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  1. #12 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Difficulty 7/10 Despite obtaining the plat in 39 hours, this one was long and arduous, I feel. The campaign, playing on hardened, wasn't that bad. The real frustration started to sink in, when it came to the last 2 sets of Spec Ops, on veteran, purely frustrating to a point. But, it's all over now, my 12th plat.
  2. Do you guys count FunkoPOP as figures? =P. I've been collecting those for a bit now. I don't have a big collection, but it is steadily growing.
  3. Just bought Prey for the PS4 yesterday, from Newegg. $27 altogether. Pretty cheap, if I say so myself.
  4. I started a new account back in 2015. Got some plats on it, and I decided to return to it, a few days ago. My most recent plats are - #9 - Ratchet & Clank (PS4) Difficulty - 2/10. Completion - 1 day A fast, and easy plat. You can mostly just run through the game in record time, when you collect 10 gold bolts, and activate the Fast Game Speed cheat #10 - Dark Souls III Difficulty - 5/10 Completion - 5 days The first time around, DS3, was probably a 7/10 for me. But, playing it on this account, I knew much more, and I farmed the crap out of those covenant items early on. #11 - Hitman: Absolution Difficulty - 4/10 Completion - In actuality - 3 days | Posted time - 9 months 9 months, because I started the game a long, long time ago, and then I never went back to this account since then. Hitman: Absolution is a real blast. The hard difficulty, wasn't too hard. It made being stealthy all that much more rewarding. The real grind here, is doing 100 challenges, as some of them can be annoying. These are mostly re-plats. They didn't take me as long as they did, the first time around, playing on my main account. Although, I still had fun playing them over again.
  5. This issue is still present. I can't even complete the "Tears of the Mountain" quest, which is literally the second quest of the game. So...Yeah... I have a PS4 Gold Edition.