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  1. So I've done every quest in the line up to get to nuke sites, 'Officer On Deck' is in the completed quests however the trophy hasn't unlocked, any one else had the same happened to them? Been liking the game but if that's a game restarter then i'm done
  2. Wrap is live https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/02/celebrate-your-gaming-year-with-playstation-wrap-up-2020/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Any update?
  4. Looking for a crew to join, happy to help grind some levels if needs be, got 1mil fairly easy earlier, sure I can smash out a few more mil easy enough Turbobuddah
  5. Get a rifle and a hammerhead or rocketshield, find a vent and camp for a bit. Try not to give away your position, just ambush people exploring the vent, keep an eye on the zones, let them come to you
  6. If you cheat, sure I will do too, 1. Because I spent months playing LK on the megadrive, and loved it. 2. Bcause it's the crap version of Alladin Sarcasm is clearly lost on you
  7. Remember getting the original SE on yhe pc for my birthday, the first grass level was a big 'holy crap, this looks awesome' moment 😂 Edit: best OG moment for me though is that square area in the first game, name escapes me but there's tiered sloped walls on all sides and Kleers just pour in followed by bulls, the amount of enemies, coupled with using the cannon and watching it cut through everything was one of the most impressive gaming moments for me especially for it's time
  8. Damn, i'll stick to the first 2 games until they sort it out then
  9. Which game is easiest to do on serious? Saw this on PSN and it was an instant buy, hoping they release 4 for the PS4/5, the.third game was awesome. Gutted Croteam never released the Sam voiceover dlc for Talos Principle on consoles though, that made the game 100% more enjoyable
  10. Plat in 128 hours for me
  11. 5-6 hours in and have many of the trophys. Placing first in deathmatch isn't too hard once you get the feel of the game, my suggestion is the same map as the training, stay on ground/pitch level with an assault rifle, pick people off when they're fall stunned Last man standing could be tricky though, Batter trophy will be pure luck
  12. Granted i'm playing the game on medium but i've just beat Cordelia the witch at power level 167, that's less than half her 340. That said I couldn't manage it at power level 124, although I had a bottle of wine before trying so might be why Same with roaming Order members, even easier with those because you can roll over their back when they rune move Most of the time it's just parry and well timed slow mo dodges, coupled with a bit of poison and the game is laughable. Proving nice practice for when I dive back into Demons Souls tbh
  13. I thought it was just a chatroom kind of thing so I was well impressed with it, great little game. Trophy wise it was decent and easy enough, probably won't go for the speedruns though because I suck big time at the ball level
  14. I played it at launch and it's like a completely different experience online now, absolutely loving it. Definitely a lot more fun Only trophy that's giving me a headache is the Starfighter kills, managed to take out 4 heros in one match the other morning but couldn't get any last night. Found it easier on Starfighter Assault, assists not counting make it more difficult My advice is find mid day matches, seem to be less high lvl pilots
  15. Was hoping the trophys would be more like Modern Warfare tbh. Never been a fan of Zombies and they are really just restricting themselves not making it standalone. Will play it for the campaign and probably put some time into multiplayer but can't see myself going for the plat