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  1. 70 - 80 per hour in automatic mode in an area of enemies with 2500 - 2700 BP. I clarify that in automatic mode monsters are not tamed.
  2. This is what I meant, but I do not understand how ... since from my console europe I can access the game if I enter an American account.
  3. I do not know if they are cheats ... but it is possible that when they live, in the American continent they have access to the servers of the game.
  4. It would not be possible to deceive the console with your European account to play this game from another country ?, I say because some users I think they have known how to circumvent this ...
  5. How can I do that, the trophies come out?
  6. Trophies no auto-pop.. They are different servers.
  7. Would it be the easiest or fastest letter to make? regards
  8. Please, need Help.. https://psnprofiles.com/session/176934-operation7-revolution
  9. Sorry, EU, Thanks!!
  10. Finally!! in my third attempt: Iron Snout • NA Platinum in 38 minutes, 24 seconds I Like: Shadow of Loot Box (EU) Thanks!!
  11. Hi!! I have already completed two games: Energy Cycle Edge • EU (VITA) and Energy Cycle Edge • EU (PS4) Awesome Pea EU
  12. the cars float
  13. Here you have it in Spanish, I do not know if in English it will have the same names. Cartas: Que suba la temperatura (Diamante) A su hermano lo machacaron unos osos Grizzly (Pentágono) Oferta arcana Insuperable (Triangulo) Que llueva la pasta (Triangulo) Pociones: Poción Suerte Poción Cafeína Trampas y Partes de Trampas: Bóveda: 900; Generador de recompensas Partes subvencionadas Generador de recompensas Nafta: 800; Partes subvencionadas Generador de recompensas Recuperador cinético Barrera doble: 1575-, Protección reutilizable Partes subvencionadas Marcos de runas de héroe Azufre: 1593; Generador de recompensas Resonador Ígneo Resorte doble Suelo maldito: 1275; Generador de recompensas Resonador ígneo Resorte de carga Abrazador: 850; Resonador Ígneo Resorte de Carga Recuperador cinético Bola arcana: 956; Resonador Ígneo Resorte doble Partes subvencionadas Wave 1 – Puerta 1 – Cafeína, Dinero – se desata Wave 2 – Puerta 1 Wave 3 – Puerta 1 – (BOSS) Se desata Wave 4 – Puerta 2 – Se desata y Rompe fisura cercana Wave 5 – Puerta 2 – Posición dinero Wave 6 – Puerta 4 y 3 – Coloca las trampas Wave 7 – Puerta 3 – (BOSS) Se desata Wave 8 – Puerta 3 – Poción dinero, VA a por la fisura Wave 9 – Puerta 4 Wave 10 – Puerta 4 – Poción dinero, Se desata Wave 11 – Puerta 4 Wave 12 – Puerta 4 – (BOSS (puerta 2)) Cafeína, Dinero, Se desata Google traductor ES to EN
  14. disappointed
  15. Think of a possibility similar to yours, imagine what he has done, I look forward to his video. Thank you.