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  1. So according to this page on TrueAchievements, the problem is that the game can't register multiple difficulty unlocks at once, so if you haven't done veteran yet you get one or the other. Granted, this is for the last gen version, but it seems relevant to the current situation. They recommend making a backup of your save before finishing the third mission and the campaign and then restoring the backup until the trophies pop. https://www.trueachievements.com/a174017/professional-superhero-achievement For my part, I played the game on veteran the first time through, and I decided to try starting Supersoldier because I figured my upgrades would make it a lot easier, and I was still missing some collectibles. Haven't finished the campaign yet, but Halfway to Hell unlocked with no issue.
  2. Nah, it's the same thing on the OLED.
  3. Got to the final wave of the final scene of the final level of Super Hot VR in the no death challenge, and then died. Christ.

    1. enaysoft


      On the bright side, think of the calories that you at least burned in real life.


      Dying at the final hurdle sucks in all cases but imagine if all you've been doing is sitting down and using hands

    2. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      @enaysoft Lol, probably, although Superhot VR is a bit underwhelming as an exercise game compared to other games like Pistol Whip. Damn shame that game didn't have more levels and a harder platinum.


      At least this is practice for my ten minute total time run, I guess.

    3. enaysoft


      I remember struggling on one of the fights on Creed Boxing game VR thing, must have taken about 10-15 attempts due to RNG bullshit, anyway the amount of exercise I got over several days, I think was worth it. lol


      Still do not underestimate even light exercise on Super Hot, sometimes when I am sat down for too long playing PS4 and then I crick my knees a bit when I stand up, something I never got when playing VR lol

      I like to think of Super Hot as good Yoga practice lol

  4. Currently having the same issue, did you ever figure it out?
  5. It's more like you bought an NFT of a Barbie and you're upset because other kids with actual Barbies keep calling you mean names whenever you try to show it off. Okay, and? There's an abundance of trophy hunters who have more impressive profiles than you and don't flood them with shovelware. The two things are not related.
  6. 184: Crysis 2 Remastered - 30.21% My third FPS platinum in a row - I'm on a bit of a roll, and if all goes well, I should make that four with Crysis 3. If you've been keeping up with this thread, you probably saw my rather harsh review of Crysis 1. Crysis 2 is not Crysis 1, and good lord, am I happy for it. Crysis 2 almost seems like a soft reboot of the series - nanosuits now run on alien technology, the aliens themselves are completely different from their Crysis 1 counterparts, and there are few returning characters from 1. Like Crysis 1, Crysis 2 is a realistic shooter where you are a voiceless soldier equipped with a super suit that grants you numerous abilities. Functionally, this means you can go invisible and activate a mode that reduces damage taken. You also have 'super strength' and 'super speed', but these aren't modes you toggle so much as the ability to sprint and to throw objects, neither of which are nearly as impressive. What this leads to is a game that favors hit and run tactics - sneak around in stealth, let your energy recharge, then turn on armor and wreak havoc before returning to stealth. For a cover shooter, it's highly engaging, and this is aided by all the weapons feeling good to use (if not always that powerful). Unlike the wide, open maps of Crysis 1 which gave me such treasured memories as being sniped by enemies which were so far away they weren't even rendered, Crysis 2 is a fairly linear romp through a ravaged New York City. The change in map design does wonders to alleviate most of my issues with 1, and delivers a fantastic FPS campaign. The gameplay of the campaign consists of fighting a private mercenary group in charge of controlling an alien plague (CELL), and the aliens responsible for said plague. Human combat is solid, and human enemies are fun to engage with. While they're all essentially the same save for the rare sniper, they also bring vehicles which in some levels serve as bosses. The aliens are now bipeds that come in a few forms - grunts, melee attackers, medium grunts, heavies, and their tough as nails gunships and tanks. One of the common complaints about Crysis 1 was that the aliens just weren't fun to fight - and they were not! Crysis 2's redesign, however, makes them much more engaging and varied, and instead of being a gimmick near the end of the game, they're a staple, and as fun to fight as the human enemies are. You also get to control vehicles on a few times, however unlike in 1 the vehicle sections are mostly optional, with only one or two sections where you're driving alongside NPCs. The story is... well, it's a lot better than 1's. It's fairly standard fare for an FPS campaign and largely serves as a means to transition you between set pieces and fights, but what is there is competent and a hell of a lot more cohesive than that of Crysis 1 - it's no longer just an excuse to fight aliens on an island, but instead an interesting story in its own right. You play as a marine who was attacked on his way to New York, only to be rescued by Prophet and given his nanosuit, and set off to help a conspiracy theorist / scientist figure out the weaknesses of the alien menace currently devastating New York. It's hardly a character driven story, but the characters that are there are colorful and memorable and a massive improvement over having faceless sergeants barking orders into your ears. There's a plague running through the city, and you'll find people seemingly melting every now and then, but you've come to the city in the late stages of the disease - it's already ravaged the city, so you'll be running through streets deserted by all but soldiers and aliens. As you progress the story, more and more of New York gets destroyed, often spectacularly - skyscrapers collapsing, dams being destroyed. It's an explosive campaign and at no point does it feel mediocre or underwhelming. And at eighteen levels (which may sound shorter than it is), it's more than long enough to keep you occupied and fit in a twist or two. All in all, probably one of the top ten FPS campaigns I've played. Disappointingly, the game doesn't actually have a final boss - but I still prefer that to the godawful boss of Crysis 1's campaign, and the final level was more than ~epic~ enough to make up for it. Speaking of spectacles, the graphics are impressive. I'm not sure how much of this is the remaster, but the game looks better than most PS4 games (unsurprising, since it's 60 fps and averages 1440p). Character models definitely show their age when you get up close to them, but the levels are gorgeous, in large part due to how much effort is put into them. Streets are littered with garbage and rubble, god rays shine through windows, foliage is lush and detailed, and weather effects are heavy. The game is beautiful. The sound department is similarly impressive - guns sound good which contributes heavily to how responsive they feel, and the music is great; several areas have loud, droning industrial(?) music setting the pace to your fights, a stark contrast to the silence of my last platinum, Necromunda Hired Gun. What else to say? The platinum journey was fun - not too many collectibles to worry about, just a few combat trophies and level specific challenges. Supersoldier difficulty would theoretically be hard, as you die near instantly, however by decloaking (or switching to armor mode) before firing, you can essentially break the game. Normally, firing while cloaked drains your energy bar, committing you to combat, however no such thing happens if you disable cloak first. You can also simply... run past most encounters, especially if you upgraded the appropriate modules during your first playthrough. I experienced a few crashes during my first session of the game, but oddly enough those didn't occur again. The HDR settings are also a bit wack, so I recommend checking out the related thread in the game's subforum for advice on how to calibrate them. The controls are actually great, unlike Crysis 1's, which I do not recall clearly, but did describe as trying to aim with an Etch-A-Sketch, and I will trust my past self with that description. All in all, an extremely solid FPS that'll stay in my memory. Crysis 1 felt like a relic - interesting, but out of place in modern times. Crysis 2, on the other hand, aged like wine (doubtlessly assisted by improvements in the remaster). It's a fantastic game and I highly recommend it to anyone with a tendency to shoot things who is the least bit curious.
  7. I typically avoid games with unobtainable platinums or platinums that are just absurd and I can't see myself completing. I still buy plenty of UR games I'll never platinum, but it helps to feel like I could platinum a game. Trophy hunting helps me stay motivated with my gaming and I obviously cannot do that with a game that requires me to spend a thousand hours in VR or is broken. I do still sometimes play games I know I can't platinum, period, but they take a backseat since I already have so many games on my backlog that I can platinum. I honestly find the obsession with completion percentage kind of bizarre, given that most completionist trophy hunters have alternate accounts to play games they don't complete - but if you're not actually a completionist, what's the point of a completionist account? You're chasing a meaningless number with no correlation to the reality of your gaming. Not to mention how much complaining I see from people forcing themselves to play games they don't want to, or getting upset at developers for adding more DLC, as if their poor choice of trophy hunting philosophy is Gearbox's fault.
  8. Christ, if you're licking AJ's boots of all people's you really should start reconsidering your life choices.
  9. Yeah, to be fair I'm more sensitive than most. I can handle graphic violence (especially when it's justified in one way or another) but it's depictions of suffering that drag on that really get me, and the game has a lot of that. Like I said, I think it's a good game with a great story, it's just an extremely emotionally exhausting one. But yeah, I think games typically don't tend to venture as dark as some other forms of media do, at least in terms of emotional suffering. I guess you need something more dramatic and engaging, like monsters coming to kill you or whatever else. The term 'trauma porn' more frequently gets used to describe TV shows / movies / books that go overboard with depicting the suffering of marginalized groups, seemingly only for shock value, which gets quite exhausting due to the sheer frequency of it. Honestly, by the end of the game, I sympathized more with Abby than Ellie. Abby overall seemed much more reasonable, she was just an outsider, so to speak, while Ellie and Joel were familiar to us. After the ending I don't think I'd want to play a third game unless it follows Abby or a completely new set of characters.
  10. Yeah, this game is brutal. There was a certain scene (I'll spoil which one below) that made me dissociate really hard and I stopped playing the game for about a month afterward because it's such an emotional slog to get to. It's a good game, but its story is honestly extremely unpleasant to play through. In terms of 'mental abuse' I'd say this is probably one of the heaviest games I've ever played, if not the heaviest, because it takes an almost gratuitous approach to heavy subjects. Pretty much the prime example or 'trauma porn', IMO. The new face of wokism: being against serial killers.
  11. Good job on Crysis 2! :yay:Glad it worked out. Less crashes finally? you going for 3 now?

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Thanks! Yeah, oddly enough I kept having crashes my first play session then never again.  Maybe I just needed to employ the time honored technique of turning my PS5 off an on again.


      And yeah, I just started Crysis 3. Looks great so far. Saw you struggling with the nano suit upgrades being glitchy though so I'm keeping an eye on those.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      No problem! i never went for C1 plat because the final boss mission sucks and then the mission with all the tanks.... no thanks lol

      but yep, thats what i wanted to warn about with 3. Try to get them as you go through and have a backup in case. If you get one and die, go back and get it again. Its a weird bug. Some get it some don't, i did eventually get plat though. Just had more replaying than I thought. I actually think I did a new game and just grabbed those nanosuits only. 

  12. 184: Crysis 2 Remastered - 30.17% Massive improvement over the first game. The campaign is great and full of fantastic setpieces, and the game actually looks gorgeous on PS5; perhaps not at the level of a PS5 game (especially once you get up close and personal with the character models), but certainly better than most PS4 games. The weapon variety is great and aliens are actually fun to fight this time around. Also, the soundtrack kicks ass. Pretty straightforward platinum, too - a few collectibles to look forwards to and level specific trophies, but supersoldier difficulty is a breeze, because much like in 1 you can simply abuse cloak to skip most encounters.
  13. Gonna attempt to bump up my platinum count to 250. My goal for this year was 200, however due to wasting a few months due to housing issues I doubt I'll get much farther than 190. Still, should be able to make up the difference next year. Also going to try to complete my collection of PSVR games, preferably before my headset finally gives up the ghost. Then I can upgrade to PSVR2 and never look back.
  14. Yeah, it's a fucking mess. The headshot challenge especially was a nightmare because trying to aim down the sights at enemies above or at my level was next to impossible because both the headset and move controller would glitch out. Also far too many instances of speedrun attempts being ruined by attempting to pick up a gun only for tracking to glitch out. It really doesn't seem like the devs put any effort into the PSVR port of this game. No settings, no turn ability but you're expected to reach and sometimes shoot behind, etc. On behalf of all of us here, let me be the first to welcome you to hell.
  15. ... Did you read my post?