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  1. Hi,

    can you please help me with the multiplayer trophies of Need For Speed Rivals?



    1. TheYuriG


      Last visited: January 2nd. You are better off messaging on PSN instead

    2. vitaminaeffe


      You're right! Thanks!

  2. Even the phone app would not work at a point yesterday.
  3. I enjoyed the campaing, took me a week to plat, not much of a FPS player so just trying to get in to the MP now, I suck!! Game is good though im my opinion.
  4. There are 2 trophies in this game that require a friend with the same game, bust a friend and friendly race. I don't know anyone who has this game so if there is anyone willing to help me out it would be appreciated. Not sure if this is agsinst the rules of the forum to ask My Psn id is eVolution-XFQR if anyone can help then please let me know Thanks
  5. Just done it and another plat for the collection.
  6. Im a persistant bugger
  7. Thanks for the response, I have had no issues with any other codec except this one, I will get it!!!!
  8. HI, for anyone who has collected this codex can you confirm if the codex pops as soon as you hit the 10th plane or later on? Last Codex I need and its a pain Thanks
  9. Yes, when you look at the campaing screen and for example pick friends in high places, you see the sub levels, next to each one it shows you how many codex and field manuals you have unlocked. Hope that helps
  10. Ahh, Many thanks, I will check that when I get home, Not sure how easy im going to find this to plat as this isnt my normal type of game but it is enjoyable. Thanks
  11. I just completed the campaign on hard and I got no trophy pop, anyone else had an issue with this?
  12. Hi mister DeadEyeAdams, welcome to PSNP. Ratchet and Clank is a really nice game (^_^ )

  13. Thanks guys
  14. Many thanks for the warm welcome!!
  15. The order 1866 and Battlefield 1 coming Friday