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  1. Is anyone else experiencing a bug where the Triple Threat trophy isn't getting claimed? (requires you to kill 3 people with 1 shotgun blast) I've tried The Acropolis approach, The Tower Approach, hell, I've even killed 6 enemies with 1 shotgun shot using a red gas can also.. Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.. I'm trying to go for the Platinum trophy and I've just completed the game on Extreme Survivor. I'm not looking forward to replaying through this mode to fix this.
  2. Currently having issues with Triple Threat Trophy where u need to kill 3 people with 1 shotgun blast. I'm killing ample amounts of enemies with 1 shotgun blast and getting no trophy.
  3. I just beat the game on Extreme Survivor. (No autosaves, only saves when you visit camp sites). Honestly it's not hard if you're an avid gamer. Simply use your surroundings to your advantage, along with stealth. If you come into aggressive combat with multiple enemies, rifle = distance, shotgun = short range, Pick off red barrels with your pistol/regular arrows, and switch to poison clouds/bomb arrows/greek fire arrows when you know mobs are on their way.
  4. Did you return to the woman NPC in the Geothermal valley after completing the last of the 9 tombs in The Lost City?
  5. I'm literally having the same issue. I've done the Acropolis approach, I've tried the tower, I've even tried Cold Darkness by gathering a ton of those infected mobs together and blasted a red gas tank and killed not only three, but six in one shotgun shot. I'm gettin upset because I just completed this game on Extreme survivor mode and I hope i'm not bugged... I can see that people have obtained the trophy, as it's 0.4% ultra rare right now, so people likely have been getting the trophy..I just dont understand why I'm getting this issue atm.