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  1. Hi, i search a Clan for the weekly bonus engrams. I help for Clan xp and Content. Inv: ddcso, pls.
  2. Hi, i need mithril but i cant smelt mithril. Ive the mats but no recipe !?
  3. This game freezed every time after the first boss fight Edit: Reinstall dont work.
  4. Hi, when comes it out in eu ?
  5. Hi, i search player for this trophie. id: ddcso Edit: Done! Thanks @ all for help
  6. Hi, where i can level up fast after the anise boss fight, for the last skills ?
  7. Lol, i can play 4 runs. My first team was durand, charlotte and resis
  8. thank you !!
  9. hi, what i must do for this trophy ? Complete an Another's Treasure Bonus twice in one Showdown
  10. ok, thanks for the good description
  11. ok, thank u can i leave the mission after 3 kills or i must finish the quests in the mission ?
  12. ok, cool. what level did u take for farm this badasses ?
  13. hi, u got this trophy now ?