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  1. Finished the EZPZ game ‘36 Fragments of midnight’ whilst it was fine it wasn’t as easy as something like ‘My name is mayo’ still an element of skill required in this game
  2. I’ll sign up, my completion is relatively low at around 30%, I’d be happy if I could get to 35% this year. It was around 26% at the start of this year
  3. !Update! January 2019 1st Jan - 36 fragments of midnight (PS4) - £2.49 11th Jan - Dead Space (PS3) - £2.99 Total £5.48
  4. Just trying to decide which category I'll tackle first.....
  5. Yeah Lego Hobbit and Lego Lord of the Rings both delisted this month
  6. @DamagingRob - do you fancy doing thebMP Titanfall 2 trophies together for this event? @eigen-space- it was going to be the PS4 version of 36 fragments of midnight
  7. I achieved the x5 multiplier trophy in Burnout Parasise to level up to Level 5
  8. 1st purchase of the year made today January 2019 1st Jan - 36 fragments of midnight (PS4) - £2.49 Total £2.49
  9. 100 Dollars already? That’s impressive given it’s only January 1st!!
  10. It’s not what you spent in 2018, it’s first day of 2019 so you update as you go on throughout 2019
  11. Yeah definitely, I see it as a challenge to see how much I can get for as little as possible
  12. Batman Arkham City - Storyteller trophy
  13. So, I’ve done this for the last 2 years and it’s interesting to keep tabs on what you purchase over a year and can then use to compare from previous years or simply know whether you are spending too much or an acceptable amount on gaming. I mainly do it to just keep track of games I’ve purchased each month. Last year I spent £370.89 between Jan 1st 2018 and Dec 31st 2018. I didn’t purchase one full game, the most I spent on an individual game was £19.99 on RDR2. The reason it was this cheap was due to combining it with some earned nectar points. My most prolific month was September where I purchased 8 games, this could be due to the fact September is the month of my Birthday and decided to splash out money received for that on games. Each to their own in terms of format but I would recommend breaking it down into months and listing each purchase by date including game title, the console it’s for, the cost. Things to include: games consoles peripherals DLC Season Passes Gift codes subscriptions Not to include: Gifts Purchases with store cards (accrued points such as Tesco or Nectar) u less you need to add your own funds to it. You can include games or items you sell and receive money back for them, selling via 3rd party sites such as eBay to offset some outgoings. Example format: January 2019 01/01/2019 - Spider-Man (PS4) - £29.99 07/01/2019 - Life is Strange (PS4) - £7.99 07//01/2019 - Spider-Man (PS4) SOLD - £15 Total - £22.98 Happy Tracking everyone for this upcoming year! it’s also a nice way to see what people are buying and also potentially alerting you to any deals on games that you may have missed