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  1. 1- there’s an online mode I believe but it’s not needed for the platinum. 2- Both. You can switch at any time. 3- Real time but you can pause if you want to play it a bit more tactically and decide what attacks or spells you want to use next and on what opponents. 4- I’m sure you can get the platinum in about 80 hours but I ended up doing the base game 100% which took me 150 hours. 5- The platinum is very easy and i dont remember playing the game multiple times for the plat. 6- I don’t think you need much tips cause like I said before it’s not a challenging platinum. Play as you wish. 7- Its very fun and personally one of my favorite games. The story and characters are great. Each character has their own personality and it’s one of the few games where I really felt a connection with the characters and they grow more as you progress. Different choices and outcomes that have impact on the story and you have a lot of freedom to play and do as you please. The base management mechanic is well implemented and i spent a lot of time speaking with the characters and going back after every main quest. The more you do the more you’ll level up and then you’ll be strong and things will get easier just like most other games. No grinding required as you get pretty much everything naturally. 8- The open world is kind of the biggest flaw. It’s beautiful and huge but some of the activities are a bit mundane and can get a bit repetitive but thankfully it’s not that long to get them done. Overall it’s definitely worth playing. That’s just my opinion of course.
  2. Platinum #236 - Divinity.


    Difficulty 9/10

    Personal difficulty 4/10

    Time 100-120 hours

    Score 9/10


    Such an excellent game. I usually don’t play rpgs of this kind but I will definitely be checking more of them out now. The turn based combat is lots of fun but stands out cause you can chain together different elements or use the environment to your advantage. Quests are also

    handled very well since  almost all of them had different outcomes and there wasn’t any fetch quests. I found the main story a bit weak and the companions could of been fleshed out a bit better. I personally didn’t find it hard except for the last boss but nonetheless a must play in my opinion. Can’t wait to start divinity 2!

  3. So are these glitched trophies fixed yet?
  4. Positive. I paid attention to this and ended up regretting it cause i was just holding my upgrades back for no reason. If you’re going for the platinum you’ll have more than enough to upgrade everything. The 3 star trackmasters aren’t bad at all since they can be done very quickly by using your gadgets and suit abilities.
  5. I don’t know why nowadays every game needs to have a 9/10 or 10/10 to be considered good. 77 isn’t a bad score at all.
  6. Not really, the game has more than enough for you to upgrade every single skill, gadget, abilities and suits. By the time I was done with the game I had everything upgraded and still an abundance of points. Upgrade as you wish.
  7. Game looks great can’t wait. Is there any game you don’t dislike? You seem to hate everything.
  8. Its a good game but i remember being slightly disappointed. Story and characters were pretty weak and they took out the brutal takedowns. Multiplayer was fun. Overall it felt like a step down from killzone 2 and 3.
  9. Rest In Peace to all the victims. Why is it that everytime something like this happens people label the shooter “mentally ill”. Some are just fucking evil it's as simple as that. I’ve been dealing with depression for almost 5 years now and not once have i ever thought of murdering people.
  10. Yeah that pretty much kills it for me ill avoid this one.
  11. Sounds good. I’ll attempt it but are any of the bugs problematic?
  12. Platinum #231 - Dead Cells.


    Difficulty 7/10

    Time 20-50 hours 

    Score 9.5/10


    One of the best games I’ve played this year. Loved everything about it and never got bored even tho you’re basically doing the same thing over and over. Combat and traversal is fast, fluid and feels great so it never gets old. It’s a rather small game but they’ve managed to make it feel complex and full of things to do. Runs good too as I never encountered any bugs or frame rate drops. I’d definitely recommend this game.

  13. Just got the platinum. For those of you looking for a difficulty estimate I’d say it’s about a 7/10. The 4 cell run can be challenging especially if you aren’t lucky enough with the loot you find.
  14. I’ve been anticipating this game for awhile now but after seeing that last trophy I’m even more excited.
  15. The game really isn’t a 2/10 nor 3/10. Even with an overpowered build it still takes skill. So far I’d say minimum 5/10 and I’m only on 1 cell so I’d imagine it’s only going to get worst. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ll let you guys know once I’m done.