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  1. What is a painted item ? Can I add you please ?
  2. Would Somebody Please help me out with Certifiable Trophy?? I would give Everything back !
  3. Would Somebody Please Help me out on Rocket League with Certifiable Trophy ? 

  4. I think they removed it already.. in Germany Store it's been removed
  5. Knack 2 in Germany Free Version is OUT!!
  6. Whats The Problem with The List? Remember Terminator Salvation 😏
  7. That means that if I wanna get the Scarecow mission, then I have to buy the Game from the PSN store ?
  8. No, they are not! The servers are still working but they got some Problems. This is what I found in Twitter: Just Cause @justcause·21 Hrs ago Apologies to any PS4 users experiencing server issues, we will be conducting server maintenance and are working to rectify this ASAP. so Don't worry, Plat is still possible
  9. Woow? And you talk about fairness ??
  10. Wow, a psnprofiles app ! That would be awesome!! yes I would pay for it! I agree.
  11. Hello guys. Can somebody please Help me on Dying Reborn Vita version? Is there any Walkthrough for this? 

    1. Titanomachy_75


      Not sure … but have not seen one! Its pretty easy thou? What you need to know …??

    2. TrophieHunting


      Thank you for you're reply ! It's just because I couldn't find some items from the ps4 Version Walkthrough, And some Memos too. 

    3. Titanomachy_75


      In the vita there are some memos not in the game just ps4 version.

  12. Thank you so much For youre help! I gor The trophy now!
  13. Hello Friends. I endet my speedrun in 1:32 hrs using The wall glitch. I also change my Skin in Drake Fatty but both Trophies didnt pop For me?! Can somebody Tell me what im doing wrong? That was The Second Time now that Happens.
  14. Horizon zero Dawn Limited Edition
  15. Does anyone knows when the next MKX Tower appears in Mortal Kombat XL? :|

    1. Whyfire


      No one knows that for sure. The last one was during last week of January, so it might take a while for new to appear...

    2. TrophieHunting


      Puuh, :| i thought this Tower may appear every week :| but thanks For youre reply!