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  1. Got the platinum recently on ps5 without any problem👍
  2. Because it happened to me aswell not at the same spot but somewhere else in the game after 2 crashes i turned off network had no problem
  3. Play offline turn off your network this should work
  4. Do people really keep track of there ultra rare trophies rarity after earning them? Why!🤷‍♂️
  5. I feel really really bad for you bro thats really really bad luck still 3 hours damn thats alot!
  6. No glitch but you can join dex discord sessions there players help each other with whichever trophies you need
  7. CRASH BANDICOOT 4: IT'S ABOUT TIME Platinum#534 Difficulty:7/10 Enjoyment:9/10 At 1st the game does look hard but the more you play the easiest it's get.had fun playing🤗 the hardest level for me was bears repeating 😡
  8. Was going to write the same thing as soon i got the last trophy in 1.5 playthrough Closed app delete game👍
  9. Lets just say they were never going to shutdown the store just wanted quick cash from ppl who panic purchases things they might never play ever 🤑
  10. It's only worth it if you're going for it 😅 if not don't bother most of the people i know 100% a game(7-10 difficulties one) on there 2nd account then they play it again 🤷‍♂️ to much planning and money...
  11. Good to know but still im gonna finish my vita games now
  12. Well i have to complete dead nation soon then 😅
  13. Don't think they will fix it ever You should have 100% each region before going to another.same thing happed to me but i was manually saving my game before picking each item
  14. Who are you to tell him what to do in life? Maybe he's playing games when he had nothing else to do? I know,shocking, right?
  15. Yes and yes