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  1. Ugh, you're definitely right, but what you said about it being harsh for the first few tries is true as well. It sorta demoralized me in the end, but you're right, it's been a while since the game came out I'm sure the guides have gotten more efficient and player knowledge has probably made the game more approachable. I'll try again.
  2. Honestly though, as much of a bummer that they fixed this: 1. It's understandable since they probably wanna stick with the season for at least 2 more months and don't want anyone boosting all the way to 50. 2. This exploit wasn't even that helpful because it relied mainly on luck and patience. You could find a server running on day 99 if you're lucky, but most of the time you'll be jumping into servers that are on day 30 at most, which would net you maybe 2000 XP, so do that about 10 more times and you'll get 1 level. That's of course assuming you'll find Day 30 servers consistently, which you won't, as sometimes you'd find Day 5 or Day 2 servers, even if we went all the way to the end of the page (which are mainly filled with private server anyways so it's a waste of time to scroll through 40 pages). So, in the end, you'll be scrolling through, finding whatever server you can, quitting, getting 200 - 1000xp, do that about a few dozen times, maybe you'll be lucky and find a day 50 and even then that'll be probably 8k XP, which won't level you up at all by itself, ultimately being bored out of your mind for about 2-3 Hours straight cuz you're not doing anything, all for about 6-8 levels. Only 40ish levels to go. I still think the XP distribution is abysmal, but honestly I have some faith in this game. I'm just hoping by Season 2 or 3 it'll be a much better, less monotonous game that's not nearly impossible to finish by yourself. They already decreased the HP for Helthings, so they're likely aware of the game's sluggishness and are making improvements, which is cool imo.