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  1. Thanks!!
  2. - If the game is a limited release like PQbite or Eastasisoft is doing lately, I do not see it necessary to include it, it is true that those games in the future could be very expensive, but they would still be in physical format, therefore I do not think it is necessary to include them. - Yes, in the list we should only include specific lists of only digital PS3 games, which have separate trophy lists from platforms such as PS4, since these games have a different trophy list, there are special cases such as those that share trophy lists with PS vita that I am including. If you could go cleaning the pages and links of the game, it would be very helpful. Thanks! PD. I am currently on page 6. Yes, it is a different trophy list, for that reason I put the episodes found in the store separately.
  3. I do not know if blokus is available for purchase, I have looked in the forum and I have not seen anything with the naked eye. sorry. @Conker When you indicate "Store UK" is it that they are only and exclusively in that Store or is it in the European store in general?
  4. Thank you very much, I will take them into account, apart I have not taken into account the DLC's, thanks for helping with this idea.
  5. Hello everyone, I create this thread to make a list of all the games that exist on PlayStation 3 only in digital format and therefore are only possible to buy in the PlayStation Store. I do not know if there is a thread like this where a list is organized and centralized where you can quickly know which games are exclusively digital (without physical format) of these games, if so, I would like you to place the link to that thread and close this. My intention is to know what all those games are and to have a list at hand where I can quickly find out what games they are, in which store they are located and if they are available for purchase, I know that it is a hard and exhausting work for that reason I ask for help from all the PSNP community. I will try to keep the thread as updated as possible due to the little time we have left and ordered with all the titles in the first post. How to organize ourselves? Entering the link that I left (https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=a-z&platform=ps3) those who wish to participate to complete the list could choose the page that we are going to explore and thus we could do a more efficient work together. If anyone has a better idea he is free to share it. - @WaddysWDS exploring page 6. Pages explored: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, NOTE 1: If the game is available for other platforms such as PS4, I think it should not enter the list since obviously (at least those I suppose) it will be available in the Store for its version on PS4. NOTE 2: If there is an error and there is a game in the list that has a physical format, they are free to indicate it and it will be withdrawn. Link -> https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=a-z&platform=ps3 GAMES: #KillAllZombies 100円ゴミ箱 • JP & WW 3 on 3 NHL Arcade - (Online Off) 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2 4 Elements HD - (Delisted) A-men A-men 2 Aabs Animals (PS3 & PSVita) Aaru's Awakening Abyss Odyssey Acceleration of Suguri X Edition - (Delisted? EU & NA Yes, Others stores?) Ace Combat Infinity - (Online Off) Adam's Venture: Chronicles • OR - (I'm not sure about this version of the game, since there is a physical version, but there are both in physical or the original was only available in the store?)). Aero-Cross - (Game that was never released to the general public). After Burner Climax - (Delisted) Age of Booty - (Online Off) Akimi Village Alex Kidd in Miracle World Alien Breed Alien Breed: Impact Alien Breed 2: Assault Alien Breed 3: Descent Alien Rage Alien Shooter • PS3: EU & NA | PSVita: NA & EU Alien Spidy - (Glitched) Alien Zombie Megadeath All Zombies Must Die! Altered Beast American Mensa Academy - (I'm not sure if there is a physical version of this game for PS3, I did a quick scan on eBay and found nothing, only on N3DS and Wii). AMY Anarchy: Rush Hour Anna: Extended Edition Apples to Apples - (Possible Glitched) Aqua Panic! Arkedo Series Arkedo Series - 01 Jump! Arkedo Series - 02 Swap! Arkedo Series - 03 Pixel! Armageddon Riders Assault Heroes - (Delisted) Astro Tripper Atomic Ninjas Auditorium HD Awesomenauts Babel Rising Back to the Future - Episode 1: It's About Time Back to the Future - Episode 2: Get Tannen Back to the Future - Episode 3: Citizen Brown Back to the Future - Episode 4: Double Visions Back to the Future - Episode 5: OUTATIME Backbreaker Vengeance Backgammon Blitz (PS3 & PSVita) Bang Bang Racing BANG! the Official Video Game - (Possible Glitched) Battle Fantasia - (The only version of this game that has trophies is the digital NA). Battle of Tiles EX Battle Slots - DLC's: 1 - (There is no one on PSNP who owns the game, it may never be released) Battle Trivia Knockout Battle: Los Angeles - (Delisted) Battlefield 1943 Beat Hazard Ultra Beer Pong Bejeweled 2 - (Delisted) Bellator Bentley's Hackpack (PS3 & PSVita) Best of Arcade Games - DLC's: 4 (Base game 0 trophies). PSVita: Digital Version. Best of Board Games - DLC's: 3 (Base game 0 trophies). Beyond Good & Evil HD Big Sky Infinity (PS3 & PSVita) Bionic Commando Rearmed Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Black Knight Sword Blacklight: Tango Down - (Online Off) Blade Kitten Blast Factor BlazeRush Blokus Blood Knights - (Original version & Normal version) Blood of the Werewolf BloodRayne: Betrayal Bomberman Ultra Braid BurgerTime World Tour Burn Zombie Burn! - DLC's: 2 (DLC 2: Zombie Sushi: it was never released). Burnout Crash! - (Online Off) PAGE 37: The Surfer The Undergarden The Unfinished Swan Thunder Neo Thunder Wolves (UK only) Time Machine Rogue Pilot (UK only) Tiny Brains (delisted?) Tiny Token Empires (delisted?) TMNT Out of The Shadows (delisted) TNT Racers ToeJam & Earl ToeJam & Earl Panic on Funkotron Toki Tori Tokyo Jungle