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  1. It's basically just Demon Gaze but less interesting, with needlessly complex and poorly communicated growth and stat systems, and I can't play it on vita. I've started so I'll finish, just I'd never recommend it over DG or Criminal Girls, that both do everything better.
  2. Curious because its the only trophy I have left to get and if companion kills count, I can just leave it running in the the magical blob respawning tech room.
  3. Well I've done the first seven endings and noticed that there's an eighth option on the list saying something like "We're not ready yet." I'll give that one a go on my next run and see what happens.
  4. I just got my first ending trophy. Just wanted to check - do we know what triggers the special ending for each character? I have a feeling I'd have to get all of the endings done on one save, then something happens, then get each character's ending again. Am I thinking along the right lines?