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  1. Story is garbage. The fact that you have to replay the same races many times to get better cards to upgrade each car you buy to progress further in the story sucks. The way the activities and collectibles are just scattered around the map makes it hard to distinguish them. The car customization is good but some parts are locked behind activities. I’d say it’s pretty average but there’s a bit of fun to be had.
  2. Its nowhere near impossible. Get trump cards by finishing certain tasks and then those will help you a lot. I finished it after 4 tries and I’ve never played blackjack before.
  3. Don’t bother with elex. It’s garbage compared to everything else on your list.
  4. Funny enough the hardest racing game to plat isn’t even on this list. It’s easily Assetto Corsa. Only 18 platinum achievers.
  5. Congrats to all the winners! Sadly Kung by panda took way longer than I expected.
  6. Elex was a shit game that almost nobody played. Kingdom come is a great game with a couple bugs and has already shipped a million copies In it’s current state so I’d say it’s doing damn fine for an indie game.
  7. Alexis Texas claps back
  8. Plays a lot of Japanese games so I’m assuming he/she is an anime fan.
  9. A very great example because I was a victim of that game too
  10. Those are the levels I have left ahah
  11. .
  12. I did too 🤫
  13. You still bought it and played tho
  14. 1- Metal gear survive 2- Ruiner 3- Resident evil 7 4- sexy brutale 5- Firewatch 6- The long dark 7- Bleed 8- Bleed 2 9- The flame in the flood 10- Don’t starve 11- Don’t starve together 12- Outlast 13- Outlast 2 14- Flinthook 15- Axiom verge 16- 7 days to die 17- Prototype 18- Prototype 2 19- Deadlight 20- How to survive 2 21- Manhunt 22- Shadow of the beast 23- Kona 24- Sherlock Holmes crimes and punishments 25- Sherlock Holmes the devils daughter 26- Evil within 27- Evil within 2 Pretty long list but those are all the ones that come to mind.
  15. Not trying to be a white knight here but how much of you guys actually played the game to form your own unbiased opinions 🤔