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  1. Talked to the Publisher "Another Indie" They say the devs are working on it current;y but patches can take a while to go through Sony.
  2. I have made it to the True final boss Death Spirit's area. After the second room of his area I try to advance to the third room and the screen goes black while the music keeps playing. I got there on the same profile with a new character and had the same thing happen. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Beat the game with a few different teams and it will unlock you have to fight a certain boss team but I can't remember which one. Also difficulty does not matter.
  4. In case anyone else is having trouble this trophy is not translated properly you actually have to play as all teams and this can be down in free mode
  5. Yeah I understand that and I did that in free play. When I finish the story though I fight one of two teams. Is there a certain team to play as that has a unique team to fight at the end?
  6. Anyone know how to unlock this trophy? I beat the story with many different teams on easy. Do I need to play on normal or hard?
  7. I have beaten every route some twice, and 2 of them still do not pop for me. I thought it was because I had save stated and for some reason that locked me out but just beat the research center/surrender route for a 2nd time with no save states and still no pop. Does anyone have any solutions?
  8. Well I had saves by the final boss for most of the games so I re-beat all of them and let the endings play out. It popped on Kid Dracula not sure if that was the one that was the problem but thats how I did it.
  9. Beat all the games and have all trophies but the gold trophy did not pop. Anyone have any answers for this?
  10. I could use some help boosting this please add me if you can help.
  11. I know this isn't the place but its the only spot with recent activity. I could use help getting the PVP trophies Bazuzu5 if anyone wants to help
  12. Looking for anyone to help grind mini medals and would be weapons. These trophies are a little absurd to get