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  1. So after running Mana Rifts god knows how many times in NG+ I bumped the difficulty up from Heroic to Legenday Deep Lurker on the first run. Did another run straight after and had another Deep Lurker Could just be pure RNG being nice to me but higher difficulty might make them spawn more? Worth a try anyway for anyone struggling to find them
  2. I'd give it a 5 literally because of camera and controls. Having to do a good 5 or 6 flybys just to get one quill because the flight controls are so wooden is just insane. By far one of the worst games i've played in regards to both, struggling with Capital B because lining him up to be hit with missles is a nightmare. Take a game like Dark Souls, difficulty is lowered after you learn the mechanics and patterns. This is difficult because it's just so broken I like what they tried to achieve, it's a nice throwback in places, but **** me is it a mess. 5/10 for me, using manual camera, hate to think what it was like pre patches
  3. Fml, worked it out. I had done all the proving grounds and already had all 6 fast travel areas unlocked for those, turned out I had to navigate to each one and use the drop pod to finish the 'discover trial' for each one Cheers all for help though
  4. Yes Literally cross referenced the list with powerpyx pictures
  5. Oh wait... just noticed i've completed but not 'discovered' the proving grounds. In the middle of cleaning up Eridian texts anyway, fingers crossed
  6. Maybe, i'll solo each one and see if that makes any difference, might redo each of the Dynasty Dash ones read they can be problematic
  7. Thing is I have done them, if I hadn't done all of them I would have the trophys for the 3 different slaughters and the 6 proving grounds Just completed the Cunning proving ground solo and it didn't appear in my side quests either
  8. I've just done the last side mission, have already gotten the trophys for doing all the slaughters and proving grounds and A Little On The Side didn't unlock. Do I need to do all the Slaughters and Proving Grounds in my playthrough to yrigger the trophy? Double checked the side mission list and not missing any and that's the only thing I can think of
  9. To be fair 10hrs was probably idle time, a good 20 hours wasted exploring and messing around in mementos. Fast forwarded most confidant meeting text, all classroom text, all group message text, the majority of confrontation text Each dungeon took me a good 3+ hours and I spent god knows how long in the velvet room playing with fusions, guess I just spent more time playing the game than reading dialogue 🤷‍♂️
  10. I disagree, I didn't skip everything but most of the time it's just going over and over the same plot points. Took me 110hrs to get the plat, alot of fastforwarding and I didn't feel I missed out on anything. You tell people to just enjoy the game and yet tell them how to play it, maybe just let them enjoy it the way they want to? Also a first time player, understood the plot, the only thing that killed it in places was basically being a visual novel, after completing a palace only to get daily phone conversations from confidants saying a variation of the same 'Im worried' in 20+ messages... yeah no thanks, pointless fluff
  11. Sweet, only on chapter 9 anyway but figured if chapter select worked like a NG+ in regards to abilitys and levels Hard mode would be fairly simple. Normals been suprisingly hard in places, or bum clenchingly close at least
  12. With the Hard mode trophy do you have to do it in another playthrough or can you replay each chapter on Hard with chapter select?
  13. Sweet, definitely not one then. When I saw 'complete leons story on Hardcore mode' I thought it was the whole story, as in A&B. Afterall the trophys for completing Leons or Claires Story needed both runs for each
  14. A supposedly 60+hr game with hard mode not unlocked from the start? Seems like a bit of a low blow in my opinion, can't see me playing through it more than once lifes way too short for 2x 60hr playthrough of the same game
  15. Long story short I did the entire game, all scenarios on normal ages ago Come back to finish the trophys to realise I have all of Hardcore left to do I was missing two files (leon B so figured i'd just atart with that run. Finished Leon B Hardcore and got the trophy (I have never done a Hardcore Leon A) I'm about to test with Claire B but i'm buzzing it may have saved me 2 playthroughs just by skipping the A runs