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  1. All missions (and their trophies) seem to unlock at the start of the game. For the text trophies, one you get a text, do u need to finish the level, or just get to a checkpoint?
  2. So this is normal? u get all those trophies right at the beginning? I finished the first lvl, and all the trophies poped
  3. thx .. wish i read that 9 hrs ago .. lol now .. i only have that damn max faction renown trophy left
  4. that faction trophy, prob won't unlock for anyone, till the next faction comes out
  5. this trophy is horrible. it'll take new players a very very long time before they even get close to be able to get this trophy done. Im in a top20 guild with 1K+ players, and only a handful are even close to this trophy.
  6. What were the network settings they advised you to change?
  7. congrats on 6 dooms defeat 👏

  8. This trophy finally unlocked for me ... at 2.1mil I've been unable to get online since the first few missions of Act 1.
  9. Is this all fix now? Coming to +
  10. When I start the game, with network enable, the game freezes in the title screen. If I disable network, and then enable it after the game load, it also freezes. Does anyone know anyways to stop the crashing? I can't get 2 of the online trophies because of this. Video of another person with the same problem:
  11. Anyone get pass Day 60 on Nightmare? Is there a specific build to use?
  12. it's actually not too bad during off-peak HK time, problem is, there's noone on to do dungeons/skirmishes. during peak. it's horrendous , not playable at all
  13. I just started, and i know a few other ppl who are starting, we're just playing slowly. I see people on, but it's pretty quiet compared to the english server. There's 2x xp at the moment.
  14. Is there anyway to invert the Y-axis only? I had a look through various forums but couldn't find a solution.
  15. It sort of worked, but it was an even earlier save. Lucky I got the 100 done in 1 session before it crashed. Now to grind L6 for the cards