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  1. Just to warn you about the hobbit. It only goes through the first two parts of the movies. Apparently they were going to have dlc but it never happened. The City Undercover is the one i want. They built it up as GTA for kids.
  2. This happens to me one time. Give it a couple days it should show back up.
  3. For an online game you need at least 2 people on 2 separate PS4s. You could have 4 controllers on 1 PS4, but unless you have another person playing on a different PS4 it won't work. I also checked to see if both people on the same PS4 both were PS+ members if that would work and it did not.
  4. I will probably be on at sometime tonight. If you see me on you can invite me to coop and ill help you out. Character name JesterX. This helped me understand the combat deck
  5. Welcome to Absolver. Currency can be obtained by scraping unused items. I'm not sure if there is any other way. As for where to go there are NPCs that stand around and do not attack, walk up to them and talk to them. The object of the story is to take out 3 bosses and 8 "marked ones". If you interact with any alter you can see a map of your progress. A lot of the time you just explore. As for being attacked by other players unfortunately its going to happen. 1. because there is a trophy for it and 2. they think your a NPC. I have accidentally attacked a player a few times for the second reason. If you use the L1 button you can use the dial to signal that you are a player. as for fighting really start using block (L2) to learn some early attacks to help you out. And if you see one on the ground pick up a weapon. Hope this helps
  6. Arkham Knight came with my console. Lego Movie was my first purchased PS4 title.
  7. thanks for the opportunity
  8. It looks like everything is back up. I was so worried that i lost all my work.
  9. Here we go. 1. Final Fantasy X 2. Final Fantasy XIII 3. LOTR: Aragorn's Quest 4. Spy Chameleon 5. StarWhal 6. Color Guardians 7. Deformers Maybe more to come but these are the main games I really need to finish.
  10. I had my son help me get the saves trophy in private matches as well. We pretty much just passed the ball back and forth near the goal 20 times.