraph Banner saga Dead cells Evil within Warhammer vermintide Furi Titan souls Now these are the ones I’ve played and think are worth doing that i haven’t completed yet. Dragon ball fighters Enter the gungeon Flame over Geometry wars Downwell Wolfenstein 2 Steamworld heist Laser league Injustice Absolver Bro force Bleed 1&2 Street fighter 5 Overwatch Stardust galaxy warriors Black ops 3&4 I hate running backwards Jamestown Kingdome come Dead nation Amplitude Stardew valley Hollow Knight Strafe Track mania turbo Outlast 2 Gonner Slain Metal slug anthology Joe devers lone wolf Trine 2
  3. A matter of time before you get hit with the "this should of been a status update"
  4. Yes but you will need to play with someone from your region as certain missions tend to lag like crazy. I'm currently stuck because I can't find any Canadians to team up with.
  5. 267 - Hotline Miami 2 Difficulty: 6/10 Personal Difficulty: 8/10 Time: 35 Hours Score: 9/10 Pros: Challenging but rewarding gameplay, great soundtrack, enemy and weapon variety, well designed levels and some thought went into hard mode. Cons: Confusing story, some cheap deaths and doesn't do much as a sequel.
  6. Platinum #267 - Hotline Miami 2 


    Difficulty: 6/10 

    Personal Difficulty: 8/10 

    Score: 9/10 

    Time: 35 hours 


    I usually only post my ultra rare platinums or 100% but I found this game quite hard and it's the first time that I think a game was underrated difficulty wise. Getting all A+ was fairly easy as I finished the first game recently but hard mode gave me a beating. 


    Gameplay wise it's great despite not really doing anything new. It's basically more of the first game but with new enemies, characters weapons and levels. 

  7. I have a few stacks of piss easy platinums but those days are over for me. Only time I'll stack is if it's a game I really enjoyed and want to play again but other than that there's no way I'm wasting my time playing crap while there's so many good games being released.
  8. You should grow a pair of balls.
  9. These are all the games I've finished myself that I found had excellent narrative. Nier automata, Detroit become human, Hellblade, God of war, What remains of Edith finch, Yakuza 6, Witcher thronebreaker, Vampyr, Red dead 2, The banner saga trilogy and undertale.
  10. The shield breaker is good for certain enemies and bosses but you don't need the character at all.
  11. Just got the game I'd be willing to boost.
  12. If you're looking for a good story then no as the story is basically every jrpg cliché you can think of and it drags on for way too long, characters really aren't interesting either as they follow the same tropes and the side quests are boring fetch quests. What really saves the game is the great combat and excellent end game content. Overall I'd rate it an 8/10, a lot of fun to be had if you can get past the boring 60 hours story.
  13. Don't you think if devs could just pay for great reviews every single one of them would and every game would be rated 9/10? i never understood where people got this idea from. As for all the great reviews, I'm glad and can't wait to get my hands on it. The platinum will be challenging too so that's always a plus for me.
  14. Don't keep divinity 2 in that backlog for too long, one of the best games this generation in my opinion. As for crypt of the necro dancer, be prepared to spend 600+ hours if you want the platinum 😬
  15. The game is pretty much dead and there's not much info anywhere but I'm assuming ranked matches can be boosted because of how empty the servers are. Ive been keeping an eye on this game and apparently it has a lot of balancing issues with broken characters that people use to spam online but the devs have been consistent with patches. I think now would be a good time to get those online trophies before the game is given for free on ps plus or It somehow starts to gain more players.