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  1. looking for some guidance from experienced players of the game to help me with picking a starter nation and what league should I mainly concentrate on? and is SBC Pukki worth it I don't really play UT that much but this year I've decided to put more effort into the mode specially for the Division 4 Trophy
  2. I've been using that guide but still the trophy won't pop and i've redone them all again and again and still nothing
  3. I've collected every PP sticker 4 times in a row now and still nothing I know it says it's "Glitched" on the guide but i'm wondering how other people got this trophy?
  4. Man that sucks I really wanted to buy that as well and just try and get all of the DLC out of the way
  5. Does the gold edition come with all the DLC for the game? as the game is on sale from 2/8/2017 to 16/8/2017 on the EU store for £10.99
  6. If you think this is bad you should see Driveclub's Trophies 21 DLC's and counting (Probably)
  7. You have Catherine done that takes a lot of skill i've heard congrats
  8. Does anyone know any glitches for ranking up fast in multiplayer as i'm not one to use glitches to cheat and I like to progress fair and square but for GTA V it's a pain in the arse to rank up and the PS3 version of this game has a lot of Hackers are on this version and so i'm just trying to get the Multiplayer trophies out of the way ASAP
  9. Lone Survivor
  10. After reading this I think I might give it a go but I just know im gonna end up in an Psychiatric hospital but I have done Max Payne 3 NYMHC on my old account that took more Skill than Dedication but still i'm determined to do it before they eventually shut down the servers
  11. I have heard that this game has one of the worst grinds imaginable which does put me off from it a lot but I think you're right with the preparing and organising it would drive me mental, specially with getting a full lobby in for a trophy and then all of the sudden one person can't connect it all goes downhill from there
  12. 1. Is it still obtainable I've not really been following this game much as I don't when they will take down the servers or if they already have. 2. I've been wondering this for a long time and should I go for the platinum I have heard a lot of war scars that people have had because of this game and I am no person to back down from a challenge the rarity is quite high which does bring out the fear in me. i'm just wondering if people who have got the platinum could share some advice/Guidance for a person who has never really played this game
  13. Thanks for the information I just wasn't sure if this would affect me on this site
  14. I was finishing off the "Wanted" Trophy by using the Bomb Da Base II Respawn glitch as I finally unlocked "Wanted" it also unlocked the "Half Million" Trophy and I can see why as they are both money related but on different platforms such as Single player and Multiplayer. Will this be considered as cheating or is it just fine
  15. Truest statement of this forum post 😂