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  1. OK. Thanks a lot for your answer HuntingFever. I checked again my screenshots that I saved on a usb key and I have only one new trophy per game. (The others which unlocked twice, I had already synchronized them on psnprofiles) I will still follow your advice.
  2. I have this error np-32098-2. I noticed this when I unlocked trophies twice on the Hotel Transylvania 3 and Dragon Quest Builders 2 games and the new ones were not synchronized. However, I launched another game to test (Steredenn) and the trophies synchronize. I figured out that I need to upload my saves into the cloud and recreate my profile. My question is: when I go to download my savegames. What will happen to my two current games. Do the trophies autopop? Or, nothing will happen and it is better to start all over again on a new save? According to the screenshots, the trophies not unlocked are not related to the story of the game but to an specific action. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi.I found a solution for these trophies. For example, about the 6 cars trophy (I made it in the 2nd division: truck), buy 5 cars. Reboot the game. Bought the 6th. The trophy pop ups. With employee stats. Hire an employee (the default one), buy stat 11/12, reload the game. Bought the last stat and the trophy pop. For the others, simple game reboot works fine if the trophies do not fall. Press R1 to go to the tab. Hope it helps
  4. I confirm that the online game is still working. I'm still playing it. In fact, you must play in solo mode until quest 1-6 to unlock the online feature in the game. Very important: the online is locked by region. You can only play with people from the same version of your game (NA, JP and EU & Oceania). About the shutdown of Prison of the God, only the daily quests have been stopped (Because of the hackers). It does not affect the platinum. These quests were used to earn special cards (called ACE) which made the game easier.
  5. I confirm, in the level 4, one letter doesn't appear on PS Vita. The monster is under the screen. In a youtube video, the guy easily has the letter C on the 3rd bridge and I tried a multitude of times, but impossible. I'll do it on PS4.