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  1. Yes, the trophy for completing the story.
  2. I was lucky to get one, two is impossible 😅 I will keep playing career to do challenges, but it's reeeeeeaally boring.
  3. I am playing on PS5, I have 15 branded rackets left for the platinum 😅
  4. I thought branded rackets were not needed 😂
  5. I didn't buy all the branded rackets, I will start from that.
  6. I bought everything on PS5 and the throphy didn't unlock 😒 I guess the branded stuff is required too 😱
  7. Can I ask you a few questions about Tennis World Tour 2 please ? 

    1. carlokkia


      Yes, sure

  8. I am in Div 6 and play against teams with Ronaldo, Messi, Walker Texas Ranger, Jean Claude Van Damme, how is it possible? It's not funny at all to play in a low division with a team that is impossible to beat, every shoot they score, I can shoot 20 times but score only 2-3 times.
  9. Alekhine's gun. I don't know how you managed to complete the game, it was so bad that I deleted it from the PS4 after 45 minutes that I bought it 😅
  10. I picked always the rightmost when I could choose, after a while I got the trophy. They should be "big names" such as Rolex or similar.
  11. Which are the highest level sponsors?
  12. I managed to unlock it yesterday, thanks anyway.
  13. How did you get the net trophy?
  14. Have you done all of them?