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  1. The first film was a masterpiece of it's time. I enjoyed the second although i think I'm in the minority. And the less said about the third the better. The animatrix was pretty good too. I'll probably watch it when it releases but honestly I'm not expecting a lot. Which is a shame because Keanu Reeves.
  2. Hey bud, thanks for letting me know about the errors in the guide. Sleep deprivation does that to you. It's updated now. Apologize for being so late.

    1. Sayaaaargh87


      No worries mate, I still think it's a fantastic guide and you did a great job with putting the maps together. With that many collectable's it can't be easy 😁

  3. Thank you. I've played a fair bit of poker but never heard the term 'wheel'. I'd call that a 'straight' and aces are normally high where I'm from (10, J, Q, K, A). Maybe it's an American-ism? I don't know. But thank you
  4. Need help with a clue for the bunker safe in the docks on the 2nd island. The clue reads 'I've put your poker winnings in the bunker like you asked. The code's just missing the ace you hit for your wheel'. Maybe I'm just being stupid but I have no idea what this means. Can anyone help with this clue? Thank you.
  5. Assuming the codes are the same for every game, and not randomly generated, the code for the bunker behind the clothing shop on the second island is 1980. I couldn't find a note either but managed to guess it based on the era of time the game is set in. I can't remember where the other stash I guessed was but I had another stash where the code was something like 1986 where either I couldn't find a note or was unable to work out the clue and had to resort to guessing. If the code works for you we then know that potentially all the codes are the same for everyone. If it doesn't work they could be randomised and different for each player. Let me know how you get on.
  6. ACG is now the only reviewer I pay any heed to. In-depth, well articulated and entertaining. If he says it's a buy then get it.
  7. Looking forward to getting this maybe payday. Thank you for the clear, well written guide.
  8. Borderlands isn't like the more recent looter shooter's where you find a weapon you like and then modify it and upgrade it. Variety is the trademark of borderlands. Over a million guns. Procedurally generated. You are not meant to get attached to your weapons, usually you will only hold onto them for a few levels. It gives loot so generously and often that you should be changing often. It's been a long time since I played but I seem to remember you can carry 4 weapons at any time. I used to have a sniper, an assault rifle, a smg and a pistol. Whenever I came across a new weapon (which was often) I'd compare the stats against what I already had. Inevitably the new would be better and replace the old. As the person above mentioned, bosses and loot chests fill the game. I remember bosses having a large loot pool of potential drops, some being rarer and better than others. But they were farm-able. If you don't get what you want you'd do them again. And again. And again. Also, know your ammo types and carry weapons for the enemies found in the area you are in. Guns with the spark icon are effective against shields but not flesh but fire guns are good against flesh but not shields. Corrosive weapons are effective against metal. Etc. Use one gun to drop the enemies shields then swap to another to drain there health. And lastly, don't forget to use your character's abilities. There are multiple potential builds for each class depending on your play style and they are crucial for winning fights.
  9. When you pre order digitally and have auto download enabled it always downloads 48 hours before release 😁 However, it will be locked until 00:01 on release day 😕
  10. Can't get my head around people complaining about the amount of trophies. It still has the same/similar amount of points as any other base game list with a plat. But you're getting more golds less bronzes. Surely this is a good thing? Well it is in my book anyway. Give me this list over a 51 trophy list containing 1 gold, 2 silvers and 47 bronzes any day.
  11. If you check out the trophy guides for all the dlc's it goes into detail which weapons count towards each of the trophies and what is required to unlock them.
  12. It's been quite a while since I played this but if my memory serves me well you'll be looking at an absolute minimum of 20 hours. Could be even more. I seem to think you're not even given the option to make a nuke until fairly late in the game and then you have to grind materials for it too. Sorry I can't be more specific but it's been a while.
  13. Nex Machina Pyre Resogun Abzu Journey Inside What Remains of Edith Finch Firewatch Unravel
  14. @romanwestfall You beat me to it by seconds. Absolutely correct