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  1. My 2nd update of the year with 3 purchases from the Turkish PSN store. January 16th 2022 World Rally championship 9 (PS5) - £6.74 Cat Quest 2 (PS4) - £1.49 Garfield Kart Racers (PS4) - £1.09
  2. no, any console, just specify the platform you purchased the game for. If you look at the link in the Opening Post you’ll be able to see the other information being tracked as well
  3. Updated to this point ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Is F1 race stars plat still obtainable?
  5. was this purchase all for the legendary edition on PS4 or the original releases on PS3?
  6. Updated up to this point ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I've created a Google docs spreadsheet and all people who have made purchases so far are on there, link is in the opening post. You'll see there is missing information on some of your entries due to not having that information to hand such as platform. You will also notice that there are columns for completing these games, giving them a rating once completed and any additional comments you may have. Post your completions as a new post with a rating and any comments you'd like to add, a recommendation perhaps, or whether trophies are glitched etc and I'll update. You can edit your previous posts with the missing info and I'll add that in too if you wish. @RoastedPeanutI haven't added you yet as there isn't a breakdown in your costs of your games bought, if you do that I can add them in. Everything updated up to this point...
  8. Yeah I think the google doc is the way forward, I’ll sort this out over the coming days
  9. I didn’t see this thread until now, please include me and my target will be 56%
  10. That’s a wrap for 2021! Happy Spending for 2022
  11. It does help, seeing your expenditure in black and white does make you more conscious on what and how often you make purchases
  12. Count me in, here’s my card
  13. The 2022 edition to commence from 1st January 2022 and runs until 31st Dec 2022. I have done this thread for 3 years prior to 2022 and have found it has certainly helped when considerig whether I need or simply want that game. It has helped to answer a number of questions when deciding on purchasing, namely: Am I going to play this game straight away or will it be added to the backlog? Is this price too good not to buy it at this time? How many of my purchased games have I completed already? I've spent X amount on games so far and I really want (insert game) next month, how much have I spent already and should I prioritise other things over these 'sale' games Amongst other questions. The point is by tracking your spend you give yourself accountability and data that allows you to make an informed choice rather than purchasing on a whim and wondering where your disposable income has gone for that month. I find it a useful tool as I'm sure others do too. I wanted to do some kind of cost analysis for 2021 but it's very difficult with all the different currencies people use and exchange rates etc however this year I will keep a record of the games purchased by everyone so we can see the most popular games each month and at the end of the year. We could even do a little poll at the end to see people's favourites from the most popular titles. So this is ready to go from 1st Jan 2022, I'm sure there's a little more spend in each of you on those January PS store sales between now and 1st Jan so you can get them in for this year rather than next. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all. Link to Google docs spreadsheet
  14. I haven't spent anywhere near that amount but I'm similar in the fact I have enough in my backlog to last me until I'm unable to physically game anymore!
  15. can you add @Iyield2no1 as our 5th member please?