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  1. Ok, I just completed AMY on hard last night and here are my thoughts. Overall, I thought the game was a success. There are alot of areas that they could definitely improve on but overall I would say that it seemed like they had a budget to work with and they couldn't go over it or something. Pretty much you face 4 types of zombies the entire game. All of them aside from the last super zombie type you use the same tactic for beating: dodge, hit. The checkpoints are like COD checkpoints where you are just trying to get to the next one. The game only saves after you complete a chapter and there is no manual saves. The game steadily get's more difficult but the puzzles seem to be the same "switch this, move this, amy push this button, get this key card" type puzzle. Chapter 4 to me was the hardest level in itself as far as lengthy checkpoints and what you have to deal with in between. The end of Chapter 5 is a challenge, but the beginning of chapter 5 is a cakewalk and chapter 6 is seriously a joke even on hard. So to me if you can make it past chapter 4, you shouldn't have any issues barring some practice at the end of chapter 5. They set it up nicely for AMY II though. Maybe this was like a tester game to kinda get their feet wet with it to see where it would go. They have alot to improve on, but I did like the odd story.
  2. I was playing the game like normal, following the guide to make sure I didn't miss any of the required missions being very careful about moving on before I have every missions completed. I complete the 5th N7 mission I come to which is like Fuel Depot or something like that. I completed the mission and no trophy. I count the number of N7 missions in my list and it is 5, yet no explorer trophy. I am hoping that it will update it once I play the 6th N7 mission because I seriously don't want to play the multiplayer is I don't have to.
  3. this game is by far the easiest shooter I have ever played. Works great if you have a move controller, but the play in game time took me less than a day.
  4. I'd pay for it. Too useful of a tool not to utilize.
  5. Hey count me out this upcoming season. I haven't been gaming hardly at all lately. I would just waste a spot for someone who really wants to compete.
  6. My favorites and the ones I use in my party most are Sera, Vivienne and Cassandra. I like how their abilities compliment mine. I enjoy the rough dialogue and even Sera's attitude. I don't like Varric at all. Dorian I used as a love interest but I don't really care for him either. I never had solas in my party other than at the beginning so I don't know much about him or Cole. I do like Iron Bull and Blackwall. They can be good in a battle.
  7. I'll play regardless of the style ya'll want to adopt,just tell me when and where.
  8. This game is by far the most difficult of all the Cabela's games out right now. Trying to get through all the galleries and surviving for 7 minutes will test anyone going for this platinum.
  9. Yeah my score isn't right. I thought the golden game trophies count as double
  10. I know what will happen. It will be about Kratos' son, and his journey to try and find Kratos...his father, getting the help of all of those that Kratos has pissed off in the past, which is like everyone.
  11. Honestly I saw how close you were to the AC II plat and thought for sure I had lost.
  12. Tearaway was actually a pretty fun game. Cool idea for a game.

  13. I looked at the gold game this fixture but it didn't look like a game I would enjoy.
  14. Damn dude. Well it was fun while it lasted. I hope college goes well.
  15. Dragon Warrior!! Anyone else remember Wild Arms?
  16. yeah well it's kinda obvious he is gonna win
  17. Congrats mystvayne, you really kicked my ass
  18. Wow I won?? I totally thought I was gonna lose. I didn't play hardly at all and just randomly went through some prototype and then played a game that didn't count. Well me3lingual, It was a good fight. You must have been busy. Real life catches up sometimes. I understand that. Good Luck Mystvayne, looks like I will have to really put up some points against you.
  19. I just got this game recently and I am now getting close to the end. Overall I would say this game is alot of fun if you like crime solving drama's of the CSI sort. There are alot of puzzles you have to solve and there is one trophy for never skipping a puzzle which isn't hard to do, you just have to make sure you always solve the puzzle. Skipping the puzzle is R2 I think. Graphics aren't the best and controls in movement can be shakey at times. I do enjoy the "search for clues and solve the mystery" type games so i am really enjoying this one. It isn't a very long game either so it would be an easy platinum for anyone who likes this type. Unless of course you get stuck and can't figure something out.