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  1. Wait... an excellent singleplayer ea game with no micro transactions or controversies surrounding it? This doesn’t fit the narrative let me go back into hiding until the next fuck up instead of giving props.
  2. Very well done is an understatement, it easily has the best combat out of all the mass effect games.
  3. Always down for more mass effect so I honestly don’t care where they decide to take it as long as the main focus is making a great single player rpg experience. Just make sure the writing is on par with the trilogy and take time to polish so it doesn’t have as much bugs as andromeda did at launch. I think people greatly exaggerated with andromeda, it has its flaws and isn’t anywhere near the countless amazing titles BioWare has created but it’s far from the terrible game people made it out to be.
  4. 6.8/10 because of politics? Lol not once during the review did the dude mention politics but he did mention that the game was very tedious gameplay wise and wasn’t much fun to play. Sorry but if that’s what you got after watching that review then I don’t know what to tell you. Even critics who gave the game high scores said that the gameplay was tedious and boring so how is that any different from what the ign reviewer said?
  5. I came here looking for opinions on the game or discussions about the trophies but 99% of this topic is just people bitching about the trophy icons... i think I’ll escort myself out of this one.
  6. Don’t see how 85% on meta is “divisive” that’s a rather great score. Personally I think I will skip this one in favour of Need for speed heat and Star Wars as the gameplay doesn’t sound or look fun.
  7. You will have to do a lot of shooting because the meter in this is quite low so you won’t constantly be using it. It also isn’t exactly like vats where you completely stop the game to target body parts, this one is more of just a short slow down to let you blind, cripple, knock down or do whatever other status effect is available depending on the body part you decide to shoot.
  8. I started my first play through on supernova and while it was quite annoying at first due to companions dying so easily, I gotta say it’s actually not hard at all once you get past the starting area. Majority of my skill points are invested in stealth and dialogue but I’m still getting into every combat encounter possible then getting through without any trouble. 1. Don’t underestimate your companions as they’re able to dish out just as much if not more damage than you. Put enough points in leadership so that both your skills can be level 50 and watch as your companions become tanks that never die while dealing a ton of damage. Combat will be over before you even know it. 2. Toughness, slow the world, quick and the dead, pack mule, cheetah, run and gun, the reaper, speed demon, scanner, harvester, last stand, confidence, armour master, super pack mule and penetrating shots are the best perks. 3. Assault rifle, plasma rifle and dead eye assault rifle are the best guns early on. Irions flintlock, assault rifle ultra, prismatic hammer and shock cannon ultra are some of the best weapons mid to late game. 4. Invest skills in dialogue, stealth, tech and leadership. Prioritize dialogue and stealth first but aim to get all of these up to 50. 5. Fast travel back to your ship every quest just to save so you don’t lose progress. 6. Don’t avoid combat too much. When you start the game and don’t have much weapons or skills it’s understandable but after awhile you’ll just be missing out on experience if youre avoiding combat too much. Theres more but honestly I feel like just those very few tips will be enough to get you through supernova. It sounds harder than it actually is.
  9. Orc slayer and albedo, don’t think it can get any worst than these two.
  10. It’s a great game if you play with friends and a very good one if you play solo in my opinion. The reason why it’s so rare is because there’s like no info regarding the game, most who buy it I’d assume just want to play couch co op, there’s like 8 challenging trophies and also some items required for vault entries involve rng. Two trophies in particular makes this one hard, getting a killstreak of 12 against 3 hard bots and taunting shrim then win against 3 hard bots. There’s several other hard trophies tied to taunting gods and winning against hard bots but those weren’t as hard as the two I mentioned before.
  11. Cheers, you’re looking at an 8/10 difficulty and about 80-100 hours if you’re going for the platinum. It’s a very good game with an original concept so id definitely recommend.
  12. Everything can be done solo but there’s a few trophies that are made easier if you have two controllers. It’s also not multiplayer but rather a couch co op party oriented dungeon crawler.
  13. Ask away if you’re looking for any info regarding crawl. Not a lot of info on the game but I recently got the plat on my second account.
  14. This is one of those narratives some gamers try to paint that I’ll never understand. Instead of focusing on the very few bad releases, open your eyes a bit and you’d see that there’s a ton of great games being released. I think those who say games now aren’t good simply don’t play enough games or have a very specific kind of game they look for. This year alone we got resident evil 2 remake, dmc 5, sekiro, crash team racing, a plague tale, bloodstained ritual, mortal kombat 11, metro exodus, monster hunter world, control, indivisible, outer worlds and probably more I’m not remembering at the moment which is a lot of great titles for one year.
  15. Not surprising but the game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and it’s currently sat at 85% on meta. This topic has been quite silent though are people not interested in this game?