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  1. I've come across a ridiculous amount of bugs, worse one for me so far is the ladder to the roof of the church in Private Smith wouldn't give a prompt to go back down so anyone who went up there got stuck. Made the ambush very difficult Ended up scraping through by giving tiny an infinite rifle and health spamming on the bridge 😂
  2. I'm trying to do Bonus mission 8 and pressing L2 + R3 and fire just sends me on a suicide run towards the enemy, doesn't change from a steering wheel icon. Anyone know what the correct controls are?
  3. Just picked it up for £12 from Boomerangrentals 😄
  4. I paid $0.99 for a 10 min game... that had a platinum A full release with as much replayabilty as this not having a Platinum trophy is pathetic imho. This is the kind of game that having a Plat would make many people go out their way to do things in game they'd otherwise miss or possible wouldn't bother with Bit of a d**k move by SE
  5. So after getting the plat there's two things I wish i'd known and will hopefully help people out Alot of the girl specific route collectibles can be cleaned up during a Unknown Destiny run. I wasted a load of time redoing character routes when I could have just save scummed specific areas via Unknown Destiny Also of Pretty Pictures or Data Gatherer doesn't pop... don't stress out. For Data Gatherer I had to open up student roster for it to pop. As for Pretty Pictures it popped after I went into Gallery and actually viewed the last picture Hope this helps anyone
  6. Nice, sounds like they may have fixed it
  7. Couldn't say, ended up doing another playthrough and sold the game a while back, if you haven't unlocked all 3 gates though unlocking one after Pete seems to work for many people
  8. Finally got it to unlock. Listened to each song, made sure to listen to a whole song each time. If they are in the middle of a song, wait until they start again and listen until they stop. Instrumentals don't seem to count, make sure they're singing. There's a couple of times it sounds like they've finished... make sure they have Good luck everyone On the playthrough I popped it on, I snuck in behind the bar, sat behind the screen directly behind the band, easy enough... if Paolo vomes downstairs just hug the railing so he doesn't see you. After that I completely ignored him or the Overseer, just solved the riddle instead
  9. Glitched for me too, onpy trophy I have left in base game. Can't be bothered to start a third playthrough, might try again when the Trilogy is released in a couple months
  10. Got to admit though the world 4 boss was great fun, if they made all the bosses like levels it'd be 100% better I want to agree but I've played too many Souls games on NG++ 😂
  11. Nice! I opened all 3 on my first run so didn't have that option. From other posts it seems like the trophy won't pop on final boss atm, only solution is to trigger/collect a question mark post game Shame really, a small stain on a really fun game
  12. Full Bone armour up to the point you're at, just charge them and bite. Orca was a bit annoying kept smashing each other out the water somehow but ultimately easy enough, Sperm Whale was hilariously easy, both times around (had to replay) Mostly just stayed static and let me bite it to death
  13. Lots of fun when it's running smoothly, 14 hours to get everything first time around... can be done below 10 hours though The game itself though is a mess at the moment though, bugged trophys, major frame rate issues Devs are working on patches but unsure when issues will be resolved
  14. DO NOT 100% every area before completing the game Imagine many have seen the complaints but the Queen Of The Ocean trophy is very buggy. Alot of people have gotten around it by openong a gate post game... I wasn't so lucky and had literally 100% completed everything includong the gates Did another playthrough and left a few collectibles to clean up after final boss, trophy unlocked no problem Devs say it'll be patched at some point but until then leave something to clean up post game
  15. Oddly enough I never had any issues with the PS3 version. Wasn't too bothered I love the game, replaying a couple missions was fun but it's definitely worth saving before mission related trophys