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  1. That's because people are different. People like different things. Also chore not choir lol.
  2. Devs need to realize there are people who will pass on their games because of shitty trophies. There's no good reason to put a trophy for winning 1047 matches. Honestly just heard about this game through my friend but didn't really care for it, but after checking the trophy list it's a pass for me. Unfortunately I'm OCD and a completionist and I'm not spending that much time on this game lol.
  3. Thank God the trophy popped for me. I absolutely hated replaying this game. The amount of dumb deaths you get is fucked. Full speed on cliffhanger going off the jump and you don't make it. Some mission in act 3 70% done and you get randomly run over by a vehicle with no time to dodge (unless you knew it was coming). Randomly die from mortar/RPG seconds away from end of loose ends, check. I use to have good memories about this game but now they're just bad ones lol.
  4. Takedown is INCORRECT/worded poorly. The moment you see it happen then do it. There is no checkpoint after the scene, the mission just ends...
  5. Unfortunately this game has 406 collectibles and a no death trophy. Two trophies that completely turn me off from a game. I downloaded it but after just reading the trophies hard pass.
  6. I wish they would just stop adding trophies. Only reason I'll be doing these dlcs is because I like my 100%. I regret buying BL3. Loved the rest of the games though. Won't be buying another game from them again.
  7. A guide I made today.
  8. Just thought I would throw this up in case anyone wants to try replicating it etc. Was playing mission 2 on ACE and I died a fuck ton. Once I finally beat the mission I was stuck in an infinite loading screen so I closed app. Started game back up and I had 3 medals (the two objective ones and completing mission one) for the mission so I guess it registered, however I wanted to play it safe so I did continue story. It started me back at the last checkpoint and I quickly finished the mission again. At the end it gave me a 4th medal medal for not dying on ACE difficulty which I obviously didn't do. Not sure if it can be replicated by closing app during the loadscreen at the end of the mission, or somehow used to complete story on an easy difficulty and registering for ACE. Just wanted to throw it up here. I'll try it on the next mission because I am curious.
  9. So just wanted to give an update. I stopped playing the game shortly after my last post and just started again a week ago and finally started to go for drift kills today. It's not as bad as you think! I feel confident I already have 7 drift kills and that's after 4 games. I even got 11 kills one match just from the mines but wasn't drifting at the right time. So to play it safe I'm going to assume only 3-4 of those kills actually counted even though I feel pretty confident. The only annoying part is sometimes the game stops showing me my seeker and turrent mines on the screen so I'll have to die to fix the bug. I'm also using support ship with both mines as the Republic. Feels pretty easy so far. Edit: got the trophy just now! Took me 5 games, so I guess my personal count for my drift kills was correct. I'll post the load out I used which was taken from a post I saw and can't remember. Republic side support ship: Ion canon (doesn't matter though) LA: Seeker mine RA: Turret mine CM: MSJ Hull: Deflector Shields: Fortified Engine: Slam Divert all powers to shields first then engines. This way you shields still regen and you get maximum speed/boost. Good luck! Follow the other tips for how to get kills.
  10. 100% incorrect. Most annoying is level 40. Already have 6 skill trees maxed and 30 skill points saved up. Already have 20 mounts and I'm not even trying to go for them. I could easily spend star seeds at the MP for the remaining ones but don't feel the need yet.
  11. To elaborate on this since it provides minimal information, this is what I did and used, which includes what he said. -Solo vs AI -Normal (reason being so the game doesn't end too quick. Can be done on easy however both attempts on easy my team won before I got it. 45000 one time and 48000 the other time) -Esseles - New Republic (Not sure but when I tried empire I was only getting 33000 ish. So perhaps shield damage doesn't count) - A Wing (Load out: everything default except right auxiliary as targeting jammer and countermeasures as particle burst) - End of match I had 51571 starfighter damage dealt. It will tell you how much you did at the end of the match so you can gauge how close you were. Trophy will pop in match the moment you get 50000. -44 kills, 11 assists, and 2 AI kills is what I had which totalled the score above. The time I had 48000+ damage one easy I had 34 kills and 16 assists with 10 AI kills. So if you don't have 40+ kills don't worry, as long as you have assists or even AI kills.
  12. Region? I'm from Canada (West). Curious if this game was fun and how many hours though.
  13. First of all did not know you could shoot multiple missiles at the same person. Learning a lot of shit. Thank you. What's the max you can fire at someone? Also, what option do you have your drift as - hold or press? Just curious.
  14. A little confused but looks like you used the multiple rockets on the y bomber and just kept drifting after shooting? If so, may not be bad idea to use ion cannon then a missile to shoot at the disabled ship then drift. Anyways will have to test this out eventually. Goodbye K/D ratio lol
  15. Thank you for asking this cause my thread turned into something else and no one was answering lol. Because you asked someone finally answered. However looks like I'll be waiting to do the story until they fix the glitch