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  1. definetly MW3 remaster would be without multiplayer. i mean, we would have modern warfare 2 in 2022. there no point of supporting another MP of "modern warfare". and on dated mw1-2 remasters engine. i still dont understand whats the point of keeping finished MW3 remester unreleased for months. maybe its not that finished, after all. i think MW3 mostly developed but abandoned cus Cold War(and now Vanguard) need additional help. probably after MW2022 release, there would be window to finish it. this is just skins, lol. im totally appreciate MTX cus game updates become free instead of paid season pass
  2. you definetly not understand how games chosen to be remastered
  3. merc 2 was delisted from origin store in august. can anyone confirm, servers in merc 2 still online?
  4. nah, black ops 1-2 remasters have more chances to be real, and yet we dont have even rumors about them. though Black Ops 1 remaster would perfectly fit Cold War release. and yet, you somehow waiting for WaW remaster. there more chances for another WW2 cod with soviet/pacific campaign, lol
  5. i didnt say anything about PC gaming in general. with old games on PC you have insane amount of options, after all. feel free to ignore them, while waiting for WaW remaster that would be never a thing
  6. 19 plat achievers in NGS2 and 17 plat achievers in NG3RE thank god they doable, unlike NGS2+
  7. thing is, survival maps in speck ops basically MP maps. thats why MP modes wouldnt really need much extra work but i feel they wouldnt do that... at max, they will remaster MW2-3 spec ops missions, cus missions using singleplayer maps. which, is already remastered cus campaign
  8. this should be locked somewhere, so everyone see that. such plats in exclusive games is common thing now.
  9. well, at least you can play them on PC in 4K and with gamepad support. in that case, they dont really "need" remastering. unlike MW1-2-3 on PC... im really hope they remastering MW3 spec ops, cus i even play it nowadays, really best spec ops mode to this day. imagine survival on MW1-2 maps as well! they really need to release some MP/COOP MW remastered trilogy pack, with maps from all trilogy.
  10. they talking that like there can be any coop players in PS4 versions... 😂
  11. i wonder if TAG missions trophy is possible this time 🤔 ah, now i see. thats good to know. looks like NGS2 on Vita would be only unobtainable Plat in series
  12. but how exactly they prevent?
  13. is collectibles there marked on map, like in mafia 3? or its like mafia 2 and i should use maps in the web? 🙄
  14. actually Wanted posters placed there too. but no trophy for that, sadly
  15. exactly! they still have so much to fix, yet they decided to fix probably the only positive bug in the game... 🙄