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  1. Well ideally you get good with every gun so that you can be situational, if you rely on a specific weapon to win then it's very luck based; at this point I'm pretty good at consistently getting kills with everything but the revolver and rocket shield / sentry gun.
  2. Learning to juggle with the baseball bat is essential and high level players will absolutely fuck you up if you get too close; if you want to get good with it I recommend rebinding the baseball bat button so that you can aim while swinging. Also, deflecting projectiles is a useful skill (although one I do fine without having learned). In Deathmatch especially, just be extremely aggressive - your K/D doesn't matter at all, only how many kills you get. I often have way more deaths than the people in #2 and #3, but win because the aggression gives me an edge. Last Worm Standing is hard and there's usually good players in it - ideally, swoop in when you can get the advantage, hide in vents and such (Plasma Blaster is lethal in vents, you can't miss), and try to make sure you have a high tier weapon (e.g. Sheep Launcher, Hammerhead + Jetpack is also a godlike combo) by the end.
  3. Platinum #88: Saints Row the Third: Remastered I originally played Saints Row 3 as a kid, long enough ago that I barely remember much about it save for a few scenes - I have, however, kept up with the series, as demonstrated by my Saints Row IV, Gat out of Hell, and Agents of Mayhem (underrated game!) plats. I'd been wanting to replay this part of the series for a while, as I'd remembered it being a relatively lowkey game compared to how insane Saints Row IV got. Anyway, then came this remaster. After months of wanting it, I saw it on sale for 18$ and... failed to convince myself not to buy it. Whoops. Fast forward a week of doing (almost) nothing but playing it, and I've platinumed it. The remaster actually holds up really, really well - at no point did I feel like I was playing a PS3 game. It's definitely not cutting edge in terms of graphics, mind you, but it's an actual, high effort remaster that does a lot of justice to the series. As is, it looks like an ~early gen PS4 game. The cars are shiny, the character models are sleek, and the gameplay is... well, it's Saints Row 3. Side note, was the character customization always this bad? Sheesh. It's a solid open world game with enough content to keep you occupied for a good 20 hours, and not much more. Honestly, it's a bit short for an open world game by today's standards - but that's probably better than the needless bloat of games like AC. The DLC is pretty solid, although it's all extremely short and none of it was spectacular - I did surprisingly enjoy the Gangstas in Space DLC (spoilers: it does not take place in space) in particular, though it's a shame you can't use its weapons out of the DLC. Side note, Volition is apparently working on Saints Row 5 (finally!), but it's rumored that they'll retcon SR4 and Gat Out of Hell - which makes sense, given the critical reception to those parts of the franchise, but I really hope they don't. While I'd love to go back to SR3 levels of crazy-but-not-too-crazy, I'd really prefer they... I dunno, used the time travel shit they obviously have to fix things, restore the world, etc. Have Zinyak's space ship be destroyed. I don't care. But I loved the characterization the crew got in 4 and Gat Out of Hell, and it'd be an absolute shame to see that wasted. Then again, it is just a rumor. We'll see. Current Backlog
  4. Agree with others, I didn't expect much from this game but bought it a year or so anyway; ended up being one of my favorite PS exclusives. Really hope they make a sequel. Gonna play it through again to plat soon, hopefully.
  5. I'm super late in the game, finished two DLCs and starting the trouble with clones, and about ready for cleanup; but now I have this bizarre glitch where I can't take hostages, because as soon as I enter a car, they leave. No time to speed up or anything. This never happened before, and I've tried restarting the game to no effect. Google search doesn't give anything, either. Any ideas? Edit: Okay, seems like you just can't do hostage missions while on your way to a mission start, I was trying to knock a few down while on my way to the next DLC. Oops.
  6. Saints Row 3 Remastered got me listening to this bop
  7. Platinum #87: Knights and Bikes Got this on sale as a cute co-op game to play with a friend of mine, and it didn't disappoint. It's a game made from the ground up from co-op, and it's definitely worth the ~13$ or so I got it on sale for. The game is told and very much looks like a children's book, and the story is very much in line with that, although there's a somewhat sad plot underneath the whole thing. The gameplay is fresh, although the combat can get somewhat repetitive at times. It takes around ~10-12 hours to beat in my experience, so not a long game at all, but a decent online co-op experience for the money. Oddly enough, much of the gameplay is spent not on your bike, as the name would suggest, but on ground, fighting enemies with quirky weapons like boom boxes and plungers. A bit of the gameplay is just exploring to find treasure, the currency of the game, although it almost seems like it's infinite with how abundant it was and how I was never able to run out of money at the bike store. Only annoying thing is that a bunch of the collectibles are missable, and you have to start at the beginning of a day in order to get back to locations, which leads to a lot of repetitiveness if you don't use a guide for collecting treasure tins from the beginning. Current Backlog:
  8. VVVVVV was the shit! I remember making custom levels for it as a kid for the Steam version. Great soundtrack too.
  9. Kinda worried about this - Housemarque is not known for making the longest, or most in depth, games - their hit games have been simple, aesthetically indulgent arcade games. On top of that, weren't they putting all their resources into a Battle Royale until recently? Unless they have a ridiculous amount of content (like, The Binding of Isaac ridiculous), I can't see it being worth 70$, and it doesn't seem like they've had the time to make a game that big. Most roguelikes end up being fairly repetitive games that are worth 15-20$ and not a penny more. Could end up being a similar case to the Order 1776; great 10$ game, not so great 60$ game. Keep in mind this is all speculation from me, so if anyone can correct the record, go ahead.
  10. What in the name of clickbait thread titles? Absolutely nowhere near as big a deal as OP seems to think this is.
  11. Probably Battleborn, I loved that game and I'm glad I got the plat before its shutdown.
  12. Yeah, if they'd had more time to perfect the actual game, as opposed to the years they spent on... random planet generation... it would've been a good game. Some of the loyalty missions genuinely feel like ME2 / 3. It had potential.
  13. Platinumed Ikenfell yesterday, was supposed to be my last plat of 2020 but I got sidetracked. Honestly a fantastic game and I wish I could play it for the first time again.
  14. Only got 27 or so plats last year, including a few leftovers from previous years & some trash games, so I'm going to include a few games I finished the story of, or else it's just a ranking of my plats rather than a "top" anything - I'd like this to be a list of games I'm genuinely proud of. 1. The Outer Worlds 2. The Swords of Ditto 3. Doom Eternal (no plat) 4. Borderlands 3 (no plat) 5. Far Cry 5 6. Rage 2 7. Nexomon Extinction 8. Borderlands GOTY Edition 9. Spyro the Dragon 10. MediEvil 11. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 12. For The King (no plat) 13. Ziggurat 14. Jedi Fallen Order 15. Rocket Arena 16. Downwell 17. Wreckfest 18. Far Cry New Dawn 19. Xenon Racer 20. The Savior's Gang Good year overall, I think - honorable mention to Ikenfell, which I'd planned to be my last plat of 2020, and would have been my top if I had finished it in time. Platted a lot of great games this year - the Outer Worlds was fantastic, as was the Swords of Ditto, a game I genuinely considered buying in a different region just to plat again. MediEvil and Ziggurat are also notable for being unique and rather underrated games. Downwell probably would be higher if it weren't so simple - I'm immensely proud of the platinum due to how hard it was, but it's simple enough to be a flash game. The Savior's Gang wasn't the best platinum (I lost hours of progress 3 times due to some saving issues with rest mode), but I like having the plat because it matches with my PSN avatar.