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  1. I would love to see Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Remastered.
  2. anyone willing to help me get Online Trophies? I'll return the favor in anyway I can.
  3. I hope they are still up. I need to collect some online trophies.
  4. I am trying to connect to multieplayer but I keep getting a "Error getting ticket". Is anyone else getting this? or know whats wrong?
  5. I would be willing to boost you and boost myself at the same time. I need the online trophies as well. The only times I can really play are Monday - Friday after 5pm Eastern Time (Toronto) Feel free to add me to PSN. And I really do enjoy playing this game.
  6. I go to a Flea Market I know in Toronto the weekend before it's released. They always have new release games. The guy owns a real store which he runs properly but at a Flea Market you can break the rules.
  7. I know this game is pretty much dead but I need to get the online trophy for this game. Is anyone willing to help me get it?
  8. I'm guessing we will be wait for quite a bit before we get a PSNP app. 😜
  9. I think MStalker58 will win this war. He's got Mega Man on his his side. Can't Lose. I'm being bias because I have a ProtoMan Tattoo and am a HUGE fan of the series. Good Luck to both of you. What's the points standings at the moment?
  10. I like to stick to a game until it's done while to hands and mind and timing is focused on that game. If I switch to another game and come back after a few weeks I have to readjust. But once I'm done a game (100%) It's very difficult to even it again after.