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  1. Hi there! So... if you see the menu after dying but don't do anything, you are fucked? Thanks!
  2. Any help with friendly competition? It's the only one I need... Please! @RNumbers
  3. Hi! Anyone download4download? Thanks! (psn: pMk2k)
  4. Hi! Could you help me with the downloads? I will download yours too if you tell me! gamertag: pMk2k TY so much!
  5. So... How do I create a badge then? Thanks again.
  6. I got an error login into my 2k account... Any idea? Thank you so much!
  7. Can't login. Are servers already down? Thanks.
  8. Can't login on evolve servers. Could you? Thanks!
  9. Please! I need an EU boosting partner... The EU game forum is dead. Anyone here? Please!
  10. Motorstorm Apocalypse is still working, just played online with three other people... Who knows for how long... I still need the level 30 and 40 trophies.
  11. Hi there, I do not understand how the community events works, I've started today with the DTM Masters and... WTF am I supposed to do? I don't know If I have to beat a lap time, to race X laps or anything... The game does not tell you any info, you just jump into the event without knowing... Any help? I did 13 laps and the event was going on... Thank you!
  12. Hi! I need both. Wanna boost? psnid: pMk2k TY!
  13. Hi there! Thank you all 4 the information. So finally, Is Motorstorm Apocalypse closing on August? Also, the website of Sony says that LBP Karting servers are no longer available... Can anyone confirm both?
  14. Hi! I can not go online. Are the servers already dead? Thanks!
  15. Hi there! I can not play online... I was trying to get Daily Participant today but It's impossible to go online. Can anyone confirm that the online is already dead? Thanks!