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  1. i believe you when you say you are doing everything right to summon its bugged for a few very unlucky individuals my brother is the same way, no matter what on his end he cant summon or be summoned, but can see messages and bloodstains just fine few other people have the same problem or so i've heard hope it gets fixed soon
  2. I wasnt actually the one who asked but they responded to someone in a thread I was reading, here's the response:
  3. Found a response! heres what they said on Twitter: The unobtainable achievements are a known issue that we expect to be addressed before too long. Thanks for reaching out!
  4. Any news on adding the cut content lore cassettes and books to make their trophies obtainable?
  5. ok its definitely glitched, at least for me. I've since tried making a new character with the dlc installed and becoming corrupted, dying while corrupted, and reloading the zone while corrupted both from the dashboard and by traveling. no dice
  6. I've tried with several characters now to unlock the trophy for getting to corruption level defiled and each time I hit the 75% corruption mark the trophy doesnt pop. I've tried waiting all the way up to 100%, I've tried eating corrupting food to bring me past the 75% mark, I've tried both in the antique plateau and interior dungeons, I've tried on characters with the corruption resist passive trait and without. Nothing is working anybody else encountered this issue?
  7. twisted metal .5% very fun game, tough plat tho
  8. the only quest related trophies that popped for the guest during my coop playthroughs with my brother were for joining factions
  9. june 4th ps4 release date
  10. anyone else disappointed there was no trophies added with the hidden realms console update? can we expect any trophy additions or should i be safe to delete it off my hard drive?
  11. one thing i'd love to see is a box on the right that tracks your top 5 rarest games with 100% completion, its already a stat thats displayed along with plat rarity for each game and some games true rarity comes from managing to 100% them, not simply the platinum. it could go 1. Trophy Cabinet 2. Rarest Trophies 3. Rarest completions what do you guys think?
  12. Ok now that the platinum currency has been removed in February is it officially impossible to get the 100% in Battleborn or is it just more grindy? Are the dlc's still purchasable in any way? Thanks!
  13. For me it would go: 1. Left 4 Dead (1&2) - great coop games to play with a mic and some friends, i'm sure the plats would be quite rare too if the trophy list was the same as xbox's 2. Alan Wake - big fan of survival horror and remember really liking this one as a kid 3. Legend of Zelda series - good games nuff said what about you guys?
  14. Excellent proposal, I can’t wait for it to be implemented! 50% should be the cutoff for sure. The ribbon system isn’t even out yet and it’s motivated me to get cracking on the ultra rare plats in my backlog
  15. Are there glitched trophies? just wondering since the game has been out for a while now...