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  1. I understand nothing tbh. All of my friends are back to level 1 now!! I was 35 and now I'm 465 and I get an error message saying PSN is busy when I try to check my trophy list. Seriously Sony stop messing with us 😒
  2. I didn't even know this was going to be released! I played this game non-stop on my Switch until I got tired, mainly because I get super obsessed over mining I'm torn between being angry because this game is so much fun and the trophies are too easy and being happy because that way the platinum is going to be a breeze! That's important having in mind I just finished a hellish grinding game like Marenian Tavern Story and the last trophies were a nightmare to get but oh, well, I will enjoy my journey with Doraemon again! Good point is we don't need to max out every character affection level because that was the main reason I stopped playing X'DDD So if anyone is wondering if this trophy list is easy, it is. The story related trophies will take a little more time but the farming, mining, etc are basic, you don't even need to get better tools, a diamond or max your farm so it's easy (sadly imho). If you like this kind of farming, relaxing and funny games, get it!
  3. Just got Passionate Revival and this is how you can get it. Using spoiler if someone is trying to figure for themselves
  4. Thank you sooooooo much!!! I bought the food but I was carrying it around until the end haha! Fuuuuuuu those White Coats :(((( Luckily I didn't overwrite my save just before entering their HQ so I can go back right now and get it! Seriously thank you so much!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm loving this game so far but I'm so angry with the White Coats trophy, I got 21 followers for my cult but I don't get the trophy Not sure what requirement(s) I'm missing but this is really not fun anymore, so any help would be super welcome! Also I can't find the cat and Reconstruction doesn't pop for me. I need to replay again because I was unfriendly with the Vestola guy lol and playing the Epilogue a little bit, I realized the requirement for the Italian restaurant trophy so I'm almost done but seriously White Coats I'd go insane if I have to talk to any NPC there again, not sure how I got 21 tbh. EDIT: Nevermind the Reconstruction trophy, just got it after talking with the guy there at Glitnir Inc., I was trying to get it talking with the guys working at the other building lol my bad, I confused the building XDD
  6. Hi everyone! I want to share some of my personal tips about this game. I'm sorry if I can't write perfectly but english is not my native language so please forgive me. Things you should know about this game: - You will be changing time periods so be sure you check and get everything before going to the final boss of the area because you can't go back there later. - Max level is 50. Have this in mind because you'll be farming a lot more than this for golden gears and maybe for gold. - Check every chest (they are marked as green chests on your mini map) so you can get an accesory for raising exp (Four-leaf Clover), gold (Piggy Bank) and items (Welcome Cat). You will get Welcome Cat later in the game and it's the best accesory to farm gold gears and Skill Elixirs. Enemies some times drop Prism Stone (SP Gain Up). My recomendation is that you equip Sherry with exp, gold, items accesories and Pegreo with Friendship Bracelet (Speed +15), this is because you will encounter most of the time two or more enemies so using an area atack will be better and Pegreo has Panic Bomb at 200 SP (you can use Isaac Radiant Beam too but the sp cost is higher, 300). - Best place to farm Gold Gear Parts and Wisdom Crystal to max all Isaac's skills and to use only golden gears on all his transformations: When you reach the final area of the game (Save the Queen B3) you can farm a lot of those from an enemy called Clock-roach. Why? You are near a healing kettle, it's a single enemy and they usually drop Gold Gear Part x 4 (5) or Wisdom Crystal x 2 (using the Welcome Cat accesory, not sure about the drop if you don't have it). You can find those at the last room before entering the final battle so you'll be farming here A LOT. Wait for the two enemies inside the room to respawn and repeat until you have everything. Remember you need 5 parts to get a gear so write down how much nodes you need to change to gold and multiply that for 5. Yeah, that was what took me longer to get. You don't need to go back to town to install gears, just fast travel to Save the Queen B1 and use Darantino to upgrade Isaac to golden. - You need at least 2 Wisdom Crystal to max almost all skills but some requires 3. I enjoyed this game a lot but the farming was intense haha ^^ Hope this can help someone a little bit.
  7. I can't wait to get this game, a truly favourite of mine!! Thanks for the info, I love your reviews, sometimes I even buy some games because you recommend them ! P.S. It seems release date is Oct 25th, so the date is wrong too.
  8. Thank you so much! I should check reddit sometimes, but I always forget to do it So Io doesn't like the stuffed toy and I thought the description was talking about her haha. It's really interesting and super helpful, thanks everyone!!
  9. Thank you so much!!! I will try those then. Some descriptions were really straight forward like the protein and you can tell Louis likes books if his desk wasn't screaming it already but the other were a little hard to figure out on my own (I gave Coco the coin thinking she'd like money but it was a failure haha).
  10. Hi everyone! I'm loving the game so far, but I wonder what kind of gift would each chara like better. If you give them something they don't like, you'll get less exchange points so I wonder if anyone can help me to figure out what to give each one. Louis - Likes Book and Comic (almost thought Yakumo would like comic but Louis loved it). Murasame - Likes Tools. Davis - Likes Protein. I think maybe the teddy bear is for Io, but not sure about tea, candy, camera and other things. No idea about Yakumo and Coco either.
  11. Just started this game today and I can say the concept is interesting but wtf is happening with those trophies? I reached the point where you can end the game but I wanted to get the other trophies first so I did. First I couldn't buy the second comic. Then I couldn't go anywhere. It says I have to go to the bar but I can't go. So I can't get the last bowtie, can't get the ending trophy. Can't get the Complete all rooms (this one seems to be glitched for everyone). I got the 100% cortex trophy when I reseted the game and had reached 101%. I will try to get the bowtie and the end trophies at least, reloading from a early savefile. This feels so bad, I want to support indie and small companies games but things like those should be fixed, otherwise no one is gonna buy them again Edit: Using save files I got the Ending trophy. I noted that my game glitched when I bought the Stargaze poster. My recommendation is to upgrade the Store (R&D project) then research new comics BEFORE buying anything other than the 3 initial items. When you have those two done, go to the HR store, buy everything BUT the Stargaze poster. This is the only way to get the 3 bowties, the last one is a reward for gifting the two comics to Teddy. So I got the last bowtie at least, then realized I was missing tie 5, first one on the second row. Googled it and no one knows how to get it (I read however, people playing on Steam could get the complete all rooms achievement so I guess that's patched on Steam). I revisited every room, completed all projects and rooms, checked every memory but didn't get it, so I don't know what to do anymore. I will try to test some things, any help will be super welcome if you know how to get the tie I'm missing. Edit 2: The item glitch has nothing to do with the Stargaze poster. If you go to buy some items and don't buy/don't have the #2 Comic, when you close the store menu and come back, you can't go pass Stargaze poster. So the better approach is to buy everything at the same time. Still not sure what to do to get the #5 tie tho. Got CP at 101, no tie. Got every room repaired and all projects done, no tie. Unlocked all the memories and no tie. Tried to complete some secondary mission but the game got messed up and have to start all over again. So tired and done with this game tbh.
  12. I love the list! You need to get all the GF's and some hard to beat bosses, some card collecting and some side-quests. I love that the Aubert lake side quest is included Was hoping for it. I've played this game so much It'd be super easy for me to get everything done. Well maybe because Odin is not a member of your team I think? He appears randomly but at his free will and you can't really have him so I guess that's the reason.
  13. I watched one of my fav youtubers playing this game some time ago and I loved the game. He was playing the pc version and I was waiting for the PS4 release so I'd get it right away. I can't understand why someone rated this game with ONE star at the PSN store wtf... People should know what they are buying before buying it so they don't rate the game this bad only because they dislike it The trophy list seems grinding but almost everything is story-related so it's fine.
  14. So I need to replay the game another 5 times to get the Thank you trophy because I used saves to get some of them? -_____- FML. Next time I'll just wait until a guide because this is not funny at all I loved the game but all the missables and requirement for some trophies are serious bs.
  15. Not sure if it's mandatory but yes, I got it upsetting all the tree girls in one playthrough.