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  1. I know this is an old post but for anyone still needing help getting this. 1-Create Custom Match 2-Royal Rumble 30-Man 3-Set Entrance Interval To 180 4-Enter Number 1 5-let your opponent hit you until orange body or head, Once orange either throw opponent into corner or onto apron over and over until second opponent appears 6-Punch both opponents, One of them will attack and put you into recovery state then fight each other leaving you to fully recover If an opponent is eliminated return to step 5, Also if your eliminated select the next entry and repeat from step 5. 3 times and trophy will be yours, Hope this helped!
  2. I tried hillbilly for a few games, I personally didn't think he was all that great. For me Wraith is OP, Using the add-ons that increase your uncloak and give you a 1 m/s speed boost after uncloaking.. You can hook all survivors in 3-4 minutes. My close 2nd is The doctor due to survivors auras showing up every minute or two. I've not played any of the others yet wraith is just too good to switch, I've been a survivor against The Nurse and that is an easy killer to escape so I've avoided using so far. (Only IMO*)
  3. All I get is sorry no solution found instructions aren't very clear
  4. Anybody got any tips on how to get It's a Megablast trophy ?
  5. I know this is an old topic but imo Skyrim is a much better game than ESO possibly the best of the Elders Scrolls games. I love the Elders Scrolls games but just never found the same love for ESO as I did for the rest of the Elders Scrolls games.
  6. I've had this problem too, it's seems like turning auto-save off messes it up just double check auto-save is on. If that's not the problem then I have no idea sorry
  7. Anyone know what the three lists for this game are? 1. PS3-PS4-VITA 2. PS3-PS4-VITA 3. PS3 Are they region stacks or are they console stacks?
  8. Thanks going to go get it now
  9. Was there a beta released with trophies or something cause it has 6 owners last time I checked?
  10. Region says WW but can't find it on EU store? Anybody know why?
  11. I don't have any of these... But in my opinion and remember that it just an opinion. The games trophies are there for people to earn, who cares about how easy they are? If people want to get those games and earn the trophies leave them to it! Judging people on there trophies is the only shameful thing in this topic. Now remember just an opinion.
  12. I'm trying to get past the favor "Tang's New Toy" but when I get the end of it and it ask you to call Tang he doesn't appear on the cellphone. Anyone had the same problem or know of any fixes? Closed the application down and reopened seems to have done the trick.
  13. I haven't seen anything about what's going to happen when it gets a full release. But I would assume if you get to level 49 now then I would think you will still be level 49 when the full release happens, That is what has happened with previous betas. BUT... I can't guarantee that and depending on how their counters work.. say you stay level 49 until the full release it may glitch the trophy for getting to level 50. I would just keep these things in mind. I will be playing the game just now but I won't be investing any money into it until the full release at least then you won't be losing money if you have to delete your save file to get the trophies. But this is all just speculation at the moment there is no 100% answer as to what will happen or not happen when the game gets a full release. It is purely the decision of the person playing. All I would recommend is not to invest money into buying micro purchases until the games fully released.
  14. The game will remain free-to-play after the full release which trion have said they hope to have it out for early 2017 So I would assume we will be waiting until Jan/Feb Time unfortunately. As for trophies progress carrying over usually with betas they don't but don't quote me on that they may carry over.