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  1. Sadly there is no good “strategy”. Basically you have to drive around in circles and up and down the long road hitting zombies. I would drive around the first area and kill a decent amount til they thin out the drive to then other side and then finish on the side you started. You won’t get 450 by much I’ll tell you that Also this should go without saying but avoid going down the alleyways as best as you can as they just cause you to get stuck and waste time
  2. Did you have to do this on gold to get it to count? Mine is for killing 10 Oni and I killed a tengu on bronze and it didn’t add to the total
  3. This game is quite bad so no one is really missing anything by not playing it besides an easy 100%. i also would not recommend panic buying this for $15
  4. You should not be buying the season passes. Each overpriced dlc is $7 but that’s only $21 for the trophy dlcs. The extra money is just wasted for skins. This dlc is too new that people just haven’t played it. Look at killing floor 2. Those trophies are easy and free and still some are currently ur
  5. Does anyone have advice on the dlc trophies? I was able to brute force the first 3 by adding the items in the icons but can’t figure out the rest
  6. The dlc can be purchased through an in game link. If you don’t have the game though, you’re sol
  7. Game data utility and then click triangle and information. It will tell you the version. If nothing shows, it’s not on 1.03 On a side note, has anyone been able to check Tekken Tag 2 digital? That’s pretty much the only one I still want to do from the currently list. The physical will let you pend in an online lobby but will never find anyone, likely since it’s not patched
  8. Cthulhu Saves Christmas is missing. That was the first limited run ps5 game
  9. The old PS3 webstore is taken down. You can still get this game though if you have a PS3 as it’s on the NA store there
  10. Dino Den was never on the US store, only robojam and monsters were
  11. You pretty much have to boost or self boost it
  12. Think you meant “luck” Anyway thank you to the people that provided the info. I tried for a few hours to figure it out on my own but I don’t think I ever would have been able to
  13. There is also no obligation to claim you don’t know how you did when you did know. You could have just posted it.
  14. Thank you. Funny thing is when I lost hope of finding it, I watched a recommended video and the guy actually shows him finding the PS4 at one point but doesn’t click it. I just assumed it was an Easter egg and didn’t bother going to find it
  15. Anyone else have any leads on this? There is no traffic in races and what the hell is purple mode