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  1. Full Factory Reset (Safe Mode Option 7) seems to have worked for now.(read update 2)
  2. Go into settings>storage>games and apps If its there delete it from there if not then who cares if it showing installed🤷‍♂️
  3. Me and my friend were both in training mode and were getting another person in between matches but 1 in training 1 in ranked was not working for us
  4. Load game make a manual save load manual save select mission done
  5. red dead redemption 2 Plat#450 Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: offline 10/10(still hate those birds) Online 5/10
  6. Have you completed 1st mission again without restarting? Or no Russian its not required but you never know
  7. I played all missions via mission select. done veteran in some 1st try and in some i did the no death run 1st that mean it doesn't resets your progress if you reply the mission I always after my no death run save quit in the next mission the trophy pop after the credit's aswell(all no death run were on recruit)
  8. 320 + 16k trophies METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Revengeance Obtain all Trophies. "All that talk about justice...and here i am,just another killer..."
  9. #319 Eat Lead King of Hazard Land! Earn all Trophies in the GAME "You. Are. The. MAN! (Unless you are a lady. In which case, I apologize.)"
  10. MORTAL KOMBAT: Arcade Kollection ELDER GOD Win 200 matches
  11. no customer avatars but yes you can buy new avatars using ur pc/ps3)
  12. #318 FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Agito Achieved Obtained all trophies. Easy platinum kupo!!!
  13. #317 Dying Light We’ll talk about it next time I see you. jade
  14. #316 The Order: 1886 The Grail
  15. #315 DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Platinum Trophy 60fps i need more power