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  1. I doubt this is gonna affect the rarity or even difficulty of the game. Raiden 4 has a similar exploit and it's still one of the hardest platinums out there.
  2. There's pros and cons to this. On one side they have full creative liberty over their game and on the other hand they will need to be smart about how they spend money since they are no longer backed by a major publisher.
  3. That first paragraph man you nailed it, couldn't of said it any better.
  4. Good luck with I am bread. I tried it for like an hour and couldn't understand the controls at all.
  5. Ive played so many since I got the PS4 it would be a sin not to show love to all of my favourite ones. One of the best games I've ever played. I spent over 200 hours but the time flew by so quick and I enjoyed every second of it. It's basically a challenging tactical turn based roguelike rpg with some lovecraftian Mythos. Best metroidvania/roguelike out there no argument. How they managed to make such a small game feel so complexe is quite an accomplishment in my opinion. The game also has some great combat and traversal. Only con would be the boss fights, there should of been more of them. My personal favourite twin stick shooter. If you're into this kind of game then this one is a must play. This would be my second favourite twin stick shooter. Game looks great with all the effects on screen going off, great soundtrack, the gameplay is just excellent and provides some good challenge on higher difficulties. Sad that these games aren't profitable enough which is why we won't see more arcade games like this. Gorgeous art style and some well designed boss fights. My only complaint here is the rng is a little too much especially if you're going for the platinum which is pretty damn tough. This is the game that got me into ultra rare hunting. Great combat and a killer soundtrack. Another one of those games that seems simple on the surface but gets deep as you progress. Very addictive gameplay loop. A tactical turn based rpg with excellent writing, characters, beautiful soundtrack and meaningful choices with actual repercussions. These games were quite the success on pc but it doesn't seem to get much attention on consoles which is sad. If you see any of the banner saga games on sale give them a try they're all great games. Probably not the best survival game out there but it's surely one of the more unique ones. My only complaint with this game is that it's a bit too simple which can get repetitive quickly if you're playing for long and the game doesn't throw anything new your way. With all that being said it's still a fun game with a unique art style and great music that appears every now and then.
  6. That's an exception ūüėā
  7. Blasphemy there's no such thing as a civil debate these days.
  8. As long as the single player experience is good I could care less about the multiplayer.
  9. Spending 7 years of your life working on a new ip that costs hundreds of millions of dollars which might or might not sell well is a huge risk. Especially in a time where most studios just rely on sequels that already have an established fan base and name for their product to sell. Being in development for a long time shows that they care about the quality of their product and that they're passionate about it or else they would of rushed it out the door. Thats all I'm gonna say, I'll just wait till the release date to see what happens.
  10. Looking at something and experiencing it for yourself are two different things. What's your argument here that they make shit games or that they have bad business practices? I also don't get why you're calling it a cash grab when the game isn't trying to capitalize or even cash off of anything. It's been in development since 2012 that's 7 years and on top of that it's a new ip which we rarely see nowadays. So it shows that Bioware are willing to take risks and come up with something new. I'm not funding nor encouraging anything. It's quite simple actually, make a good game and I'll buy it, make a bad one and I won't buy it.
  11. I'd disagree that most have a "diverse" perspective on the game as almost all the opinions I've seen on this forum alone are almost all the same. I've bought several EA games over the past few years and I don't agree with their business practices but what do I do? I just don't participate by buying micro transactions I don't go on forums crying about how bad they are because that's not gonna change anything. While anthem may not be very innovative I'm excited nonetheless because it looks like a fun co op shooter that me and my friends can enjoy playing. I'll reserve judgement until the game is out and I've tried it for myself but this mob mentality of hating on something and hoping it burns before even giving it a chance is quite childish. Unlike most these days I can think for myself and I don't follow the masses blindly. I don't see how being interested in something Is a "bad idea" especially considering that not a single person here has played the full game yet but calling it trash.
  12. Look how fast this topic turned into another "fuck EA don't buy their games" shit show, very original. He asked if anyone was excited for anthem not how you feel about EA there's at least twenty other forums where you guys expressed how you feel about them why can't this one just remain for people that are excited for the game?
  13. I'm very excited for this game despite all the unnecessary hate it's been getting. It's like people are just hoping it fails before they've even played it. Sure EA has some shitty business practices but it doesn't mean the studios under their belt aren't capable of delivering good games.
  14. If they aren't so difficult then why would you need info on them to plat?
  15. Platinum 260 - Divinity 2


    Dificulty 9/10

    Personal difficulty 7/10

    Time 100-150 hours 

    Score 10/10


    Improves upon the first game in almost every aspect and that is by no means a small feat cause the first one was already excellent. Difficulty wise it's a noticeable step up from the first game, especially the intro which just seemed quite unfair but once you reach reapers coast you can unlock an item called "Glowing idol of rebirth" which makes things easier. 

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