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  1. still need it?
  2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood! Hope to plat it one day it is my favorite AC title
  3. Lego Avengers PS3 Finally Done!
  4. Seemed very rushed. I also got scared and thought the choice i picked with Alfred at the end made it so i wasn't going to get the final trophy. Hoping for a third one
  5. Hey so I had $5 in my account and just bought Mayo for the easy plat cause it's cheap. I have $3.50 left, is there nay cheap and easy games with a plat or any really good vita games for under $3.50?
  6. Happy New Years to all the fellow trophy hunters! can't wait for many more trophies in 2018!🎊

  7. @Stash70 Batman Arkham City as I have been working on the arkham games lately
  8. My greatest memories are from ps2, wii, and n64! but playing through shadow of the colossus, sonic sega racing, playing through the sly and jak games, little big planet, PlayStation all stars, and Lego marvel are some great memories for me!
  9. Welcome! Ill add you! and gave you a follow😀
  10. Welcome! If you are active on your ps3 (which it seems you are) then I'm gonna add you! maybe we can get some trophies too! hope you enjoy the site!
  11. Mario Kart DS👐
  12. ID: WesMJ12 Systems: PS3 and PS4 Accept all requests
  13. Just got the Jak trilogy on ps3 from the sale for $6.. $2 a game.. I am overjoyed😱



    1. marvelboy10


      Nice 👍 They also have the God Of War collection for $2 if i'm not mistaken. I managed to get 5 games for a grand total of $9.17. :highfive: And I'm still not done. :D

    2. WesMJ12


      @marvelboy10 Yeah I was gonna grab that but only had like $5

    3. PooPooBlast


      It's nice that you guys are finding stuff to buy but I pretty much already have everything I want so I won't be spending anything for the duration of the sale.

  14. I wanna join! at the moment all I have is Lego Movie and Lego MArvel on PS3 Platted, but this will definatly motivate me to get more lego plats, and I love this idea so add me in there!! 😀
  15. Yeah, I noticed that too, It's kinda annoying