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  1. I have the same problem, I am getting other stupid animations all the time, the bicycle animation happens once a match in wrong occasions.
  2. Thanks for the tips
  3. After struggling mostly with IA-10 and S-7, I "only" have S-10 left 😁
  4. You need to arrive at the last level in the career even with females to unlock the latest equipments, you can use the money you earn in the male career without any problem.
  5. Yes, the trophy for completing the story.
  6. I was lucky to get one, two is impossible 😅 I will keep playing career to do challenges, but it's reeeeeeaally boring.
  7. I am playing on PS5, I have 15 branded rackets left for the platinum 😅
  8. I thought branded rackets were not needed 😂
  9. I didn't buy all the branded rackets, I will start from that.
  10. I bought everything on PS5 and the throphy didn't unlock 😒 I guess the branded stuff is required too 😱
  11. Can I ask you a few questions about Tennis World Tour 2 please ? 

  12. I am in Div 6 and play against teams with Ronaldo, Messi, Walker Texas Ranger, Jean Claude Van Damme, how is it possible? It's not funny at all to play in a low division with a team that is impossible to beat, every shoot they score, I can shoot 20 times but score only 2-3 times.
  13. Alekhine's gun. I don't know how you managed to complete the game, it was so bad that I deleted it from the PS4 after 45 minutes that I bought it 😅
  14. I picked always the rightmost when I could choose, after a while I got the trophy. They should be "big names" such as Rolex or similar.