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  1. I have beaten the prologue twice now, does anyone know why the trophy hasn't popped?
  2. 1) Spider-Man: The Movie (2002) 2) Star Wars: Battlefront 2 3) The Incredibles 4) Toy Story Racer 5) ATV Offroad Fury 3
  3. I've always been worried about that myself. There is no way of telling at the moment, but all you can do for now is keep getting all the ps3 trophies you can. Nowhere in the near future is the trophy syncing on ps3 going to go anywhere. But one day it might hopefully by then the PS6 is out already..
  4. Right! I totally forgot about those threads
  5. I'm not new here, however I was hacked maybe 5 months ago and i luckily got back in but the hacker blocked every. single. friend. on my list. So instead of going through and unblocking them all I think fellow trophy hunters on here should add me. I am very active and love racing, first person, and adventure games! Jeez I feel like I am making a tinder account
  6. I do like achievements, but the main reason is because they were first and there are many games that you can get achievements on that you can't on PS3, Like Kung Fu Panda, Spider-Man 3, TMNT (really random games ik but they are nostalgic) Plus I like Kinect and it's game. However all in all trophies rule! oh, and steam achievements suck. I have never even looked at mine, but I do love the time played page and how it kinda shows that off instead
  7. For May I got Rocket League finished up finally
  8. Pretty recent, but my all time favorite platinum is Star Wars Battlefront 2. Never thought I could make it through that star ship grind but I finally did it a couple weeks ago and have that amazing platinum now. But other than that grind, I didn't even trophy hunt for this game, I just played and enjoyed it enough they all came naturally. Which doesn't happen to me often lol I always trophy hunt the games. It is such an amazing game now compared to it's launch and probably my favorite of this generation. Honorable mentions however are NFS Hot Pursuit and Spider-Man (The amount of excitement I had for the launch of that game, I have only had twice, for that game and for getting my car)
  10. Going through Doom and have been playing the Tomb Raiders
  11. Show me the part where it says they are TELLING you to buy anything? Please show me
  12. No clue if you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, but I found that game super fun because I am a huge fan and it is really cheap (unobtainable platinum though ) It's up to if you like MJ and if you like dance games
  13. Went crazy in April and added, Titanfall 2, Adam's Venture, Battlefront 2, and Lego LOTR! Don't worry got more planned for the next months. Working on Rocket League, Watch Dogs 2, Murdered Soul Suspect, and Sleeping Dogs Definitive
  14. You should decide for yourself for sure. My brother is doing the same. But if the leaks are true I personally won't touch it. Doesn't necessarily mean it will be horrible but if that is how the story goes.. Oh my. I love NaughtyDog but come on! We'll see.