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  1. I played the game about a year ago and i don't remember it being any near as difficult as a racer it seems these days couple hits and your gone did they change that or am I just not remembering right, also is there way to get my previous progress? Was played all online but I have changed consoles
  2. As the title stated
  3. I am mayo ive being trying to get it but won't download on AUS PSN store
  4. What are some games that are easy to plat on vita?/ I have long bus rides home from work so I need something to pass time
  5. I know it's still early but ive already been thru a controller because of this crap! But getting hit markers and shooting in the head for them to run around the corner and shit on you or shorting and then getting hit mark wheb they are behind a wall !! What's everyones thoughts on the first days play?
  6. Just play the whole level again?
  7. so I've just finished the game on vet but the trophy didn't pop anyone know anything about this? I didn't lose any Intel or exo suit upgrades so I assume it saved the data as I didn't lose anything?
  8. It's crazy!! Ive done it on everything level to play it out and everything up to VET I blame my mate he has got me on the trophy hunt and ive nearly been thru one controller I can see it might take couple victim's!!!
  9. Seriously is anyone able to help me with this? I can't get it to save my kife