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  1. Can anyone tell me how to get the rock for universal truth? The scholar just won't seem to give it up.
  2. Soulsbourne My friend and I have a budding tradition where we play the saga at this time of year so that we end up in Cainhurst right before xmas. Sadly this year we started too early/played too well this year and finished DS3 weeks ago. Now we're just biding our time to start Bloodborne. Also we make gross characature characters with amusing names. Damn DS2 for showing PSN names instead of character names.
  3. Having played WLK on PS2, KF on PS3 and TMK on Vita - I'd say this KD remake is the weakest of the bunch. After playing later instalments, this one really suffers from lack of jump and it feels really janky to me on the whole. The bump penalties seem way too harsh, but the levels are also much too long. It just ends up dull and frustrating. Maybe the unity logo at the start should have warned me off.
  4. Nice DmC "clone" with a fair amount of challenge, but not so difficult you can't do it in a day. Bit of a difficulty spike for the last boss, though. The characters look a bit clunky in story scenes but the combat all looks good. Only one play through needed for trophies. No grind required and I don't think anything was missable either.
  5. I hope the devs learn from their mistakes. Their mistakes are not my responsibilities. These are not contractions.
  6. Factory workers near-enslaved by communist dictatorship is OK because not buying the console is inconvenient. Devs failing to secure and see through a good employment contract means you can't buy a game though. Got it, thanks.
  7. What kind of conditions do you think your consoles are manufactured under?
  8. Fixed as in they exist, but they show on the console in Japanese lol
  9. If you save after the last boss, that save slot will go to NG+ and at level 1, instead of any kind of endgame nice. New difficulties will be unlocked, though. So if you're planning to grind for the level 99 trophy, don't overwrite your file from before the last boss fight. Also that last boss is a bloody nightmare.
  10. If the game itself is cool and not glitched, this isn't an issue for me.
  11. Just played this again to help a friend gather some trophies. Remembered how much I like the game but this trophy issue will definitely make me steer clear of the dev in future.
  12. Can you be more specific on which chapter or part you need help with?
  13. Game is on sale and looks cool. Trophies look like a bloody nightmare though so I'll pass. Thanks for the warning.
  14. Looks like your first plat was Uncharted. Anything left in that series for you? My first plat was Demon's Souls PS3 so I'd like to make the remake my 100th if I can (I'm on 90 plats now)
  15. Alternative for the shield: give swords the sidestep move with a memory that gives an armour boost and move them in to relentlessly attack. Keep gunners on follow up attacks. Surround an enemy and it turns into a blender of blades and bullets, with the armour boost negating retaliation.