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  1. #93 - Final Fantasy IX
  2. I used the same script. I only got it to work once. I used Septomor script with Eiko in the Steeple. Im going to try it again tonight with vivi at the beginning of the game. I will update this if it works.
  3. Is your PS4 Connected via Wifi or Hard wire? I had problems downloading with wifi but change to hard wire and I never have a problem.
  4. Currently I have 65 but 2 games are within 2 trophies of being complete. Just got to get past stupid Chocobo racing in FFX and Hunting Grounds in HZD.
  5. I read about this on friday and made sure to back this project when it went live.
  6. seven deadly sins. waiting for a new season.
  7. Atari 2600 Saga Genesis Game Gear PS2 GameCube Dreamcast Gameboy Advanced SP DS Wii PS3 3DS PS4
  8. Since the PS5 is backwards compatible I need the Disc drive because I will be giving my PS4 to my boys. But I may start going full digital with the games I buy so that i can buy a disc-less PS6.
  9. Thanks for doing this. Voted for ghost
  10. Final Fantasy XIII- was my most time consuming Platinum. I realized after beating the game I had sold an item that I had needed for the Trophy Hunter trophy so I had to start the game from the beginning.
  11. This is my friends punk band. They just released their 3rd album. been listening to this on and off for the last week.
  12. They have been talking about either releasing the next part on the same scale as this one or in smaller but quicker roll out bits. If they choose to go smaller bits it may roll out like a dlc.
  13. Final Fantasy XIII - Five Years Four Months. Beat the game went to do all the upgrading for Treasure Hunter and realized i sold item i needed and could not get another one. Stopped playing for a few years then went back to solely working on the Treasure Hunter Trophy.
  14. I probably will and move my ps4 to my boys room.