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  1. Kingdom come deliverence looks beautiful at night. The only light you will get is from your torch. Add some rain to that while you walk in a forest or a village and you will see some beautiful nights (imo). I recomend this if you really want to experience complete darkness with no artificial lighting.
  2. I just found nr 30. Its part of the side quest where you have to find songs for betty
  3. Hey thanks for the tips. Could youvalso please explain how to get all the dresses for the trophy. If you know what i mean, i dont want to spoil anything.
  4. I own the game now and for tbe people who want to know what the hidden trophies are about. I dont know they are pretty vague. Also there are missable trophies. The complete all missions one for example. I was progressing the story and found out that some side quests get blocked. You get a warning before hand though. If there are questions feel free to ask.
  5. I want to buy it on release but my backlog is enormous. So il wait until my backlog is finished.
  6. I have the same problem. Since launch
  7. If you like one piece i really recommend pirate warriors 3. I loved every minute of it.
  8. The promised neverland. Im on chapter 75 and im in love with it. if you dontvknow this series go in blind like i did!
  9. One piece pirate warriors 1 to 3 Samurai warriors and its spin ofs Warriors orochi Fate Extella Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 Arslan senki (im not sure of the name) Dynasty warrior games (but those are easy to find on the store) Dynasty warriors next (ps vita)
  10. I really love this idea! I have a huge backlog and this is a fun way to thin it out. my pyramid is as follows Ultra rare: Sniper ghost warrior Very rare: Persona 5 Borderlands 2 Ps4 Rare: Final Fantasy type: 0 Spec ops: The line Dragon Quest XI Common: Far Cry primal God of war 2018 Ratchet and clank A crack in time Sly 2 OK this is my pyramid. Sadly i wasn't able to make a fancy picture but i hope this will suffice XD. Edit: Thanks to Dinkus83 i now have a beautiful picture of my pyramid. Thanks for that i'll gladly use it!
  11. I got a few hours in and i really love this game! The art style is superb!
  12. Does this also work with dogs?
  13. Haha i hated that game 😄. Has way too much games to play. Likes a challenge and doesn't shy away of a huge grind. Also has a varied taste in games. But most important of all, he beat the rythm boss in drakengard 3! Omg i am so jealous.
  14. is efficient and doesnt like games that are not 100%. In other words a dlc player.
  15. What he said.