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  1. The last item I needed was a certain kind of hat, which I found by going back to the very early stages.
  2. These guys are very annoying. They kill the flow of the dungeons for me. Is there a trick to the little enemies that have boosted defence, or do you just have to chip away at them?
  3. I got my plat ages ago and didn't keep my save data. How far through the main game do I now have to go for the extra move to be available?
  4. Can anyone who has the game please confirm if you can change between English and Japanese voices in the settings?
  5. I think I got bitten with this on the weapon and curse upgrade trees. I've done all of the stuff in the church but they haven't popped. Any idea if any actions can still trigger it, or do I have to start again?
  6. I'm no expert but I guess a screenshot of your current maps would help.
  7. Broken trophies and crashes without any kind of auto-save safety net make me regret buying. Just lost a ton of progress. A shame because it looked so nice.
  8. Got my US physical version. Works on my UK console and shares the same trophy list.
  9. That's the exact setup I was using lol, just felt like the best. Plat just popped. Final counts if they helps anyone: Total gold: 5,644,795 Total monsters killed: 15,865 Total steps: 414,814
  10. My LRG Brigandine has a separate trophy list so hoping this does too. I'll have my copy soon so will let you know.
  11. I'm at 2.6m and still not popped. I could be 5 away or 50k. It's so frustrating to have no idea how much longer it'll take, or even if the counter is working properly. Update 16/8 - I'm at 3.4m total gold and getting pretty sick of looking at the game. Way to make a massive time-sink trophy ruin your nice little game.
  12. 90s kid here. Got the snake trophy in like 30 mins flat >=)
  13. Still on 1.00 right now. I'm quite enjoying it, now I've found how to level up. It certainly took the Souls tradition of telling the player sweet FA to heart.
  14. Any tips for aching thumbs? THE PAIN
  15. Unless I'm wrong, there's very little added to this version. Easy mode and a couple of other things. The price they're asking for this port seems extortionate to me, so I'd say Vita.