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  1. Well, I've just started this game, so I cant say anything about this boss as I haven't gotten to him yet. It's been sitting in my backlog since release. I'm finding it a little bit challenging, which I absolutely love! I haven't died yet. I'm following Fightin' Cowboy's guide on YouTube for all the collectables etc. Currently going through the Hirata Estate. I have to say that so far this game is incredible. I love it. No doubt I will end up dying in a spectacular way and then rage quit. Gyoubu (first main boss with the trophy) almost did me in and I imagine he's supposed to be the easiest since he was first, so I cant wait to progress further into the story. Trying my hardest not to watch other videos of what comes next. I can only wish you good luck.
  2. I read that the game was getting reduced to $40 during the black Friday sales.
  3. This game is nothing like dark souls, which caused me severe rage inducing moments. This game is very laid back, compared to dark souls. I thoroughly enjoyed the game though (the story telling side) and i bought it on release. Definitely worth the price tag. Only downside was was black of DLC. I would've happily bought a season pass for it. Either way, I suggest what van-helsings suggested, and watch some gameplay footage of the game and make your own mind up. If your worried about plat time, I did it in just over a week on my uk account by following powerpyx guides. Hope this helps.
  4. 1. Overwatch - Very proud of this. Did all base trophies legit and most of the DLC without boosting, save Cratered for Doomfist. Rapid Discord for Zenyatta was the game of my life! 2. Mortal Kombat X - My favourite Mortal Kombat game to date. Got even better when they released Tanya for the game, before nerfing her into Oblivion. 3. Knack - Diamond Knack..enough said! 4. Deadpool(PS3) - Possibly one of the best games I ever played, just because of the comedy alone. Don't think I've ever laughed so much in my entire life playing a game. Would have been better if Ryan Reynolds had voiced him. Hopefully in the future. 5. Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance (PS3) - A good game but very difficult. Defeating all the bosses on hard difficulty or higher without taking damage was a nightmare! Honourable mentions - The Last of Us. Probably the best game I've ever played. That was my game of the generation (ps3). Fantastic story telling, good multiplayer, great level design. A 10/10 game. Grand theft auto 5. A great game. Nothing more to say. Hitman (Not a plat...even though it should be) the latest hitman game. Fantastic game. Bloodborne - Another amazing game! Definitely worth the rage it induced in me. Dark Souls 3 - Fantastic game. Great multiplayer.
  5. This game is brutally hard.... Hardest 23 secs of my life lol....
  6. On my screen right now it showing that NIOH: Complete Edition is free.... Is this only happening to me? When I click it, it's giving me the option to download it. See attached image: https://ibb.co/kMRFiS
  7. You can find gabumon blk and garurumon blk in the crime server on Eden. As for HippoGriphonmon you can find that in either under Kowloon lvl4 (very rare) or in the Nakano underground (common) I suggest you bring Blk KingNumemon to increase drop rates of the medals. Hope this helps
  8. Wow definitely not buying this game
  9. Like many others, the list is too long so I'll name a few: Prey Tokyo Xanadu Monster Hunter worlds Tekken 7 Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 Fallout 4 Homefront the revolution Too many to list
  10. Doomfist cratered trophy or Zenyatta Rapid Discord on Overwatch! Cratered you have to hit 6 enemies at once with one move, but everyone runs away/spreads out so you can't hit them. Only got it thanks to a boosting session. Rapid Discord is to get 4 kills or assists in 6 seconds! An absolute bull, glitched trophy! Took me over 20 hours on this character before I got it.
  11. Overwatch is a really easy game in my opinion. A little daunting at first, but easy when u get the hang of it. Plus there are always boosting sessions for the game
  12. Resident Evil 6. Really want to play but not got it yet. Done 5 on another account
  13. MEDALS! that blkagumon medal from the first one was a pain. I had to restart the story to make it easier to obtain it. Hopefully this time there aren't any major grindy trophies. First game I was over 90+ hours.
  14. Thanks for replying. I really don't want to uninstall as my copy is from the psn store. But judging by the amount of glitches on my save I think I might have to. I recently completed all agent missions and tried to unlock the trophies base on the outfits but none of them popped. I really enjoyed the game but the glitches have ruined it for me. I really really don't want to play the full game again. Thank you again for the help.