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  1. God, remember when fidget spinners were a thing? And Gamestop had a Destiny 2 fidget spinner as a pre-order bonus? Capitalism is wild sometimes. I used to watch TV while playing games, but I haven't done that for a long while - I think being on ADHD meds for a bit has made it much harder for me to multitask like I used to, even though I've been off them for a few months now. Plants Vs Zombies was one of those - easy and grindable, doesn't really take much effort at all. I'd consider doing that with Battlefront 2, but you actually need to do semi well to score a lot of points.
  2. So, good news and bad news. The good news: Far Cry 5 is pretty good, and the HDR looks great. The bad news? I still have a spending problem. Picked up the Outer Worlds for 30$ because I've wanted it for quite a while, and 30$ is the highest I'm generally willing to pay for base games. I also picked up PVZ: Battle for Neighborville, since I'm going to need another grindy multiplayer game (not Overwatch) to play once I've platinumed Battlefront 2. Will check it out once I platinum Far Cry 5. Besides that... it's been a Far Cry week. Tried playing Far Cry 5 since I'd ordered it alongside Blood & Truth and Trover in a Gamestop sale last April, and decided to pick up the season pass since it was on sale and included Far Cry 3. But Far Cry 5 I'd gotten pre-owned, and the disk wouldn't install after something like ten attempts. So I contacted support and figured I'd play Far Cry 3 in the meantime (which is a great game, by the way!). Did that for a few days, then I tried Far Cry 5 again, reluctantly, after a week with no answer from support, and all of a sudden it works again. 🙄 Some people. I actually haven't played any of the Far Cry games since 2 - which I thought had a meh campaign, although I was a very ADHD kid, so I might appreciate it more now. I wasn't really a fan of the change from Far Cry 1's monster infested jungle island to open world, though I did play a fair bit of 2's multiplayer. I always looked at them as rinse and repeat, generic shooters, although having played both Far Cry 3 and 5 a far bit, I can now safely say that, 2 aside, I very much appreciate the series. I'll likely platinum Far Cry 5 first, then finish up 3, then move onto the Outer Worlds. I've also been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 with a friend a bit, hoping to inch in on that level 50 trophy at some point in the near future - it's been years since I bought it, so it's about goddamn time I got the platinum. I've gotten really handy with the rocket trooper - although I despise the new First Order trooper they've added, I'm able to dominate the leaderboards regularly with the other. The heroes don't seem quite as useful as they were back when you could snowball with HP regain. I tried out Call of Duty: WW2 as well, not realizing that it has dozens of DLC trophies I'll likely never get. Doesn't look like I'm going to every drop below 9k unearned trophies at this rate, lmao.
  3. It's hardly a stupid move. Trophy hunters are an incredible minority, and not having any trophies for the VR section just because of a tiny minority of people complaining would be more silly. If you want to try to go for an arbitrary 100% completion rate... that's entirely on you.
  4. Did Jedi: Fallen Order underperform, or something? I swear there's barely been a sale in the last few months it *hasn't* been on sale. Still, overall a fantastic sale. Thinking of picking up Plants vs Zombies so I have something to grind once Star Wars Battlefront 2 is done with, and I've been wanting the Outer Worlds for a while.
  5. Already have almost all of these. Disappointing. I have too many games, honestly.
  6. PS Now is pretty good even if you don't want to stream PS3 games, imo. They have a good library of PS4 games, including Control for another month or two IIRC. If you can get it on sale it's really good. I live in Hawaii so the streaming itself can be iffy, but I may give it another try.
  7. I just had a game of Star Wars Battlefront 2 that spent over 30 minutes in overtime, and I just... why this?

    1. Wuthg21


      If going for the level 50 it would be a great opportunity to get some extra points, especially if it's double or triple xp

  8. I probably have too many games, since every time we get our new months' reveals, I already own at least one of the games. Still, haven't played a Call of Duty game in a while, so I guess I'll see how WW2 is.
  9. Death stranding is the Dark Souls of walking simulators. 🤔

    1. Copanele


      I would buy play that game just to send Norman Reedus tumbling down with the pizza packages and slap a "YOU DIED" message on the screen 

  10. Naughty Dog always seems to be really scummy with its microtransactions, tbh. It's weird we don't see more discussion about it, since generally people get into uproars about microtransactions. I guess most people see the multiplayer as a meaningless side thing?
  11. I'll probably end up buying it early-ish, but I may wait. Depends on how the reviews look, honestly. I haven't seen anything that would make me hate the game yet though, honestly. Oh, yeah, I absolutely get that - it's hard for me to play platinum-less games nowadays, and it feels like I'm not doing much if I'm playing on PC. Trophy hunting is such a completely meaningless thing, and yet it fuels me. Probably end up burning myself out again considering the rate at which I've been earning new platinums, but eh, we'll see how long I can keep this streak going. Just have to make sure I don't start platinuming trash games I get off PS Now again, because that killed it for me last time.
  12. Platinum #64: Trover Saves the Universe This one's been a long time coming - I first started this game several weeks ago, but never bothered putting in the second playthrough to clean up trophies up until recently. The reviews for this game are pretty accurate - it's a good, albeit sometimes shallow, VR platformer. If you want to explore colorful worlds with relatively great graphics for PSVR while getting ranted at by Justin Roiland... this is your game. If you want Astrobot 2... this is not your game. The game basically rides entirely on Rick and Morty-esque, rambling humor - it's ridiculous, the plot is honestly nonsensical, and it's hilarious. If you don't care for it, this probably won't be your type of game, although it is a solid, albeit short, 3D platformer nonetheless. The platinum for this was pretty easy - I did a mostly blind run for my first playthrough, then a second playthrough as Jopo to clean up + get the Jopo trophy, and then I ran through Important Cosmic Jobs - a free dlc - which proved to be solid, albeit only 30-45 minutes long. I'm not going to say this was the best game I've ever played on PSVR, but it was a genuinely fun one. Highly recommend it on sale.
  13. Ooh, yeah, that's definitely it, thanks! I think I was confusing it with another, yeah. The details are foggy, I just remember wanting to get it for the longest time.
  14. Hey, nice little list! I've been thinking of getting back into the NFS games, although they never really gripped me I find that I have two of them that I should probably platinum. I've been thinking of adding Jedi Fallen Order to my collection soon, but I think i'll probably wait until it's below 30$ - need to address this hideous backlog of mine first. Battlefront 2 is a hideous trophy - I have most of the trophies down but I haven't played it in a long time. I've been thinking of reinstalling it soon to try and finish up my starfighter and heroes vs villains trophies though, lol.
  15. Platinum #63: The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse I've talked about this game quite a bit lately, and now my obsession for the last week is finally done with. All in all... this is a good game. I'd even say a great game, although it does start to wear on you and it has a few quirks and glitches. The consensus for this game is around a 6-7/10, and there's good reason for that. It has a lot of things that may put people off, but if you appreciate it for what it is, it's captivating. At its core, it's a fun, randomly generated Legend of Zelda-esque game where you save the world (or fail!) and that determines the next 100 years of the world. It becomes dark and gloomy, or bright and cheerful accordingly. It also has a surprisingly deep lore, told through tablets you collect on your journey. The music is cheerful and video game-y, and the graphics are cute. The toys are fun to play with and diverse. The random level generation isn't that wild - you begin to recognize sections and such - but in the context of this game that can actually be beneficial, as the game world, while different every run, is always nostalgic. The biggest gripe I have is that the ending, while going for some cool metaphysical stuff, felt a bit rushed. By the end of the game, I was so OP that I was killing everything with ease, and I killed the final boss in 4 hits... which was disappointing. But all in all? I adored this game. I was absolutely addicted for the first few days and couldn't put it down. Even with the terrible crate grinding for legendary stickers, I was having fun. This is a game I'll remember for a long time, and may even pop back in for a run or two in every now and then. Most indie games do not leave much of an impression on me - but I'll remember Swords of Ditto as a gem. I originally passed on buying this game a few times during the mixed reviews, but the art style and music drew me in, but all in all, this game is DEFINITELY worth the 7.50$ I spent on it, and the full 15$ as well. Worth noting if you're going to play this that there's a PS4 exclusive Loco Roco dungeon, and selling the sticker you get from it gives you 5k coins, which is a lot if you need money.