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  1. I doubt you will need to start over from scratch. Once you buy the dlc you can activate it or deactivate it in the menu similar to the crimson court dlc.
  2. Yes I'd agree that some people are hating on it for fun or because it's the popular thing to do right now but there's a good amount that are just upset that it entirely rips out what made fallout great and just turns it into another bland survival game. Let's not even mention how buggy and broken the game is right now which in my opinion is unacceptable for a big studio such as Bethesda. They've gotten away with it more than a couple times because it's what people expect when they buy one of their titles but god forbid if it was another studio they would have been destroyed. If this was a PS3 game maybe some would give it a pass but in 2018 nah, especially if you consider all the quality games we've gotten this year such as god of war and red dead 2 just to name a few.
  3. This one took me about 6-8 tries pretty normal as the turret sometimes doesn't fire when you enter dead eye. Try not to shoot too much and let Sadie and the others kill a few. Aim for the ones that tend to stay near the hut but don't hold just tap and it'll fire a couple shots.
  4. I honestly don't really know as I've tried to get gold on pretty much all of the missions and then decided from there which ones would be easy and which will be harder. There's enough room for you to leave a couple out but no matter what you will need to do a select few that are a bit trickier.
  5. Archaeology For Beginners would be a good replacement if you haven't done that one yet. Be sure to check out the video Sergen posted it's on the first page of this topic.
  6. Recently got the game is anyone still doing drops? Also how much quicker will the platinum be ?
  7. Sleeping for 3 days seems to repsawn most things in the game. Also consider using "Dirty Tyler's" YouTube video as he made a great guide on where to find all of them.
  8. Jotun. By far the worst I've ever seen it's really a mix of skill and luck.
  9. That's the one with the Wolves if I remember correctly? For that one I try not to miss a single shot since there's not much enemies to kill, missing 1-2 shots can instantly lead to failure. Use the schofield revolver it's the most accurate pistol and just use auto aim all the time.
  10. I don't think there's any auto aim with the sniper but what I tend to do is look near the enemy with the camera then just zoom in. Waiting while they're behind cover is your best chance to get headshots as they tend to stay in one place.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Is it alright the way I did it? I'm not very familiar with editing or inserting links on this site so let me know.
  12. Look man, I finished the game early and since people were having trouble finding the easiest levels to get gold on I took time out of my day to try and help by making an entire list of all the easier ones. I really didn't need to, I could of simply gotten the trophy and then moved on but as stated earlier I simply wanted to help. Now however you decide to tackle them or wether you find them hard or not that's entirely on you but don't come giving me shit because you can't get a gold medal on your first try. Patience is always key and It's something you clearly lack.
  13. He's right guys, I'm totally wrong and this is a 10/10 platinum so just abandon all hope. I apologize for lying about the true difficulty and hope that you guys can forgive me as I have committed a grave sin. Joke, it's still very doable and you do have enough dead eye on replay. I'm not one to look down on others nor do I think I'm some kind of beast with god tier skills but at this point I just think you suck man... Git gud
  14. I did all my gold medals via replay, the only downside was the garbage horse and somewhat low deadeye level but it's still very doable even with the low level stats. You can either replay which is a quicker way to get the trophy or do another play through which takes a lot more time.
  15. Works best with the schofield revolver since it's very accurate. I'll try to put together a video when I get back on red dead.