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  1. The only thing they talked about PS+ is for a PS5 game... so what's for next month?
  2. I'm up for the contest!
  3. Let's try this out. Count me in!
  4. For me if a game has online trophies I usually don't play them, unless I really want them, because I just suck at online games. But planning for games? The only time I planned something was to get Undertale my 100th plat. The rest, meh. I play the games how I like, then when I see I have 5 or 6 games to play with almost no time to play them all
  5. Gonna publish my 1st out of 5 books "The Magic Jewels: The Beginning" (As Joias Mágicas: O Início) soon. So excited!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BrunoBomb


      No, after 5 years I found an editor that wanted to publish my book, Cordel d'Prata. And by the way I'm gonna publish it on August 8th by the way.

    3. IntroPhenom


      That's quite an accomplishment.  Best of luck with success.  Will it be localized into English?

    4. BrunoBomb


      I think so. In the contract it says it will be published in Portuguese (of course), French and English. Don't know where, they say it's the local bookstores they make the agreements. But I would sure love to see this book spread across the contries or more :D

  6. Not actually reading, it's more like reviewing my book to see any spell erros But actually I'm gonna publish mine pretty soon... The Magic Jewels: The Beginning, my 1st book out of 5 books I'm planning to publish.
  7. Well this is very nice info. I don't want to play this game now, but my brother is playing it so I'll give him the site. Thanks!
  8. Beyond: Two Souls. I just played the game X times already that I don't know what finish I did. That and the 100 or 150 community levels in LittleBigPlanet Karting, but the online is closed so that white whale is long gone, still laughing at me from his grave.
  9. Keep looking for the sub-stories. I finished my story and was on 98%. Turned out I missed with 1 fight with Chisaki vs. Rappa. Go and check every fight and video and change to sub-story if you can since not all of them have sub-stories.
  10. They are both the same, but the 2nd has more grinding with 50 arcade runs.
  11. And this right here is what still keeps me hanging in this website. We have such a strong community.
  12. I'm still watching the 1st series but would love to play this game. I want to participate so let's see who's the lucky one.
  13. Wow, lucky me that I bought the Sly Trilogy a couple months earlier and finished it, but I wanted to work on the PS3 games again.
  14. I bought the game on disc and I can get the other episodes on the EU store. I coulsn't get the 1st episode but the others appeared unavailable but now I can download in-game.
  15. If it was announced I would be hyped for that as well.