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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1931364710 I've been using this one, it's an area by area guide of wild spawns with pictures and spawn spots, extremely handy Google is a nightmare to find things for Nexomon 1, auto searches for Extinction 90% of the time
  2. Pretty sure ground troops work if they are human controlled though. Got a few kills in galactic assault but it's very rare that you get the one map with bombers
  3. Spear with Flurry, Explosion, and Hermes attack speed boon got me through the first 10 escapes. Wasn't a fan of hidden Aspect, lower health killed it Gloves with attack speed was alot of fun Bow with flurry and double shot or explosion, with hermes attack speed was super OP Shield... terrible, not a fan at all Gun was ok with burst shot, not having to reload was way better Sword though... jesus, Excalibur is amazing. The added health, high damage to shields, especially with the +300% armour damage hammer. The aura made traps fun too, trapping something on a slow moving saw blade Definitely the weapon that got me past heat 16 Boons: always went for Artemis call, Demeters cast... duo with Artemis is very handy for hit and running Hades. Hermes speed, any attack plus I could get from chaos. Used Thans companion, also Athenas attack or evade counters too. Game was a breeze Wrong, flurry with the spear, flurry with the bow, also the standard gloves... all hold square
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1461579/Titanfall-2-servers-update-hacker-frees-servers-after-making-game-unplayable Just stumbled across this while looking for hackers motives, seems like they've undone the attack and it's ok now
  5. Why do they have a Vendetta against the series?
  6. I've gone straight in on hardcore, reached mission 3 so far and not had much trouble at all. I guess I have experience with Commandos but so far this isn't too bad, one or two tricky spots but in all honesty I see these games as puzzles more than anything It's a steep learning curve but quickly learnt, save alot that's my advice, also the one thing that caught me out is guards will miss their fellow guards and search for them
  7. Nevermind, boss area
  8. Pretty sure it's at the base of old fortress, massive wall, 3 heads of the godslayer shining yellow, there's a timed target inside on the wall of the second floor and a moveable block on the left side Can't work out what i'm meant to be doing with either Thanks in advance
  9. I had a kind of opposite issue, went to jump on a ledge in a corridor and the wall pulled me in and sent me on a wall run around the whole corridor end instead 😂
  10. Nice one, i'll give it a go tonight
  11. Three different categorys Kill Style Chests Opened Revives Used It's basically an average of your performance in those, tried allsorts but I can't work out how to raise kill style. That said if you do a mission opening every chest and not using a revive then you'll get A, I generally end a mission with D/C,S,S respectively and get an A for it Quite a few chest vids on youtube
  12. Kaboom trophy may be delayed. Went through the first mission literally only using the Plasma Gun special weapon for specialist trophy and Kaboom also unlocked at the mission end screen, didn't use crush at all so either plasma gun has crush mechanics or the trophy was just delayed
  13. Very doable. Getting A rank is a bit tricky but that's probably because I haven't nailed the 'kill style' category yet. Mission rank is based on Kill Style, Chests opened, and Revives used Highest i've got is an A in mission 1 and it was only the C in kill style that messed up getting higher because I was only using the pistol for a trophy
  14. The trophy unlocks after finishing a mission, I was wondering why I hadn't unlocked it after getting a load of headshots in a row, was fairly certain I did 10 in a row twice. Once the mission had finished and I'd left the loot screen it unlocked for me Same with The One And Only trophy too
  15. Was about to come here and post the good news, I've already got Talia and Ashleys trophys and haven't even reboarded the normandy Trophys in this are ALOT less grindy than the OG game