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  1. If you're going to delete my post for responding to someone claiming that I said things I've never said, at least delete the post with blatant lies in it as well. I never claimed that China outperformed any country except the US in terms of pandemic response, hence why simply closing the borders to them was irrelevant, and again, not a substitute for actual pandemic response.
  2. The numbers speak for themselves. Secrecy aside, China actually made an attempt to lock its spread down, and eventually succeeded - meanwhile we had US politicians doing their best imitations of Lord Farquaad. The west's China fetish is ridiculous, and you're fooling yourself if you don't think it's political. There's a reason why Republicans drummed up calling it the "Chinese virus" and so on and so forth - it was to divert blame for their own willful lack of action onto a foreign entity, as it always is. America, and really much of the west as a whole, has this bad habit of telling people they smell like shit while camping in the sewers.
  3. Ah yes, implementing a travel ban on a country that actually handled its pandemic well is definitely a substitute for preventing an epidemic in the US. We did jack shit to prevent its spread. But please, tell us how Trump heroically prevented the US from being the world leader in COVID cases, even compared to countries with multiple times its population.
  4. You know, I somehow have reservations as to whether a working class person trying to save money on an expensive hobby is really comparable to million-billion dollar corporations swimming in cash and yet still cutting corners at every chance they can get. Maybe that's just me, though.
  5. Might be fun, but jesus christ is that a convoluted name.
  6. Even if you have emails enabled it's entirely random who gets the private queues. Like I said to the other guy, try following PS5 restock Twitters / Wario64 for the links to public queues as they become available.
  7. You don't sign up for it, if you follow Twitter accounts like Wario64 they'll post the public queue links when they're available. They are US only though, yeah. As far as I can tell, it's random. I got one right before the last stimulus hit and then haven't gotten one since despite having money to get one now, just been chancing it with public queues, lol.
  8. Been a bit; been working on Going Under and a few other indie games on and off, as well as my first playthrough of Divinity 2, which I will probably make an attempt to platinum. Also started clearing black series rally tracks in Trackmania Turbo; currently on 185. Platinum #118: Lair of the Clockwork God When I first passed by Lair of the Clockwork God, I wrote it off as a weird indie game and didn't even give it the cursory steam review checking. On my second pass through the sale I said, "why not?" and checked it out - only to discover that it's a successor to the Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentleman, Please! point and click games of my youth. It's a point and click / platformer hybrid with great sprite work, a lot of meta-fuckery, and a vulgar ass sense of humor, which is just about all you could want for a game you spend 6$ for.The game is solid, overall; it's satire from the ground up; you start the game with one character explaining that he's now too hip for point and click games, and as such is now a platformer, while the other obstinately refuses to so much as jump - and such the dynamic is introduced; one character interacts with everything and combines items while the other jumps around like an asshole, standing on buttons and so on and so forth. The story very quickly goes batshit, but essentially you're tasked with teaching a robot emotions, providing a bunch of emotion themed levels with varied themes. These are all pretty good and well designed, and it makes for a good amount of gameplay variety, although some of the end game levels get a bit on the short side. The game also features a very short, parody visual novel which is essential to experience the full game.In terms of gameplay, it's as tight as it needs to be. The platforming as Dan can be a bit rough at times but is overall pretty solid, and serves as a series of fun intermissions to walking around as Ben and interacting with everything. The adventure game mechanics can fall into "interact with everything using everything" sometimes, but I only had to look up hints once or twice. The game's hilarity and story alone make the game worthwhile, but the platforming is a nice touch. One thing I will say is if you start this game, make sure to take care of the invisible wall trophy or else you'll have to start a new playthrough just for it. CURRENT BACKLOG:
  9. PSNP drama be feeling a lot like American politics today.

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      wheres the drama?

      i second @DaivRules. Canada politics suck too. This country is shit tbh lol.

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      Usually they get rid of it when it gets to be too much, so wouldn't look too hard.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      you know what it was about? i remember the fall guys drama lol

  10. It is hard, probably due to the quantity of people trying to get them, but I'd imagine it's the fairest since you don't have to race to buy one within a few minutes or else they go out of stock, like you do with Walmart restocks and such. I've tried three times and always been at the back of the line when they were sold out as well, but I'm going to keep trying with them.
  11. There's going to be a PS Direct queue starting in like half an hour, might have the physical edition, but who knows. PS Direct queues seem to be the best way to get your hands on a PS5 although it is a lottery style system, so completely up to chance.
  12. Been working on Going Under plus some indie games I got on sale recently that aren't part of the challenge; this last week has been dedicated to the imposter mode added in the Working from Home update, essentially a traditional roguelike experience that combines the three dungeons into a linear experience with a special end boss, and modifiers as you progress in difficulty. Sounds fun; the only problem is that it's balanced for shit. The game actively gives you less skills for these runs, e.g. you no longer get skills at the end of every floor, and on top of that makes mentorships mostly useless. I spent 3-4 days trying to get the first level done, it took me like 40 runs, and when I found out I had to do 6 more (each with cumulative modifiers, like taking damage every time you equip a skill) I just said, "fuck it" and turned assist mode on - but even with it the later modifiers can make some runs just completely nonviable. Honestly, this game is a perfect example of why I usually don't touch DLC trophies; the base game is one of the better roguelikes I've played and very well put together, but Imposter Mode is an absolute mess and a massive downgrade from the base game experience. It's still very much a game I'd recommend to anyone not obligated to 100% it, because the platinum itself is fine. Anyway, I'll probably start Night in the Woods, which I've been meaning to play for quite a while now, after this game is done; should be a nice change of pace. Current Progress - 0 / 12
  13. Not really, it's quite reasonable to expect a PS3 game with no significant graphical improvements to play better on PS4 than it did on PS3.
  14. This isn't even about accessibility; axe the difficulty trophies and just keep the completionist ones and they're accessible while still being comprehensive. Just would like to note this is a common misconception; many wheelchair users "can" walk, but have health conditions that make doing so regularly extremely difficult.
  15. Would you maybe say he seems... hypersensitive to it? I mean, the world is pretty shitty once you distance yourself from the usual layers of "that's just how the world is" that people use to ward off existential despair. Or if you just happen to be born into the wrong social castes. I don't think either is the problem here, it's just a matter of being stuck in a cycle of being angry at people for being angry about things.