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  1. Here’s the thing tho I have read the leaks and still don’t get the outrage but then again I’m a fan of darker stories such as berserk, devilman crybaby, claymore, game of thrones etc so maybe that’s why It doesn’t bother me. I don’t see how them taking an unexpected turn makes the game automatically shit. I would rather them take chances than to just deliver a safe or familiar route just to please fans. It’s not in your face if you have to go looking on the internet to read a post from someone to realize it’s even a thing in the game that’s what I mean by that. Also I never said the game was gonna be amazing nor did I say it was gonna be shit, I’m waiting to play the full product and experience the game before I give my thoughts on it.
  2. Not a fan of the whole sjw movement but this shit is getting old and annoying from both sides now. I would understand the complaints if the directors agenda directly affected the quality of their games or if it was really in your face but seriously a girl with muscles is what people are getting mad at? As for the story leaks, I’ll just wait till the full game is actually out and playable before I judge. Not gonna read a spoiler post or watch a couple broken up clips from a 20 hour long game then act like I’ve experienced the full thing.
  3. If you weren’t impressed by the demo then the full game won’t change that. I usually enjoy majority of the games I play but this one was the most disappointing I played in recent memory. Even in co op i didn’t find it that enjoyable, especially not for 2 playthroughs plus a grind for the platinum. You won’t see it on my profile as I played it on my other one but I did plat and played for over 40 hours so I’m not just rambling or hating on the game. Id give it a 7/10 max, not a bad game but I wouldn’t lose sleep if I skipped it.
  4. I enjoy majority of these narrative driven games and thought until dawn was great but Man Of Medan was by far the biggest disappointment of the genre I’ve played. None of the characters are likeable, the story isn’t as intriguing or suspenseful, it relies on too many cheap jump scares and the ending is so abrupt I was left like that’s it? Wow what a waste of 4 hours. I didn’t even pay for the game and I still felt robbed.
  5. Weirdly enough, despite the 8/10 difficulty rating I personally found jotun harder than a lot of games rated higher. The Odin no power and Hagalaz no damage trophies were a pain in the ass because of rng. I think I spent like 60+ hours on the game and the majority of that time was on those two bosses alone. Maybe I was just shit but yeah it’s probably the ultra rare plat of my collection that gave me the most trouble.
  6. Would I be able to do these glitches if I bought the physical copy of this game once it releases? Accidentally deleted my save when all I had left was level 100 grind and I’m in no mood to replay this game again.
  7. Waste of time cause people will still hate on IGN when their favourite game that they most likely haven’t even played yet doesn’t get a 10/10 or a game they want to see fail gets a good score.
  8. Give Need for speed heat a go, It’s the best one we’ve gotten in a long time. Also payback better than nfs 2015? Y’all must be tripping payback is straight garbage.
  9. There’s a race called “sonic” near the main garage during the day that’s rather quick and gives up to 100k if you do it with a squad. If you’re no longer getting the full amount just leave the game and come back. It’s by far the fastest way to make money that I know of.
  10. Transformers Devastation 0.95% & Starwhal 0.97% - These are my rarest ones this year but they arent anything special to be honest. Vanquish 2.35%, Metal Gear Rising 2.46% & DMC 5 3.63% - My favorite plats achieved this year. Probably the last few since I no longer trophy hunt on my main account.
  11. If you were to estimate how much time and how hard is the platinum of this game?
  12. If there’s one thing this game really needed it would be fast travel. That would kind of go against the metroidvania design but the areas in this game are huge compared to other metrdoidvanias.
  13. Pretty good games and if you’re looking for a challenge then those will be brutal to plat.
  14. Banner saga collection, A plague tale, Edith finch, Thronebreaker and Vampyr come to mind.
  15. game looks doo doo to be honest so my expectations are quite low as of now.