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  1. Ive got a session up for this now!
  2. ok cool so if they shoot it breaks the spawn protection? thanks
  3. So i recently started chipping away at the multiplayer grind with my second console and two monitors. I have observed a rather frustrating phenomena where bullets will consecutively not do damage, despite their character model reacting to being hit and spraying blood. I have been looking over at the second monitor and watching as a full clip from and assault rifle fails to leave a scratch on their health. Sometimes it works fine and they die immediately lol. anyone know what this is about or if theres a fix?
  4. any reason why the game is rarer on psnprofiles than the actual global rarity? i've never seen a discrepancy like this before
  5. well i figured it out but i'll leave this thread up in case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation; you need to be playing on the original chaos arena map for trophies 😌
  6. i just finished wave twenty on a game i joined mid way through and i didnt get the trophy, could it be that trophies only unlock if you are there for the start of the game?
  7. thats not necessarily true, i bought the slingshot dlc for xcom on a hongkong account since it was taken down from psn everywhere else and was able to play it with my american copy of the game
  8. so if i make a uk psn account will the dlc be compatible with a US copy of the game?
  9. were you playing on easy? i play all the time with friends on nightmare and cata and have no trouble finding games or having people join my games