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  1. When does this release on EU/UK ps store?
  2. When starting new game plus, do you have the weapons carry over as do you keep them, or do you have to acquire them later like as you did in the first playthrough?
  3. Another trophy i didn't get is max out pit-droids trophy, i have bought all pit droids still didn't unlock. Nevermind i noticed the trophy descriptions changed recently
  4. I bought minecraft dungeons today and no trophy list is not appearing. Is it because it’s an Xbox studio game?
  5. I’m on the last part of the hades boss the QTE, I can’t press l1 r1 fast enough it seems . Could someone help via share play?
  6. Do cheats affect trophies in this game?
  7. Yes i did so it i have to start at 0 sols again? I heard it has to be extreme sentinels as well? Is that true
  8. Hi, I've started playing again since Dec 2018. And my base is on a extreme weather planet, and I've been on there for ages and it is stuck on 19.7 sols? Is it glitched?
  9. Playing this using PS plus, should i just buy it for £13 instead of getting the season pass for £9.49 , which is better?
  10. So how do you do this glitch with the dlc?
  11. Will this work with the European version of kerbal space program?
  12. Ok thanks for the advice!
  13. Lol I was just wondering any niche good games that I should check out. but yeah I should try clear out my backlog i am currently going through rdr2. I’m not a completionist. Like get the platinum for every game. I tend to complete the main story/ campaign.
  14. Yeah I don’t have too much time to play as much anymore. Should probably get back to those!