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  1. 2012 - 12 plats - LittleBigPlanet 2 (3.36%) - Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (25.84%) 2013 - 25 plats - Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (1.80%) (my rarest plat and it's a mickey mouse game, also just the rarest because of the many many kids that bought the game, I bought this for my niece but I played it.) - Jak & Daxter 1 (34.84%) 2014 - 13 plats - Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate (5.20%) - Resistance Burning Skies (40.87%) 2015 - 5 plats (my weakest year of ending games, I don't know why...) - Ine Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (10.44%) - Teslagrad (28.59%) 2016 - 8 plats - God of War 3 (16.20%) - Ratchet and Clank 3 (34.45%) 2017 - 10 plats - inFamous (11.57%) - Tals from the Borderlands (53.70%) 2018 - 31 plats - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (4.33%) - The World of Nubla (94.35%) 2019 - 14 plats - Motorstorm RC PS Vita (9.30%) - Spiderman (49.84%)
  2. Yeah it's more probably that too. My rarest plat is for Epic Mickey 2. I game I bought for my niece. But I ended it, which is kinda hard because you have to follow a strict walktrough to get everything and everything is missable.
  3. Me too, when I went for the Circles of Slaughter I got the level 50 trophy. Just missing the circles and the shooting range trophies.
  4. No way. I just talked to my brother that when I got paid I would buy Last of Us, just wow! I hope it's the sams for europe, or at least change the MLB.
  5. I'm working on Spec Ops: The Line in FUBAR difficulty and I'm stuck at the beggining of chapter 13 Can someone help me? But don't just say tips for this chapter say for whatever chapter you want to talk about and give your opinion and tips because I want that this thread be full of helpful tricks on how to beat this game on FUBAR difficulty for everyone that his struggling/going to start this game knows what to expect and how to finish that part For me my tips are a few general one When you can command your squad team to attack for you Remember they must not die because if 1 dia the game can easily turn that to 3 deads ad reloading chapter Adams is close ranged combat and throws grenades Lugo is long ranged enemies with a sniper Make your shots worth it. A missed bullet can be (and sometimes WILL BE) your last bullet Guard your grenades for when you think they will help you most. When you can choose this weapons AA-12 --> Best weapon in the game. Is a shotgun but you you can kill enemies at long range M32 MGL --> Good against those damn heavies M4A1 --> You will always find ammo for this weapon so you don't waste time to pick it up when you have one so when possible try to get this one. Also good when you go stealth SCAR-H --> Good weapon too, and like M32 MGL, is great against heavies because it has a attached grenade launcher and will help you in a lot of thight places P90 --> A good weapon against those Elite enemies, also is dropped by them most of the times. But don't use it at long range combat. Now if soemone want to help me or any other Spec Ops gamer, just tell here your tips It might save a controller And thanks for your colaboration
  6. Got the plat for God of War 3 Remastered. One thing I noticed was that I got 3 plats in 3 days in a row, wow.
  7. My top 3 are: Borderlands - 283 hours WWE 2K18 - 198 hours Mad Max - 87 hours
  8. I got to the 3 digits last week YEYA!!!!!
  9. 2 sugestions and 2 games I have. Nice! Thanks!
  10. Hi! How are you guys and gals? Good? I hope so. Well, I have a question and I'm most certain the people here on this forum can answer me. We (me and my little brother) have a PS3, a PS4 and a PS Vita and we would like to play together, but on different systems (I'm on PS Vita and he's on PS4, etc...) so do you guys know any games that allow to play co-op but between PS systems? If someone does you gonna be a big help for both of us! And thanks by the way! PS: If there is already a post about this information please tell me.
  11. Well usually I don't play games of the year we are because they are so expensive. But I bought the Reignited Trilogy of Spyro and it was awesome, so for me it's Spyro the game of the year.
  12. So sad that this game doesn't have a platinum. Oh well, gonna play it someday. GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA! GLORY GREATEST COUNTRY!
  13. Well I wanted to change my old brother name for my name to have BrunoBomb just like in the website, and basicaly everything out of PSN, but its'n worth the risk of losing everything. Let people call me helder then...
  14. # 87: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End It took me some more time because my 3rd and last playthrough on Crushing was boring. But awesome game none the less.
  15. My 2 nephews and my niece. My brother has friends and they have brothers and sisters with ages below 10.
  16. The only persons that are safe are the ones that don't comment. ... OH NO!!!!
  17. Currently watching some series that ended and new series. New series --> Goblin Slayer, Captain Tsubasa, Sword Art Online: Alicization & Fairy Tail (new season) Old series --> Soul Eater, Card Captor Sakura (2018), Nana, Devil's Line, Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari PS: Forget Devil's Line. I'm watching this animes with my friend and she told me we're gonna watch the last episode of Devil's Line, still good anime.
  18. Hello fellow gamers, I'm BrunoBomb! Well I have quite a problem here. I don't usually go to my e-mail box has I should go but today I noticed a strange thing (or many things). Someone created a Apple ID with my e-mail address. Some of you might it's a spam but it's some messages stating that this american person bought something on the Apple and the e-mails come to me. (I know he is american because the orders he make go to Minneapolis, Minnesota) and I tried to change his account but then asks his personal questions but he is using my e-mail, don't know why he is using it. He's name is Michael and my e-mail doesn't have anything related to Michael. How can I make him to change this e-mail to use his own e-mail? So anyone can help me here because I keep getting the messages of Apple, even if I don't own anything related to Apple, besides those delicious red apples we buy at the market . PS: So problem solved, it turns out it was a scam to get my bank account. So remember people if you receive e-mails from Apple and you don't have an account then it's a scam.
  19. I don't usually make pre-orders because I already have many games to play while that game comes around or gets it's price down (which in Portugal a new game costs around 60-70 €). I just made 1 pre-order and it was for Spyro Reignited Trilogy because... well, it's Spyro we're talking about, the 1st 3 games. And also because you usually don't find a new game (or 3 games) for 40€ so I just made the pre-order on PS4 and it seems ok at least. Don't think I will do it again. I prefer to buy the game when it's already out.
  20. Thanks for the help. I asked for them to call me and they say that it's a scam where I select to cancel that order and then they get my bank account. Well fortunately that's not the case. Thanks so much for everyone that was concerned but is everything good now.
  21. I'll try that, but they're only available monday. Maybe I have to wait until then.
  22. Yeah that's the ending of the 3rd game, right before Hunter and Bianca are on that level with the dragons.
  23. Yes, I want to change because my brother first created his account on the PS3 and I played and got some trophies and plats in that account. Only 1 year ou 2 I figured out I could create an accout (silly me ), so I kept this account. Now I can change it for the name I use for everything online. I can't even play with other people online because later they will call me helder, but then I forget to answer because I'm not helder. So yah, when I can change it I will for one time only, for BrunoBomb, that or Mr.BrunoBomb.
  24. I'll be the ber merman I can ever be, inspiring young sailors to crash away. If life gives you a backpack...