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  1. Pending on your price limit it’s easier to just buy a new Japanese vita. They aren’t that hard to find and you know what you’re getting
  2. You have to immediately grab the hack and catapult it at him. You should be at the bottom of the screen with your hole after the cut scene just hold up, grab the hack, go under him and launch it. just pay attention to the last line of the cut scene so you’ll be ready to move as soon as you hit X
  3. I can’t say for absolute certain but jetpack joyride may still be obtainable by purchasing the jetpack joyride ultimate bundle for $4 dollars on the store
  4. I get it but we should also have full control of our profiles milestones. I don't care personally about what plat 20,30,40 was etc. need to bring back the high level ones anyway and one at every 1000 trophies
  5. that is not a good reason at all. You have a trophy cabinet for a reason. Plan your milestones better if that's the problem. If it gets rid of cheaters, it's well worth eliminating anyone with hidden trophies
  6. Play on a sub account then. you really think your boss is saying "oh let's look at psnp to see if he used his time he earned off to play video games"?
  7. Rule should be any hidden trophies, you're gone. Simple as that. No reason to ever hide a game.
  8. Active yes but also bad. Also still no mics for public.