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  1. There was a problem in Career where the save would get corrupted upon Motegi track. No problems with the latest patch anymore (and I platted both PS3/PS4 five years ago).
  2. Beyond my understanding. Why bothered about a now hidden profile the user has hidden himself at some time?
  3. This is the first time I heard of such question. I and most others prefer auto-pop all the way.
  4. No. The seasons for competitive matches have ended on Dec 31, 2020, making ''Test Your Mettle" DLC trophy unobtainable.
  5. The online is a big letdown for me and you can't boost properly (or at all), so I'm stuck with completed campaign trophies but no desire so far to finish it.
  6. This is a standard tactic. Just as you die, you immediately close the application and continue where the game last saved. It's also done for example KILLZONE: Shadow Fall Elite difficulty, where you'd have three lives for a whole playthrough but by quitting as you die you won't lose a life.
  7. Of course, all MXGP and MotoGP titles still function today.
  8. I totally agree. The car handling is one of the worst I've seen, not even close to WRC. This will be an annoying time.
  9. I agree with the Norwegian one. The British's got funny humor and comedic dialogue. The colonial French is alright but the German TIger is by far the best war story.
  10. You definitely didn't buy the coins for this version, rather for the follow-up Deluxe. You can't enter the store in-game, either.
  11. Crouch on R3 is not uncommon, it's an alternate control scheme in CoD for example.
  12. Star Wars: Republic Commando - We Got a Nest Here Trophy - YouTube Edit: Took a quick glance at the comment above so i missed the link.
  13. Only instance for me was Grid 2 I downloaded when it had been on PS+. German profile but my system language is English (US). However the game would only be in French. Changing system language to German so would the game be in German, too.
  14. Countless days I played it on PC. This will be a breeze.
  15. First of all you never race with auto brakes in any racing game. Second tune town traction control, Makes a difference of one second.