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  1. Collectibles are okay if you don't require using a guide. Spiderman for example. Trophies that require you to religiously follow a guide are terrible.
  2. I've heard people getting achievements to autopop on Xbox just by loading the save so must be different. Lucky you guys lol.
  3. Thank you for the confirmation I will update my post. And I'm sorry for your loss lol.
  4. You can get the marksman trophy again you just need to do all 50 over again.
  5. Here my friend: Edit: Just got marksman trophy using this method (except I unequipped my sword so I could punch each one once, and used axii to make one of them stand still as I kill the other). Also I got it on my transferred save prior to starting new game plus.
  6. The aard one worked for me. I had to do it twice though, so I recommend trying it again. Yeah it's unfortunate about the marksman one. I'm just hoping I can do it on my transferred save prior to ng+ and NOT have to start a new game. So far only trophies that won't unlock after kill/collect/complete one is 50 headshots with the crossbow, complete all Witcher contracts, and collect all Gwent cards (unless you have a save prior to getting the last one). I'm going to see if there are any duplicate cards I still need for Gwent that might pop it. I'll keep you updated and will eventually update this post. Either way I'm excited to play the game in full with less attention on trophies. Just those damn missables.
  7. If you get it to work please describe in detail. Otherwise right now I'm trying to decide if I go for the 50 kills on a save I already got it on, or make a new game. Not sure if it will unlock on an old save. Ill try tomorrpw getting 50 headshots
  8. 300+ hours!? Not even close lol. Videos are for some people but I like written information that's short, clear and concise. The comment above us and link are perfect for me. I took that information and cut it down into small notes which I have written in front of me now so I don't miss anything.
  9. Just to confirm, did you get it to pop after one headshot OR you used an old save that was close to getting the trophy? Every other kill trophy has been popping first one except the headshot one.
  10. Has nothing to do with avoid playing the game. All the trophies could have autopopped and I'd still do a full playthrough and complete all side missions and contracts. I just don't want to have to worry about certain trophies, what's wrong with that?
  11. I was actually going to reply letting you know I did some testing but someone beat me to it. Only thing though is I can't unlock the marksman trophy so if you get that to work let me know. I got the environmental kills, aard, and axii to unlock on first kill though. Weird.
  12. I'm also curious if it's possible to unlock trophies like Bombardier (unlock 6 bomb formulaes) in ng+ when you already have the trophy and all 8 formulaes. I had the base disk version and dlc bought seperate and it upgraded fine for me with both dlcs
  13. No I understood what you meant, I was just playing devils advocate saying you can't tell the difference so people could report you regardless.
  14. Huh, never knew, good to know. I already got the Death March trophy on my ps5 from my ps4 save. So if people report me I could be flagged even though it's my save? Reason I say this is because there's no way to prove it so seems weird to me people can get flagged for that.
  15. I actually am not sure what you mean in terms of leaderboards and flags. On psnprofiles?