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  1. Good morning, this will be my last post with this profile, as i have just made a new one. I have had some really bad experiences with multiplayer recently, from lag, to cheaters, to the personal messages sent by angry 12 years old, insulting and claiming i'm a camper/aimbotter and nonsense like that (that's what ruined Star Wars Battlefront, to me). That's why i decided i'll never play online games anymore, nor buy games who have trophies that include online, as i have realised that, instead of relaxing myself, these online matches only made me upset and frustrated. Only relaxing and peaceful singe-player games in my trophies shelf from now on . Since i'm a completionist, instead of playing online any longer, i prefered to create outright a new profile. I just wanted to inform the ( very few) people who know me, about this profile shift. My new profile is: Bright_Morning See you all.
  2. Good Morning. I was checking my own profile right now, and according to my statistics, i have made 0 posts, even though i actually made a couple. It's not really a problem though. I was just wondering if perhaps it takes some time to update or it is me who just messed something up ( which i don't think i did). Thanks in advance for your answers. Dawnbringer90 Edit: Nevermind, now it shows 1. Perhaps the "Introduction" topic doesn't count as one
  3. Greetings to everyone. I'm a 26 years old Italian gamer, and found this site while looking for information about trophies. It looks really solid, well made and full of nice people, so I decided to step in! Concerning myself, i love RPG games, and roleplaying in general, especially Dungeons and Dragons. As some may have noticed, I'm a fan of Lathander, the Forgotten Realms Sun God. I'm also a long-time fan of Star Wars. My favourite game is Final Fantasy X( the first one...), which i didn't know at all until a few months ago, when the PS4 Remaster finally gave me the opportunity to discover this masterpiece, quickly becoming my all-times favorite. I also love to trophy hunt, even though i favour quality over quantity, and i get to complete only the games i like. I hope I'll get to meet gamers with my own game preferences, and perhaps share the same passion. (Also, sorry to ask such a technical question in my first post, but i seem to have a problem in placing my Trophy Card in my signature. When i paste the URL in the "insert image" option, in the signature section, the window gets "stuck" and i can't click either on "Ok" or "Close", and have to re-enter the site by closing the browser. Anyone knows why?). Thanks in advance for any answer, and see you all.
  4. Thanks to all for the welcome, and to YuriG for the tip, it worked!