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  1. I can see what you mean but no game should be judged based off trophies in my opinion.
  2. Mother Russia bleeds and bloody zombie are the best beat em ups I’ve played this gen.
  3. It’s pretty shit to be honest and that’s coming from a long time farcry fan. The campaign is damn good fun though.
  4. Witcher 3, Divinity 2, Subnautica, Assassins creed odyssey, Assassins creed 2 and Assassins creed brotherhood comes to mind.
  5. What would you rate it difficulty wise and how much time would it take?
  6. Red dead redemption 2 simply because I already spent over 350+ hours on the game and majority of that time was just senseless grinding or sleep inducing side activities. Its bound to happen and I would never complain about free content or updates but please keep the grind to a minimum rockstar.
  7. They can probably be boosted but that would be hard to pull off and you’d be robbing yourself of one of the best multiplayer games ever made.
  8. How dare you reward those who put actual effort into the games they play 😡
  9. Servers still up and you can boost all trophies very easily within 15-20 hours. If you ever come across the fight club while boosting just remember the number one rule.
  10. Very underwhelming e3 but it’s to be expected since this generation is coming to an end. I was quite satisfied with the amount of release dates that were revealed so that’s good at least.
  11. You came to that conclusion with ten minutes of gameplay and a three minute trailer, nice! At least wait till the game is out or you’ve played the full thing before spouting that it’s the worst thing ever.
  12. Samurai showdown and judgement please.
  13. I say the 71% is spot on. It’s a good game and there’s some fun to be had but it falls short when compared to other stellar Sony exclusives. My biggest issues with days gone is the stretched out story that doesn’t do anything interesting, majority of the characters are bland or not properly fleshed out, the gunplay feels weightless and there’s some minor technical issues. You’ll have a good time and get your money’s worth since it’s pretty long but don’t expect anything great.
  14. Which is a good thing and shows just how much video games have evolved now that we have games that can rival great movies or tv shows due to better story telling/writing.
  15. How long/hard is the platinum? Picked it up on sale but there’s not much info out there about it.