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  1. I'll add you, I need this trophy.
  2. Looks like 4 online trophies. Only need to win once in ranked and once in friendly, beyond that just need to fight people at least a 100 times online without requiring it to be friendly, ranked, or otherwise.
  3. There's even content that isn't available in some European countries while available in other European countries, so it's not like there's a single EU store, sadly enough.
  4. As a backer of the game I can tell, the DLC isn't released yet. Also the backers will get their codes first before they start selling it, I would think.
  5. My two mains: Play both a lot and they're near the same level as well. Edit: Reason for two mains is cause I play on two servers/Worlds to play with two groups of different friends.
  6. It's, however, in a different Era, so many things aren't there yet and so on. So there's a lot of differences, it's just not the Morrowind as we've grown to know. I loved Morrowind and would definitely buy a remaster of it in an instant. However, this new Chapter of ESO also interests me greatly to see how things were on Vvardenfell before the time of TES3. On a different note, this is starting to make it a bit difficult with calling something Morrowind when there's TES3: Morrowind and ESO: Morrowind. Which I feel is like a trap for the people that loved TES3: Morrowind and would initially think ESO: Morrowind is TES3: Morrowind... I'm wondering how many will end up feeling cheated and complain at Zenimax for this... They probably should've thought about that...
  7. Correct, it's pretty much like the other DLC, so just 6 new trophies. Would've expected more with this being a Chapter.
  8. I see trophies on my PS4 when checking on my ESO trophies, just none here. o.o
  9. Possibly the easiest would be in Neverdeath Graveyard, by the Cult of the Dragon in Craftsman's Rest, there are Kobolds among the other Cultists. Usually together with some others, they're easy to notice among them. Though, they lack the "Kobold" tag on their names (using "Cult of the Dragon" instead), they still count.
  10. Sounds interesting. Just so you know, I always have all the dungeons on my map despite being in the Aldmeri Dominion, so I don't think it matters really whether you're with the Pact, Covenant, or Dominion. Although, at the quest I'm at with the main questline I should be able to choose my second "starter" area and visit either the Pact and the Covenant as well. There's, however, a different problem if I wanted to join: Regions. I checked, characters don't cross over between EU and NA, so sadly I cannot join. Had to check what region you were on your PlayStation profile here. Though, I do like the idea.
  11. The Clockwork Tomb Complete the quest: The Clockwork Tomb
  12. I mainly wonder how people were meant to get this game in Europe... or the Netherlands at that, we don't exactly have a GameStop and I've not been able to find other places that deliver a code. So I do expect it to pop up on the PS Store at some point soon.
  13. Yes, you have to finish the story. Otherwise there's only the temporary thing somewhere in the story before the cake thing, but that only lasts until you've made the cake, after that you need to finish the story to get those quests again. Also useful is if you don't have the right locations from the Brain, is to quickly go into the Card Shack and out again, this'll refresh the locations and give you different locations.
  14. This might help: