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  1. Watch peaky blinders, It’s another phenomenal show and season 5 is supposed to come this year. I’d say it’s up there with game of thrones as one of the best tv shows ever made.
  2. Best of luck with crypt, It looks like a good game but these days I tend to get bored rather quick so a 600+ hour game is out of the question for me.
  3. Probably an unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed this last episode and loved the ending. A little salty Jon isn’t king but in a way he is king of the wildings and nights watch which is basically his people so I guess it’s not too bad. This last season is definitely disappointing because it feels rushed and there should of been at least 2 or 3 more seasons but it’s not terrible like many people have been saying. Can’t believe game of thrones is done though always feel empty whenever a great show ends.
  4. I haven’t tested myself but I’m pretty sure it Is. There’s no more permadeath and you can also carry over your stickers so I’m assuming the platinum is easier/shorter than it was before.
  5. I’d argue that she’s shown she’s capable of such things. I don’t think the problem here is bad writting I think it’s just them wanting to end the show rather quickly when there could of easily been a few more seasons building up towards all of this. I do agree it could of been developed a lot better though.
  6. I do agree this season as a whole feels rushed but cmon now it was foreshadowed that Dany would turn mad and i was quite happy seeing such an unexpected but expected turn. I found this comment on Facebook and not only is it true but it made me laugh quite a bit. Season 1: Daenerys burns Mirri Maz Duur Season 2: Daenerys burns House of the Undying Season 3: Daenerys burns Astapor Season 4: Daenerys crucifies the Masters of Meeren Season 5: Daenerys burns Meerenise noblemen Season 6: Daenerys burns Vaes Dothrak Season 7: Daenerys burns the Wagon train Season 8: Daenerys burns Kings Landing Everyone: “This is SO farfetched.”
  7. I personally find them important, before buying a game the first thing I do is read a bunch of different reviews to see if the game is considered good, if it has an overwhelming amount of negative reviews then I don’t bother. Reason why is because there’s so many games coming out nowadays and I just can’t buy them all so i limit myself to the ones that I’m interested in that get overall good reviews. Majority of the time i agree with what critics say about a game but it’s very rare that i play a game that’s considered bad and find it good. I would rather spend my money on a “good” game and be disappointed than to spend it on a “bad” one just to be letdown despite being warned, if that makes any sense. As for critics, I think gamers give them shit for no reason most of the time. There’s a lot of credible gaming journalists and reviewers out there that know what makes a game good or bad. This idea that they’re somehow all incompetent or paid to give certain games positive reviews is quite foolish to be honest. “Critics are always wrong except when I agree with them” pretty much sums up how most gamers react to reviews.
  8. So an individual makes a poor decision by spending hundreds of dollars on micro transactions and it’s somehow EA’s fault? We need to start holding people accountable for their actions instead of looking for someone to blame. When someone goes into the casino and loses all of their money it’s not the casino’s fault, heck I’ve even seen dealers at the casino tell people they should take the money they won and leave but of course they do the opposite. I don’t mind cosmetic micro transactions or timesavers but I do agree that pay to win is pretty shit but still it’s up to the individual to decide wether to partake or not.
  9. Pretty much everyone has the same list so I’ll switch it up a bit and name some of the more recent ones I thought were great. Hereditary Haunting Of Hill House Conjuring 2 Oculus (criminally underrated) Paranormal activity
  10. I’d say moonlighter is worth the 10$. Great indie title, yes there’s a few glitched trophies but there’s a workaround if any of them do.
  11. I’m honestly surprised it took them that long to realize they weren’t having fun playing all those crap games.
  12. Ubisoft has been on a spree lately delivering quality games and supporting them with updates so hopefully this one turns out better than wildlands. Wildlands was good gameplay wise but fell short because of the huge map plastered with collectibles and repetitive side activities.
  13. Or maybe it’s because people actually really enjoy assassins creed and the new direction the series has taken.
  14. No offense to anyone that’s aiming for 100% completion but why are so many going crazy over this? I’ve seen a shit ton of people making new accounts and even avoiding certain games just because they want a “perfect profile”.