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  1. Thank you, kind sir! I tried this, and it worked first try!
  2. Anything missable?
  3. The servers seem to be working again.
  4. I can't wait to read your post about GT5, Buk. Soon, I'm hoping
  5. RAGE, MLB The Show 17, Thumper (not AAA), and FEAR 3 are all great choices. They're all pretty fun games, none of them are difficult at all, and none of them are really all that grindy.
  6. The DLC isn't too terrible for Wildlands, and it's one of Ubisoft's better DLCs (Far Cry 5's DLC is probably the worst I've ever played). It is extremely grindy like other Ubisoft games as well (it will still take some time to get the 100% in each region, which is a trophy in each DLC), but no online bullshit at least. They're more story related with some interested stuff added, but both play very similarly to the main game in terms of needing to take down region bosses leading up the main target. I hated that the Narco Road DLC was so vehicle focused since the driving mechanics are atrocious in Wildlands. Overall it has pretty decent DLC though.
  7. The inventory upgrades are not exactly the same between A and B scenarios. Leon A and Claire A are the same, and Leon B and Claire B are the same, but all 4 are not identical. I know there is at least one upgrade that is in a different location, but I think that might be it. And also, as Sicho mentioned, there are only 3 hip pouches in hardcore instead of 6.
  8. If you play on assisted difficulty, it's easy to combine both trophies in one playthrough, since that's what I did. If your health falls below "caution," then you will regenerate health to get back up to "caution." I'm sure you can do it on standard as well, but you'd probably have to reload and restart a lot more often. I wouldn't say it's necessary you pick that hip pouch up (I don't think I did), so it's definitely doable just picking up the other five. You'll definitely want to pick up as many as possible because a few parts are annoying where you need to use a key item up so you can discard it.
  9. It probably took me around 60ish hours to 100% the game. Nothing is too grindy, buy you'll need to get to mastery level 20 for each location, which means you'll need to complete 50-60 challenges on each map. None of the trophies are frustrating, and each location's trophies are pretty much the same
  10. There is a GOTY Upgrade pack on the playstation store that you should be able to buy (I think it's $10 or $20) to get the remaining DLC packs not included in the base version
  11. The start of season 3 is what broke this trophy, so hopefully the start of season 4 is what will fix it
  12. I finished off Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 last week for my 85th platinum trophy! Overall this game wasn't that great. It had alright sniping gameplay, but it was a buggy and laggy mess. Expert difficulty was annoying as well. I know they were going for a "true sniper experience," but most of my time with the campaign was trying to figure out where I was supposed to shoot since expert difficulty doesn't give you any indicators. Your spotter will say "alright, take out that sniper in the distance" and you spend a couple minutes just trying to find the enemy sniper. The hit detection is also atrocious in the game; there were so many times where I would be aiming my pistol at an enemy's chest point blank range, and none of my bullets were registering as hits. The game is also not generous at all with checkpoints. Often times you need to make your way through 3 different areas full of enemies before you reach a checkpoint, which is was super frustrating. I preferred the open world approach they took in the 3rd game; this game is super linear with poor level design. Most levels don't really have alternative paths you can take, which unfortunately doesn't make stealth a very viable option. Overall I wouldn't readily recommend this game to others, but it's gameplay has its moments, and it's a fairly short and easy platinum and 100%.
  13. You're welcome for the news :aquasmirk:
  14. I finished off Just Sing a couple days ago for my 83rd platinum trophy! I mainly decided to play this game because the servers are going down at the end of June, but it was pretty fun. I used to play Karaoke Revolution a lot with family when I was younger, so it brought back some memories. There's a companion app that you can use as a microphone, which is pretty convenient. Since it's a Ubisoft game, there are some grindy trophies, but luckily you can easily cheese songs by using a fan/white noise. It allowed me to AFK some of the remaining songs I needed while playing something else, so that was convenient. The game only has 40 songs in the base game, which is kind of disappointing, with a few songs unlocking after getting enough stars, as well as plenty of packs you can buy. Not sure I'll ever play it again, but it's a nice party game to have around just in case. I finished off Life is Strange (PS3) last night for my 84th platinum trophy! This was my 3rd time playing through the game (Xbox One and PS4), and the narrative still amazes me. It's still an emotional story, and I was getting choices and noticing things I hadn't noticed before in my other playthroughs, which was cool. Choices don't always seem to matter in Telltale games, but Square Enix and Dontnod do a good job at making choices matter in this game. The ability to manipulate time is a cool feature, so you can even rewind and see the outcomes of other choices if you want. I'm hoping we hear more information about Life is Strange 2 soon!
  15. I finished off Star Wars Battlefront the other night for my 82nd platinum trophy! I bought this game at release and played it tons with friends and had a great time. It may not be as good as the 2005 version, but it was still fun with a sense of nostalgia attached. I haven't seen the movies, so I don't consider myself a huge Star Wars fan, but the games are still fun to play. They do a great job at recreating the Star Wars galaxy with all its game modes (and there are many different game modes to choose from). The servers are for the most part dead (especially DLC), so finding a group to boost the trophies is the way to go if you're still looking to finish this off. I never would have thought I'd get this platinum, but I was fortunate enough to find a group to do it. The hardest part was beating all of the missions on master difficulty. Survival can be done with a coop partner with no scaling of enemies, so that's a huge plus. There is also a cheese spot in every level to make it much easier. Hero battles weren't too bad with Princess Leia, but battles were pretty unfair on most maps. Most levels also have a spot to make it a little easier, but none work perfectly. I just have two DLC trophies left, so I'm hoping to finish those off soon!