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  1. Thanks for the info!! I was searching for the trophy list, the game looks great, but not sure if I'd be able to plat it, because I suck at platform games 😅
  2. I feel you. I had to stop playing the second time because I couldn't handle it anymore. I still don't own Builder either. Got Chef at my second round and Master chef at the first. Odd. The thing is, people is getting the plat so it's not glitched for everyone. I can't figure out why tho. I'm sorry I can't be of more help ^^U
  3. Yes, I know, I wrote to them too but I guess this will take time to resolve so I'll be trying again with the deleting data option another time. Good luck to you guys!
  4. I've traveled a lot of times but nothing. I made a bunch of every structure and got nothing either. I have no idea why some people get one trophy and some other can't.
  5. Yup, happened to me too More than missables I guest they're glitched or something? Because I restarted the game from the begining and I got the Fisher trophy no problem so I don't even know. I'm still trying to get the few trophies I'm missing. Edit: I'm so tired of this. Wasted a lot of time to mine the path again and I didn't get Miner. I can't get Builder, Explorer or Tamer. Not sure if I'm missing any requirements or just they're glitched and they pop when they feel like it.
  6. Thank you everyone! Hahaha ok, I'd remind that. I loved this game even if I was so bad with the mechas' part I have easy platinum too so no right to do that I guess ;D Anime can be both stupid and awesome or awesomely stupid sometimes, it all depends so yeah
  7. Sorry for double posting but I need to reply to myself I asked the devs of the game and they told me maybe there's an error because I need to get Fisher trophy before Great Fisher, the rod level has nothing to do with it. Some more info: - Miner trophy: You get this one clearing the rock path inside the mine. (I didn't get this one either). - Rancher: Buy 3-4 sheeps at Umi's. I have a backup of my save so maybe I'll restart the game to try to get the trophies I'm missing.
  8. Thank you two! I will!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm sorry this is my second post haha, I'm really bad with introductions and such things and I don't usually write on forum so... Anyway, hello (again)! I'm from Spain and I used to be a "only jrpg" player but watching videos and reading interesting things I got to like survival horror, adventure, action, puzzle, strategy too. I was late to the PsX party haha, PS2 was already being sold when I got my dear PsOne (it's still alive!) and... ok, let's stop now, this is getting long and boring Short version: I love games and nice to meet you! (I'm dumb too, lol).
  10. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you! I've been around for quite a while but never posted before. I'm seriously at a lost with some trophies. I wonder if some of them are missable because I got the Great Fisher but I can't get the Fisher one. I started fishing when I got the last rod upgrade so maybe you need to get Fisher when you have only level 1-2 rod? I don't understand the requirement for the Miner trophy either. I have been mining everything inside and outside the mine but to no avail. I'd be nice if we can help each other figure out how the trophies works because there's no info at all about this anywhere.