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  1. I have the same problem. Since launch
  2. If you like one piece i really recommend pirate warriors 3. I loved every minute of it.
  3. The promised neverland. Im on chapter 75 and im in love with it. if you dontvknow this series go in blind like i did!
  4. One piece pirate warriors 1 to 3 Samurai warriors and its spin ofs Warriors orochi Fate Extella Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 Arslan senki (im not sure of the name) Dynasty warrior games (but those are easy to find on the store) Dynasty warriors next (ps vita)
  5. I really love this idea! I have a huge backlog and this is a fun way to thin it out. my pyramid is as follows Ultra rare: Sniper ghost warrior Very rare: Persona 5 Borderlands 2 Ps4 Rare: Final Fantasy type: 0 Spec ops: The line Dragon Quest XI Common: Far Cry primal God of war 2018 Ratchet and clank A crack in time Sly 2 OK this is my pyramid. Sadly i wasn't able to make a fancy picture but i hope this will suffice XD. Edit: Thanks to Dinkus83 i now have a beautiful picture of my pyramid. Thanks for that i'll gladly use it!
  6. I got a few hours in and i really love this game! The art style is superb!
  7. Does this also work with dogs?
  8. Haha i hated that game 😄. Has way too much games to play. Likes a challenge and doesn't shy away of a huge grind. Also has a varied taste in games. But most important of all, he beat the rythm boss in drakengard 3! Omg i am so jealous.
  9. is efficient and doesnt like games that are not 100%. In other words a dlc player.
  10. What he said.
  11. Damn i was to late.
  12. Is into Japan and anime. Loves JRPGS but has a huge backlog. Am i right? 😎😁
  13. Yeah i see it now. Im sorry ^_^.
  14. Red Faction Geurilla 😄. If you can pull this one of my 🎩 is of to you. Good luck!
  15. Beyond good & evil and spec ops: the line. Such an amazing games. Beyond Good & evil is one of the most stylized games from the ps2 era and one of the reasons i still believe in Ubisoft.