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  1. Watch_Dogs, Didn't like it as much as I always hoped I would when I finally got around to the game..
  2. I will pre order this SO fast...
  3. When will the WWE 2k20 trophies be out? I know it's pretty trash of a game but I have a Walmart gift card and might just grab it because those games are always fun, I just wanna check out the trophy list first to see the grind for the platinum

  4. Murdered Soul Suspect is actually a little underrated, I used a guide and platinumed it in 7 hours or so i think, yet I still enjoyed the story and even the gameplay but that's just me
  5. Any Lego games, Toy Story Mania, Brave pretty much any disney game
  6. I was pretty much done my second play through of Metro Last Light without killing any enemy the whole game for the trophy, I got glitched under a vehicle and hit the melee button to try to do something to get unstuck.. but there was an enemy right above where i was glitched that I couldn't see and my knife killed him.. I love that game but I was so mad
  7. Walmart for some reason has Battlefield 5 for $15 so grabbed that with a gift card son't know when i will get to it though still gotta get through uncharted series, ratchet, and god of war and plat toy story 3..
  8. Days Gone, Is finally discounted, is an amazing and very underrated game, the only thing is I believe the 100 percent is unobtainable at this moment, you'll have to look into those because I gave up on the challenges to be honest It is my favorite game of 2019 so far and the platinum is very easy if you like the game
  9. The new big Summer Sale is here, my question is what did you guys purchase/going to purchase, and what do you recommend gameplay or trophy wise
  10. Spider-Man 2 on PS2 is still my fav Spidey game
  11. Only 5 hours in or so, a lot better than reviews are saying, about to hop back in
  12. I am glad you asked this I love WWE games and saw it on the sale and was wondering about it myself
  13. Picked Sleeping Dogs Up for $10 from the ubisoft sale have always wanted to play and am finally getting around to this great game, also preordered spider-man which will be the best game ever
  14. Wanna fill my list up with active trophy hunters as i just got my ps4, My name is WesMJ12 add me just say psnprofiles or something. I've been playing rocket league a lot since I got it so if you enjoy rocket league then we can play but everyone add me!
  15. Just got a PS4 and pre ordered Spidey, Don't gotta steal my brothers now because I will be putting hours and HOURS of time into that game