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  1. I'd pay for it. Too useful of a tool not to utilize.
  2. Hey count me out this upcoming season. I haven't been gaming hardly at all lately. I would just waste a spot for someone who really wants to compete.
  3. My favorites and the ones I use in my party most are Sera, Vivienne and Cassandra. I like how their abilities compliment mine. I enjoy the rough dialogue and even Sera's attitude. I don't like Varric at all. Dorian I used as a love interest but I don't really care for him either. I never had solas in my party other than at the beginning so I don't know much about him or Cole. I do like Iron Bull and Blackwall. They can be good in a battle.
  4. I'll play regardless of the style ya'll want to adopt,just tell me when and where.
  5. Yeah my score isn't right. I thought the golden game trophies count as double
  6. I know what will happen. It will be about Kratos' son, and his journey to try and find Kratos...his father, getting the help of all of those that Kratos has pissed off in the past, which is like everyone.
  7. Honestly I saw how close you were to the AC II plat and thought for sure I had lost.
  8. Tearaway was actually a pretty fun game. Cool idea for a game.

  9. I looked at the gold game this fixture but it didn't look like a game I would enjoy.
  10. Damn dude. Well it was fun while it lasted. I hope college goes well.