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  1. The ball from Rocket League
  2. I used to play multiple games at once but in recent years have given myself a bit more structure about what I play. I break it down as follows: 1 story driven game on main console (PS4 or PS3) - This tends to be my main focus to try to play until completion or at least finish the story mode if I’m not going for the play. Currently Deadpool on PS4. i also have a couple of pick up and play games I can play online multiplayer with. These remain fairly consistent with Rocket League and the latest version of FIFA and in particular the Ultimate Team mode. I’ve recently started playing Plants v Zombies again which I’d put into this category too. These games are great when I only have a short amount of time. i also have a Vita game on the go for when I’m away or on the go. This is currently Rogue Aces.
  3. I’d be quite happy if their plus premium included the current offering with PS Now bolted on for a combined discounted rate
  4. The Evil Within and Dead Cells
  5. I’ll ask my wife to get me God of War or Ghostbusters game
  6. 91 matches
  7. Claim to Fame: Fifa 13 - 0.81% Walk of Shame - Stormboy 98.55%
  8. Saw this last night and have to say Phoenix's characterisation of the Joker is arguably better than that og Heath Ledger's portrayal. Having said that, this film's focus was a deep dive into the Joker's traits and personality far more than what we saw in the Dark Knight.
  9. If I wanted to upload my driveclub save onto another console that already has Driveclub is it going to overwrite my friends save progress? Or is the save associated to each individual account?
  10. Excellent work, I for one will find it useful, I’ve been on the fence about PS Now for a while, the price drop may encourage me to dive in
  11. Excellent much appreciated
  12. October update with 3 more PS3 games purchased for a combined £7 January 2019 1st Jan - 36 fragments of midnight (PS4) - £2.49 11th Jan - Dead Space (PS3) - £2.99 23rd Jan - The Raven Remastered (PS4) - £5.74 23rd Jan - Adam’s Venture: Origins (PS4) - £2.49 February 2019 14th Feb - Homefront Revolution (PS4) £2.99 March 2019 15th March - Don Bradman Cricket 17 (PS4) - £5 18th March - Sigi: A fart for Melusina (PS4) - £3.29 18th March - Firewatch (PS4) - £3.99 22nd March - Watch Dogs season psss (PS4) - £3.19 April 2019 5th April - Hollow Knight (PS4) - £5.79 5th April - Driveclub bikes (PS4) - £3.29 5th April - Tiny Trax (PS4) - £3.99 19th April - Yooka-Laylee (PS4) £6.95 May 2019 1st May - HZD Frozen Wilds (PS4) - £5.79 1st May - Storm Boy (PS4) - £1.69 1st May - Midnight Deluxe (PS4) - £1.99 1st May - 3D Minigolf (PS4) - £4.89 1st May - Dishonored Death of the outsider (PS4) - £3.99 June 2019 22nd June - PS Plus Subscription - £34.99 July 2019 9th July - Late Shift (PS4) - £2.49 9th July - Word Sudoku by Powgi (Vita) - £3.29 August 2019 10th August - SOLD FIFA 19 - +£13 10th August - Tennis World Tour (PS4) - £7.99 26th August - SOLD Jurassic World £7 September 2019 15th September - Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier (PS4) £3.99 25th September - The Saboteur (PS3) £2.50 25th September - Dead to Rights Retribution (PS3) £2.50 27th September - Rage 2 (PS4) - £12 27th September - Dangerous Driving (PS4) - £9 October 2019 2nd October - The Wheelman (PS3) £1 2nd October - Terminator Salvation (PS3) £2 2nd October - SAW (PS3) £4 10th October - Carnival Games VR (PS4) - £3.99 27th October - Crash dummies (PS4) £0.79 Total £120.07
  13. Which are you struggling with?
  14. The players you are probably trying to list are ones that are deemed ‘untradeable’. you will earn players in packs for completing certain challenges and these will either being tradeable or untradeable, you just need to check. As for selling Bronze players you generally won’t make any decent coins, unless there is a specific bronze player that is in demand which is few and far between. Naturally the highest rated are gold, followed by silver and bronze. I think it’s important to use custom tactics and specific instructions for individual players. I tend to use a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 with my team naturally sat deep with fast build up as my offensive tactic. My width is set to fairly narrow as I don’t have wide players but set my fullbacks to overlap. One striker to ‘get in behind’ and the other as false 9 or target man staying central. My CAM I set to free roam and CDM set to stay back whilst attacking
  15. Do you need any help with the updates?