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  1. DLC

    Thanks, i'll might wait for sales b4 jumping into it then
  2. Fixed
  3. Very
  4. Is there a recomended guide to read before playing this? I can't really figure out how to properly fight or maximize my power on the game
  5. DLC

    Is it worth buying? I haven't play the game for a while and i was wondering if i should buy it to hit that 100%
  6. Sad, maybe someday sony does something about impossible trophies
  7. I had to drop this 100%, way too much for me
  8. is anyone (sony or game developers) doing anything about this?
  9. Are there any other games with no plat possible besides this one?
  10. Took me like a month but finally did it, keep going
  11. I tried with both controllers on one side and did it like 3 times changing sometimes the team i faced, it should pop sometime
  12. This was one of the most enjoyable plats i've done (:
  13. Is it worth it?