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  1. Interesting. I appreciate your reply as that's good to know and I bet you're right.
  2. So I know you can autopop ps5 to ps4 and vice versa. I have the ultimate edition for ps5 which gives me all the DLC. My question is: if I buy the standard ps4 version (without dlc) and go to autopop the trophies, will it give me the DLC trophies since I have it on my ps5 version? If anyone can confirm this you're a hero.
  3. Really? That seems like a CRAZY drop from before.
  4. Title. I got this game for free with my PS5 but personally I really disliked the game. However I am a trophy hunter so I want to give it another chance. If it's 100+ hours of it being a 9/10 or 10/10 like the guide says then this may be the first game on my list I put down and abandon my perfect 100%.
  5. Wish you would've said what one you did cause I had to do a bunch too lol. Anyways I personally got it on Mesa valley A on chapter 4
  6. So not only did majority of trophies not popped cause my upload glitched (got them to pop after), I have now done stuntmasta on two different levels and it won't pop. Wtf. Edit: RE-DOENLOAD if you have any problems. So my dlc trophies for doing these "two events" wouldn't pop after doing them and they didn't autopop first time. Redownloaded and they popped.
  7. What upgrades would you recommend getting in order for master run?
  8. Quick research shows 3-4 hours for each dlc. So 12-16 hours for all of them. And the DLC trophies are specific to their events so no going for both at the same time.
  9. Thank you both. Sounds like most of the time consuming trophies pop. Now to wait for the DLC to go on sale as I go for the plat Any of you guys able to give a rough eta of how long it takes to complete all the DLC trophies? And does getting the DLC now make it quicker to get all the trophies cause you can do both main game and the DLC together? Worded that poorly but hope it makes sense. Otherwise I'm going to wait for a sale.
  10. As the title states. Read some threads saying yes but the trophy guide says no, so I'm curious if autopopping somehow got removed or if the guide creator is out to lunch.
  11. Appreciate the people who took the time to reply in this thread. Will add everything autopopped except all the rivals and mastery challenge dlc trophies.
  12. Basically. I want to just use your shortened text to guide me through instead of watching the videos especially since I want to kill every enemy and take my time, but I don't want to miss anything. I just want to make sure that if I only read your text, I won't miss any trophies or screw anything up. Could you confirm that?
  13. Is it possible to follow this guide only from the point forms? I don't want to miss anything but I do want to explore everything and take my time without watching the video. I'm curious if you have important info in the video that I need to watch so I don't mess anything up.
  14. I noticed the guide does this too but people keep throwing out acronyms without saying what the acronym is first. What's WT stand for? And why is firestorm so important? I've beaten the other souls games and bloodborne. Always used a melee build (with faith) and never had a problem. Never tried a spellcaster before. If you have to start a new game because you missed something it's definitely considered a missable to me. I love the souls series and I've always played partially blind. I only ever look up missable stuff when playing. I like to meed in the middle between playing bind and enjoying the game, and getting the platinum effeciently.
  15. I saw that guide however I love the souls series and I like to play blind with the exception of missable trophies. Also I'm not a fan of following full on walkthroughs as it takes away from the game. Normally what I do is I'll handwrite certain trophies out (usually the missable ones) in order and pay attention to only those. The only thing is this list looked like it had a ton especially with the spells and miracles, but the guy above me lessened my worries. Thanks though!