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  1. For me it would go: 1. Left 4 Dead (1&2) - great coop games to play with a mic and some friends, i'm sure the plats would be quite rare too if the trophy list was the same as xbox's 2. Alan Wake - big fan of survival horror and remember really liking this one as a kid 3. Legend of Zelda series - good games nuff said what about you guys?
  2. Excellent proposal, I can’t wait for it to be implemented! 50% should be the cutoff for sure. The ribbon system isn’t even out yet and it’s motivated me to get cracking on the ultra rare plats in my backlog
  3. Are there glitched trophies? just wondering since the game has been out for a while now...
  4. thanks for the response, so to clarify are you saying the plat is unobtainable on vita because plant's b-skin cant be unlocked? are there any other reasons why the plat would be unobtainable? with no cross platform save is there any point in playing on vita if every single trophy is encompassed by the ultra mutant 100% unlock trophy? appreciate any further info
  5. so as things stand the consensus is to not play this game on vita due to glitches/bugs?
  6. anyone have a video on the missile duping strat for fast boosting?
  7. damn well after seeing a post like this i've got no excuse. i'll be starting today. i've got two consoles four controllers, message me if you're interested in meeting up to boost
  8. So whats the word on a definitive shutdown date? on the psn store its still saying the 25th
  9. Just curious if people think that becoming emperor is a trophy that will see an increase or decrease in rarity/feasibility as the game ages? why?
  10. the online pass did come with the game, i bought it used but the pass wasn't redeemed yet. the only other thing i can think of is maybe i need to be using the digital version to play online?
  11. I've been unable to connect to games in multiplayer, always with the same error message: "Unable to join the game. A network error occured while joining the game" I have a valid online pass, I have tried it on my multiple consoles, I have tried resetting my internet and my playstations, I've tried signing out and back in of psn. I'm at a loss, anyone else having these problems or know how to fix this? thanks
  12. anyone know why i'm getting this error when i try and join multiplayer games: "Unable to join the game. A network error occured while joining the game"?? i'm able to see lots of games listed but can't join them.. edit: i'm wondering if playing on the digital version would fix this?
  13. even with the internal clock and unlimited ammo glitches i'm terrified of starting this game now and not beating it in time
  14. just finished getting the online trophies for both versions of the game last night. took about an hour. very doable, even with randoms. gl
  15. Ive got a session up for this now!