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  1. Do you need to do the side missions before finishing the districts? I split up the districts 3/3/3 and then completed the side missions and no Family trophy.
  2. I am a new player. Started 3 weeks ago. I have 7 gold medals left and I have completed La Fieusse (3 hours) and Fallen Rocks (6 hours). I have done this knowing about the extra 3 challenges but wanted to earn the platinum without needing those. So, not all new players will take advantage of it. As hard as those challenges were, they were super fun to fail over and over again. Probably the most fun I've had failing an event in any game. Some other notable hard challenges for me are: Faction Under Control Boardsleigh Vallec Village
  3. Or just play real life strategies. I've been playing real tennis for 20 years and watching tennis for 21 years. I play this game how I play or would like to play in real life if I were good enough. I rarely resort to the dropshot, it feels like cheating if I do it too often. I can cream all the male players. Federer and Isner (for some reason) are tougher than the rest. It seems there's a legend difficulty and then there's Federer and Isner. I've beaten them the last 3 or 4 times each, but they were not easy. The last attempt for both was 1 hour 40 minutes, 5 sets. Maybe because it was on clay. I've reached no.1 and won the last 3 4 star tournaments and won that 5 star tournament at the end of the year. 3 tips: I always serve to the forehand on both sides and get lots of aces. Never go down the line unless you have a clear opening, if you try and they get it, you will get in trouble. So rally cross court 95% of the time. Never go for 2 passing shots in a row. If the 1st one comes back, hit the lob.
  4. Is Domination the only game mode you need other players for? Pretty sure everything else can be done solo?
  5. There are skills that require you to be level 5 and 20 for serve and volley. How do you reset what you allocated points to or do you need a 2nd playthrough?
  6. How many cards, equipment and coaches are there and what level do you need to get them to? I'm working on getting to number 1 currently. I'm 3 at the moment. Is there a written guide anywhere?
  7. In 1 sitting. I got the 100 point trophy in about 15 minutes. 15x10.... 2.5 hours give or take
  8. I use Federer against my random girl that I created and never improved. I get her to serve 1st so to ensure I lose no stamina from hitting the 1st ball. My opponent is on empty stamina and I'm on full, no trophy. I have tried 1 set of a tie break, super tie break, 1st to 3 games. I have tried a best of 5 set. I have tried using my level 30 created player in a 1 star tournament in career mode, no trophy. I have tried a different console, no trophy. I have tried 2 player singles and ran my mate around, no trophy. Did anyone have any trouble with this trophy? The online is garbage atm, but I enjoy the single player career mode. I am play tennis myself and want this platinum!!!