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  1. Must have serious issues if you’d stop gaming because trophies were discontinued lol. Trophies add some enjoyment to gaming for me but I wouldn’t lose sleep if they were no longer a thing, I’d just go back to playing like I use to before I got into em.
  2. Thot is slang for whore lmao
  3. It’s not difficult but has a small learning curve. You’re looking at a 5/10 difficulty and about 25-40 hours for the platinum. If anyone needs tips I’ll be glad to drop a few but beware they might make the game a bit too easy.
  4. Y’all should follow them on social media or something so you know when they’re releasing a game. It’s getting a bit jarring seeing these threads like six times a week.
  5. This might be off topic but I would highly recommend you put aside final fantasy, dragon quest and those games you mentioned in favour of something like darkest dungeon or divinity 1&2 even though they aren’t jrpgs. Not only are they some of the best RPGs ever made but they also offer something different whereas most jrpgs have been living off tropes and cliches for the last several years making them all too familiar. If you’re really looking to stick to jrpgs then I’d say fist of the North Star and attack on Titan 2.
  6. Not being a dick just taking a piss as usual 😂
  7. And the worst part is that they fucking force ya at gun point to go back for the new trophies!!!
  8. Always down for co op games but I’ll wait for the reviews as usual. Just the other day I was thinking about how there’s been a lack of third person shooters this gen but now there’s remnant and control in the same month, hopefully they both deliver.
  9. Maybe try doing a quick speedrun from the beginning instead of using chapter select? Will be boring having to do another playthrough but I’m assuming that would work.
  10. For downwell hard mode I’d say use laser or shotgun and try to keep as much health as you can for the last boss then you should get through with not much trouble. Fork and knife, Reverse engineer, gem vaccum, gem recharge and range upgrades are the ones I found the most useful. Downwell is a strange one cause I know some that say they found it very hard but personally i would rate it a 6/10 max, damn good game tho. I also noticed you added rive to your backlog. It’s a fun game at first but that quickly fades away due numerous failed attempts at humour, lack of enemy variety, random difficulty spikes, repetitive structure then there’s a few puzzles that require you to die over and over until you figure it out. I wouldn’t recommend but if on a sale for cheap then yeah it’s worth playing I guess. Nex machina is an excellent one and I enjoyed everything except the small grind at the end for the platinum. Whenever you decide to do divinity 2 feel free to ask for tips or whatever if you need help. Heck I’ve been itching to play it again so if you’re interested I’d even be willing to play co op with you.
  11. I can see what you mean but no game should be judged based off trophies in my opinion.
  12. Mother Russia bleeds and bloody zombie are the best beat em ups I’ve played this gen.
  13. It’s pretty shit to be honest and that’s coming from a long time farcry fan. The campaign is damn good fun though.
  14. Witcher 3, Divinity 2, Subnautica, Assassins creed odyssey, Assassins creed 2 and Assassins creed brotherhood comes to mind.
  15. What would you rate it difficulty wise and how much time would it take?