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  1. Read somewhere ages ago that the Parenthood DLC can help with boosting triplet odds but can't find the thread/roadmap that included it Can anyone confirm if it helps and how? Going to finally get around to playing it Thanks in advance
  2. Not going to lie i'm glad it fixed it, was raging a little 😂 Just 2 trophys for blowing people up, and finish the job, and i'll have another shiny plat 😃
  3. So it just unlocked, I started to go through Operation Oracle, collected 4 documents in the base, as soon as the first cutscene finished the trophy unlocked. I know Ubisoft says their stats take 15 mins to update so I don't know if it was a fix or just pure coincidence but the trophy popped 😄 Haha just as you replied I was already writing to say it popped, your solution would have nailed it though thanks for the advice
  4. Has anyone e'se been able to fix this in their game? Have every kingslayer file under every single area, have ALL sandoval files, every bonus medal, every weapon, every skillpoint, Ubisoft is only registering 96% The whole story is just not unlocking
  5. Tried using the sessions yesterday and got nothing, generally have more luck in the forums, not sure many people know sessions are a thing I didn't until recently 😐

    1. DaivRules


      Most members here are aware of the sessions section of the site. If you’d like a little more attention to a session you’ve posted, feel free to post a status that you’ve done so. We do not allow boosting threads here. 

    2. Turbobuddah


      No problem :)

  6. Awesome, will add you, might not be on much today but i'll be around all day tomorrow
  7. Can anyone help me get the trophy for meleeing an enemy shot by another player please Thanks in advance Psn Turbobuddah GMT:0
  8. 10 tickets are 'only' £2.49 on PSN atm, might save people some grinding for custom clubs Hopefully get a powerful one tonight, Just 3 more condors and some fishing, that's all I need 😂
  9. Luckily have another save, going to give it another go Wait no... you're right, no idea how I missed that unlocking 😂
  10. Anyone else had problems with this one? Went aaaaaaall the up and got the statue from Mount Shann and aaaaaaall the way bacl to Beechers Hope to place it, trophy didn't unlock
  11. I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion, don't want to give up on it to be honest so i'll give it a few days while smashing KH3 before attempting it My last resort was going to be picking up some dlc and trying in Japan/Korea
  12. Hasn't worked in either Alaska or Alps for me, played an hour and half tonight in Alaska, clearly had 3 runs with 11 total memorables, one with 6 memorables one with 2 and one with 3... 2,2,1,3,2,1 was the split between categories Haven't got the trophy for 6 different. Shame, was determined for Plat but that's my breaking point, can't be dealing with glitchy trophys
  13. Need someone for the friendship rules trophy, psn: turbobuddah Cheers in advance
  14. Just had this trophy pop, didn't charge through them though I flamed all 4 in a row. Not sure if a glitch or not but could potentially save people a level replay 🙂
  15. I would have thought mp would be better with the game being free on ps+. Managing to at least find random games though, connecting is not so good