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  1. The start of season 3 is what broke this trophy, so hopefully the start of season 4 is what will fix it
  2. I finished off Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 last week for my 85th platinum trophy! Overall this game wasn't that great. It had alright sniping gameplay, but it was a buggy and laggy mess. Expert difficulty was annoying as well. I know they were going for a "true sniper experience," but most of my time with the campaign was trying to figure out where I was supposed to shoot since expert difficulty doesn't give you any indicators. Your spotter will say "alright, take out that sniper in the distance" and you spend a couple minutes just trying to find the enemy sniper. The hit detection is also atrocious in the game; there were so many times where I would be aiming my pistol at an enemy's chest point blank range, and none of my bullets were registering as hits. The game is also not generous at all with checkpoints. Often times you need to make your way through 3 different areas full of enemies before you reach a checkpoint, which is was super frustrating. I preferred the open world approach they took in the 3rd game; this game is super linear with poor level design. Most levels don't really have alternative paths you can take, which unfortunately doesn't make stealth a very viable option. Overall I wouldn't readily recommend this game to others, but it's gameplay has its moments, and it's a fairly short and easy platinum and 100%.
  3. You're welcome for the news :aquasmirk:
  4. I finished off Just Sing a couple days ago for my 83rd platinum trophy! I mainly decided to play this game because the servers are going down at the end of June, but it was pretty fun. I used to play Karaoke Revolution a lot with family when I was younger, so it brought back some memories. There's a companion app that you can use as a microphone, which is pretty convenient. Since it's a Ubisoft game, there are some grindy trophies, but luckily you can easily cheese songs by using a fan/white noise. It allowed me to AFK some of the remaining songs I needed while playing something else, so that was convenient. The game only has 40 songs in the base game, which is kind of disappointing, with a few songs unlocking after getting enough stars, as well as plenty of packs you can buy. Not sure I'll ever play it again, but it's a nice party game to have around just in case. I finished off Life is Strange (PS3) last night for my 84th platinum trophy! This was my 3rd time playing through the game (Xbox One and PS4), and the narrative still amazes me. It's still an emotional story, and I was getting choices and noticing things I hadn't noticed before in my other playthroughs, which was cool. Choices don't always seem to matter in Telltale games, but Square Enix and Dontnod do a good job at making choices matter in this game. The ability to manipulate time is a cool feature, so you can even rewind and see the outcomes of other choices if you want. I'm hoping we hear more information about Life is Strange 2 soon!
  5. I finished off Star Wars Battlefront the other night for my 82nd platinum trophy! I bought this game at release and played it tons with friends and had a great time. It may not be as good as the 2005 version, but it was still fun with a sense of nostalgia attached. I haven't seen the movies, so I don't consider myself a huge Star Wars fan, but the games are still fun to play. They do a great job at recreating the Star Wars galaxy with all its game modes (and there are many different game modes to choose from). The servers are for the most part dead (especially DLC), so finding a group to boost the trophies is the way to go if you're still looking to finish this off. I never would have thought I'd get this platinum, but I was fortunate enough to find a group to do it. The hardest part was beating all of the missions on master difficulty. Survival can be done with a coop partner with no scaling of enemies, so that's a huge plus. There is also a cheese spot in every level to make it much easier. Hero battles weren't too bad with Princess Leia, but battles were pretty unfair on most maps. Most levels also have a spot to make it a little easier, but none work perfectly. I just have two DLC trophies left, so I'm hoping to finish those off soon!
  6. I finished off WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 as my 81st platinum trophy! I used to play the older games (I think mostly SvR 2007) all the time with my brother and friend when I was younger, so I bought this to play through mainly as a sense of nostalgia. It accomplished that, but this game wasn't nearly as good as some of its predecessors. I feel like there wasn't as much to do in this game, and it controlled worse; however, it's been about 12 years since I last played the older games, so my memory could be wrong. This game dragged on a bit, especially with the 6 different Road to WrestleMania storylines. It felt like forever getting through all 6 of them. This game also is not balanced for matches other than a 1v1. Triple threat or fatal four way matches take unnecessarily long because of balance issues. I could do 6 signature moves and 6 finishers on a single opponent, and they would still get up after 15 seconds, making it a super lengthy process to actually win the match because your opponents just keep getting up in such a short amount of time and interferes with trying to pin another guy. Overall, it was still decent fun and did bring back memories, even if this game didn't hold up as well as its predecessors.
  7. I finished up the God of War (2018) platinum last night for my 79th one overall! I know I'm in the vast majority here, but I was disappointed by the game and didn't really enjoy it all that much. The story was really bland and pointless. If anyone has read or seen The Road, that's exactly what this game reminds me of. The entire game is to get from point A to point B. You go forward, hit a roadblock, need to go all the way back to be able to get past it, then move forward a little bit more, hit another road block, have to go all the way back, and rinse and repeat. Also, the camera angle during combat made the combat some of the worst I've seen in any game. Blocking and other controls also sometimes just would not work. I also hit a glitch during my fight against the Queen Valkyrie; if I was knocked down by her and she killed me, then Kratos would fling up a bit and then lie down, and using the Resurrection Stone would result in the screen just turning black and needing to restart the checkpoint in the middle of the revival animation. There also weren't any likeable characters in the game, way too many pointless collectibles, not much room to level up and improve your armor, etc. I've heard from others that the older games (aside from Ascension) are better than this one, so I'm excited to go back and play the older ones. Maybe this God of War being the first one I've played hindered my experience I finished up the NCIS platinum tonight for my 80th one overall! I haven't heard anything about this game, and when I saw it, I decided to pick it up since I'm a fan of the genre and crime shows (personally prefer Law and Order: SVU). This game is a point and click crime game on the PS3, and I really enjoyed it. Probably the best point and click game I've played. It's super easy, and all the trophies are story related, which is quite short (4 episodes of about an hour each). I like how you get a chance to play as each character, and how all of the episodes are related. It's a shame that these type of games are too frequent nowadays, but I recommend this game if you get the chance and enjoy crime shows.
  8. Looks like the game is releasing May 8th. I'm also looking forward to trying it!
  9. I finished off Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 last week for my 78th platinum trophy! I foolishly bought this game at full price near its launch, and it was a buggy and laggy mess. After I finished the campaign and was mopping up the trophies, my digital version corrupted on me (I don't remember the error code, but there wasn't any fixes that worked for me. I even tried reinstalling the game many times). Almost a year after it had corrupted, I finally picked up a physical copy of the game, and it let me start up the game, letting me finally finish the platinum. Since the corruption, the game had numerous new patches, so the game wasn't as buggy and did perform a little better, but it still had problems. The campaign wasn't too bad and the gameplay was decent fun. I heard the 2nd game was very linear, so the open world was done fairly well, even if there was very long loading times between regions. If you enjoy sniping games, then you'll probably have some fun with this game, but I do recommend you get it at a cheap price.
  10. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I've enjoyed doing the little write-ups, and so far this checklist has been a good way of keeping track of what games I have and motivating me to finish games. I played through L.A. Noire on PS4 a couple months ago, so I'll go back to the PS3 version at some point! As for Borderlands 2, I could never really get into the series, but I have a friend who also has it to play through with me, but he hasn't played too much recently, so we haven't had time to play through it yet!
  11. I finished off Saw last night for my 77th platinum trophy! I've never seen a Saw movie, so I didn't have many expectations going in except for a loose understanding of the concept. If you don't know, Saw is kind of a horror survival puzzle/escape room type of game. I like the horror survival genre and puzzle/escape room games are pretty good when done correctly, so I wanted to give the game a shot. Overall the game was decent and I had some good fun playing it; however, like many other escape room type of games, it can drag on and get repetitive after a while, even if sort of well done. The voice acting was also pretty atrocious, and the controls were pretty bad, just like most PS3 games, but it was still an overall decent game and experience. I bought the second game as well, so I'll definitely be giving it a playthrough at some point.
  12. I finished off Far Cry 5 for my 75th platinum the other night! The gameplay is more or less similar than that to other Far Cry games, which is fine with me. The gameplay has always been fun, and it did not disappoint; however, the story was kind of disappointing. The protagonist feels very impersonal since he doesn't speak all game and is never addressed by name (he goes by Rook). The main antagonist also feels very impersonal since you don't really interact with him very much since you first liberate other regions before dealing with him (like Mafia III). And since it's Ubisoft, they decided to add on an unnecessary MP mode to a game that is heavily SP based and doesn't need MP. The MP was also implemented very poorly as usual, so not sure when they're going to learn. But overall, I found the game very enjoyable and it didn't disappoint. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in it! I finished off Batman The Enemy Within for my 76th platinum last night! Season 1 of Batman has been my favorite Telltale game, so I was super excited when this season was announced, and the end of season 2 definitely seems to foreshadow a third season. This was another fantastic season of Batman, even if it didn't really feel like a Batman game at times due to certain reasons. But I feel like there were more twists and turns in the story in this game, and the intensity was consistently higher all throughout the season. This might be my new favorite Telltale game, so I recommend others to play it, and I hope to see a third season!
  13. I've seen many others do this, and it seems like a really cool idea, as well as a nice, organized way to keep track of all the games I have and still need to play. I have them listed on an Excel spreadsheet as well, but this will serve as a public list for others to see and also suggest games to play. I'm hoping keeping track this way might help me stay motivated and keep on track. I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible, and I might try and write some thoughts for each game I finish as well. I'm not going to list every game I have since many are PS+ titles I doubt I'll ever play, but all of the other games should be listed. Happy hunting! PS3 Backlog (75 games): PS4 Backlog (111 games): Games with Plat but need to finish DLC (16 games):
  14. I actually just recently sold my old Xbox 360 to get a PS3 for the first time (in October maybe?), so I've been buying quite a few old PS3 games to go back and play. I still play PS4 more I'd say, but I'm still getting some good use out of the PS3!