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  1. I feel like FFXV suffered from not being long enough. The second half of the game just feels incredibly rushed, with lots of resources squandered on areas you see once and barely spend any time with. In general the narrative is just... bizarre. But I'm only just about to finish it and haven't touched the DLCs yet. Makes me want to play older Final Fantasy games though, because the potential for a good story is there in FFXV, it just seems hideously mismanaged.
  2. You'll probably enjoy it up until you get to the Red Series tracks... at that point it goes beyond Super Meat Boy levels of ridiculously hard. Clearing the Red Series is one of my rarest trophies... good luck if you try and complete the Black Series.
  3. My personal favorite 'stupidest trophy' was the trophy in Birthdays: The Beginnings that required 500 hours of idling. The funny thing is that I actually did it, but then the real life shit that made me take a break from gaming came in and I still haven't gone back to clean up the rest of the trophies. Should get to that, sometime... Did you see the FFXIV Omega 'trailer'? That was my personal favorite thus far. The Rabbids in For Honor also sound really hilarious, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to download the game. Oops! I've been considering making the Banner Saga my next platinum after I wrap up what I'm working on. Might get the 2nd and 3rd if I see them on sale and enjoy the first. But goddamn, that trophy sounds annoying. Guess I should make sure to stockpile renown in 1?
  4. Platinum #56: Gravel Pretty fun racing game, albeit flawed. While it's much more arcade-y than most of the sim racers (which I'm not a fan of at all), It still possesses some of the clunkiness inherent of more realistic racers. The collisions are basically impact-less, meaning in narrow racetracks you often end up stuck pushing the car in front of you, and the lack of actual collision physics makes it really hard to get out of being stuck on another car. That being said, there's a handy rewind feature which makes the game far more accessible than it otherwise would be, as you can simply rewind and adjust your course to avoid a misstep that would otherwise force you to quit. All in all, there's a lot of minor flaws with this game. The camera angles kinda suck, there's this one gamemode where you need to crash through boxes with 'go' arrows, but you don't find out which ones are 'go' until you're close, sometimes too close for course correction. The pop-in is really hideous and the draw distance is abysmal (though the game is otherwise pretty.) But with all that said, it's worth the 10-20$ you can get it for on sale, and it's not a frustrating platinum to earn. Still, makes me want a good arcade racer. Hopefully Xenon Racer ends up good?
  5. Super hyped for dreams! The content I've seen from it thus far seems absolutely amazing, and once it has PSVR support, it'll greatly make up for the lack of quality content currently on the system. Though honestly I'm as likely to spend my time creating 3D versions of memes as anything else.
  6. Battleborn was announced before Overwatch. Nevermind that they're completely different games, with Overwatch being more of an arena shooter, while Battleborn is a proper MOBA. If anything, Battleborn was trying to follow up on the popularity of TF2 and MOBAs like LoL and DotA 2. In fact, according to developers, Battleborn was played with as a concept since in the development cycle for Borderlands 2 - early playtesting of Battleborn concepts was done with character models made out of parts of BL2 models.
  7. Lol, I feel you there. My gaming cycle generally consists of hyperfocusing on hard / tedious to platinum games, then finally I just get tired of them and end up not doing anything for a month or more. Some platinums really suck the fun out of games. And then I start playing a ton of different games and getting them close to the platinum, so I end up having a lot of games that I just need to wrap up once I do get back into trophy hunting. FFXV has had way too many DLCs. I'm almost at the end of the main game, and I get that there's a lot of stuff in the main story that needs expanding on, but FFXV's DLC has just been ridiculous. Doesn't help that the main story was a bit of a mess.
  8. Platinum #55: No Heroes Allowed! VR So, this little PSVR title caught me completely off guard. I was expecting an average PSVR experience, but it's actually incredibly fun, albeit very short. It's a cute little strategy game where you play in front of a table in front of you, on which you command armies to conquer the outside world. The gameplay is simplistic and fairly easy, but having constant chatter from Badman and Badmella (paragons of virtue, these two) makes the game very enjoyable. Their personalities are humorous, the dialogue is amusing and full of game references, and having them standing next to you in PSVR makes all the difference. As said, this game is pretty easy, and that goes for the platinum as well. There aren't any trophies that demand an undue amount of attention, and most you'll get naturally while playing the story.
  9. Platinum #54: Vampyr Managed to make a double trophy day! And for two large games, too. Vampyr's a fantastic story-driven RPG with great setting and character writing - every citizen I killed made me feel bad for having taken their life, and for the platinum, I had to kill a lot of people. Some characters' last thoughts struck me to the core. That being said, the gameplay is a bit mediocre, and once you've done both a pacifist and genocide run, you begin to see how little the main story really changes. While the gameplay isn't bad if you're feeding enough for a good amount of EXP, you really start to see its flaws when you're underleveled. It's a souls-esque game without the perfection that makes souls combat fair, and due to my issues with my pacifist run I ended up taking frequent breaks. Ultimately I had to use some rather game-y strategies (spamming sleep and waiting for citizens to get sick, for the miniscule amount of EXP you get from curing them) to get myself to a livable level. Apparently there's a Vampyr TV series in the works, and I'm excited to see what that turns out like. Vampyr's setting is magnificent and I would love to see a follow up to this rough gem.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was hardly 'ruined'. The lootbox controversy was fixed shortly after the game came out, and all heroes are available from launch. Only the DLC characters need to be bought, and you can't purchase them with paid currency.
  11. That's literally why I quit. There's this one boss, the one reborn? Or messiah? I forget - but there's this run towards him with those annoying skull creatures that spit at you, and I got so tired of constantly avoiding them to get to the boss. I've literally done three playthroughs of Bloodborne, and at every point, I eventually get to a place where I just start playing other things, meaning to get back into it, and never do. It's a fun game, it just gets to the point where I consider having to run to a boss a half dozen times, and end up doing something more fun instead.
  12. Platinum #53: God of War This trophy has been a month or so coming. I finished the game in January or early February, but didn't want to bother with the collectibles during my trophy burnout. Overall a fantastic game, though quirky. The overemphasis on backtracking takes some fun out of the thing, and the story seems a bit redundant at points. That being said, I can see why they downscaled it from the grandeur of God of War 3 - this is clearly a setup for another trilogy, and much like the first God of War, they're not intent on blowing their load immediately. The combat is probably my favorite part of this game - though a bit sluggish, it's incredibly well done, and much more in-depth than that of most games I've played recently. Also, being able to shoot a laser (yes, I know it's actually ice) out of your axe is pretty badass.
  13. That's why I quit Bloodborne on my furthest playthrough... I got to a point where I had to run for 3-5 minutes every time I died and it just pissed me off. Bad game design, imo. I've been playing Vampyr, which is a souls-lite game, and while it handles death pretty badly (you don't get back your potions you used, your MP is drained to 0), at least it respawns you right in front of the boss.
  14. Platinum #52: The Bard's Tale First off, for a game titled 'remastered and resnarkled', this is an absolute dogshit remaster. The out of engine cutscenes (of which, luckily, there are few) are in 360p and take up a third of the screen when they play. You can barely tell what's going on in them. And it's a glitchy mess that wasn't even platinumable for a good while after a mess. That being said! This is an absolutely amazing RPG. The humor is spot on, the plot is unorthodox, and the summon-based combat manages to be pretty interesting. Really wish there were more satiric story-based games like this one. It reminds me a lot of Armed & Dangerous, a similarly ridiculous third person shooter from a now-defunct company. A pretty easy platinum if you follow the guide, and cheats don't disable the platinum, meaning you don't have to play on the hardest difficulty (a good thing, because the combat is somewhat wonky) to get the plat, just get through all of the content.
  15. Going to stop pretending to have a cohesive formula to the rate at which I obtain platinums. I rarely ever actually complete my 'to platinum' games, and instead end up getting side tracked by this game or other. :b Currently hoping to platinum Vampyr, FFXV, and The Bard's Tale. Probably not happening very soon, given the significant investment needed for each (albeit a shorter one for Bard's Tale). Besides that, now that I've gotten Meow Motors out of the way, I'll probably focus on platinuming either Gravel or Need for Speed Rivals. I went on a bit of a racing game binge recently, and as such now have a half dozen racers I'd like to platinum. If I'm desperate enough, I might even try to platinum Trackmania Turbo, although I imagine that would be an exercise in futility. Platinum #51: Meow Motors Found this cute little karting game on the PSN store for 15$ and decided to pick it up. Despite having virtually no recognition, it seems to be one of the more competent kart racers currently on PSN, though given how... unique the selection is, that's no surprise. All-Star Fruit Racing and the latest Nickelodeon Karter aren't exactly GOTY material. Overall a very easy, but fun platinum. The game lacks online multiplayer, which is a shame, but does come with splitscreen, which means I'll definitely be keeping this around to play with the gf. As a karting game, it's fairly run of the mill. The gameplay is tight and polished, the levels are pretty unique, though it does miss the flair of other karting games due to the non-iconic lineup. While the cats are cute, it's no Shrek Smash N' Crash racing.