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  1. Good morning and welcome ^_^ You also have nice Role play games in your log!

    1. Dawnbringer90


      Good morning, thanks for the warm welcome. Your games list is also very nice and colourful (much more than mine, actually). I see you have played the Almighty Final Fantasy X too! Also, i noticed you (probably) like Hyperdimension Neptunia. I never got to really play it, but a friend of mine made me discover it, especially its cool soundtrack. I have several of the game's songs in my mp3 reader, i'm listening to Encounter of Destiny right now :) ( not sure if you know it).


    2. Chirithy


      I know Destiny but the Franchise game was to overhyped and you see what hapened with it.

      I own my Playstation four since March this year... normally i was an Xbox One/ Nintendo 3DS gamer but but the One have i borroed my friend; because I am now a full fleged ps 4 gamer ^^

    3. Dawnbringer90


      Yes, i was mainly a Nintendo gamer as well, until last year, when i got my Ps4.But i still play the Pokemon series on 3DS ( another RPG i've been playing with since it's debut in 1996...i'm starting to feel old :D).